vivah part 6 w/eng subs

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Steaming hot jalebis. - Sit here
Two minutes... Jalebis in milk. - Are you serving us again!
Sit! - Great taste, try it
Bhabhi, get him to talk to Papa (Bhabhi: Sister-in-law)
Bhavna? - Go!
Have some more, Rama. - Don't plead with her, feed her
Dad? - Yes?
What's our day's plan? - We're seeing the vineyards
Children, if you haven't seen the vineyards here, you've seen nothing
So, like I was saying... - Dad...
Yes? - Rahul wanted to see the lake
What lake?
Can we go?
Rahul wants to go? Then go
Aunty, can we take Poonam and Chhoti along?
Wonderful! He worked a miracle!
Too good.
Sister-in-law, can you believe it, my brother did it!
Snatch the newspaper out of his hands and in Uncle Bhagat's words...
he's the world's best husband
No... the other one
This one
It's lovely watching them together, like this
He's so busy at work, he hardly has time for her
Out here, they're having a lovely holiday... thanks to you
Did you like the gift? - Very much
Sister-in-law and I scoured the malls for a whole day...
...till we found the necklace
You haven't worn it?
May I wear it after the wedding?
In Madhupur, we live simply
Wearing such an expensive gift there, I'd feel a little uncomfortable
No, it's okay. I understand
Poonam, you just spoke your heart and you said it so frankly,
it felt wonderful
Maybe it's this honesty, that's to be the cornerstone of our relationship
With the same honesty, if I were to give you another gift,
and if you think it's right...
...will you wear it?
Song: Milan Abhi Aadha Adhura (removed)
Yes, Zurich called? What did they have to say?
Really? Meeting confirmed?
No, no... that's good news
Get the legal department to draw up the contracts.
We'll be in Delhi tomorrow
But the Swiss clients are due next week?
Now they're expected day after tomorrow
And our entire board must be present during the signing of the contract
So, we leave tomorrow
Time has passed by so quickly...
Should I say something Poonam,
this spell between engagement and marriage is amazing
These moments between you and...
...Prem will be the most memorable of your lives,
mark my words
Hey Rahul, come here
Uncle wants water
You wanted to say something?
Poonam, tonight... after dinner...
for a while... will you come to the terrace?
If you think, it's right... only then
Check out 'Main Aana Chahti Thi' clip...
and the song 'Mujhe Haq Hai' from Rajshri