Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 4 ~ Traverse Town 3/3 - Hockomonkey] (English Subs)

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Sora: Oh good! You're safe Neku.
Neku: Sora.
Neku: Do you still believe me?
Sora: Isn't it obvious?
Neku: But I tried to trick you!
Neku: That guy in black told me to bring you to him...
Neku: If I did that, he said he'd return me and my partner back to our original worlds.
Neku: I'm sorry
Sora: It's fine!
Sora: Didn't you try to help me?
And plus we're friends, right?
Neku: Friends, huh?
Sora: Oh yeah, this girls name is Rhyme. Isn't she your partner?
Neku: No, Rhyme is not my partner
Neku: Whoa!
Sora: Huh? Rhyme!
Sora: Neku!
Sora: Hey! Hey wait!
Sora: Get outta my way!
Sora: Riku!
Joshua: Wait Sora!
Neku: Joshua
Joshua: Geez, Neku. It feels like it's been forever.
Sora: Rhyme! You're okay!
Sora: Neku, do you know this guy?
Neku: Yeah, he's Joshua. My friend.
Sora: I see
Sora: Did you bring Rhyme here Joshua?
Sora: On top of that, how do you know my name?
Joshua: You don't have to ask all of your questions at once. I'll answer all of them.
Joshua: First, let's start with Rhyme.
Joshua: I held on to Rhyme's dreams, they are my portal.
Joshua: In other words, it's a gate that connects to a world.
Joshua: And didn't you ask me how I knew your name?
Joshua: This is a pretty strange city. It's a safe haven for those who have nowhere to go.
Joshua: For some reason, this world is made from my dreams
Joshua: So, I know everything that goes on in it.
Joshua: I even know that you are Riku's best friend
Sora: Riku? You know Riku?
Joshua: Didn't I say "I know everything"?
Sora: Where's Riku?
Joshua: Riku is in this picture. He's in another world that is the same as this world.
Sora: Another world that's the same as ours? Is it possible to go there by using that portal thing?
Joshua: Sorry but you can't go
Joshua: The portal hold Rhymes memories. Only I can use it.
Joshua: This scene is what happened in the other world that is closed off by Dream Eaters that is the same as this world.
Joshua: Why have the worlds split in two I wonder...?
Joshua: I think he may have something to do with it.
Sora: That guy!
Sora: Who is he?
Rhyme: Beat...
Neku: Shiki...
Sora: Riku
Sora: Riku
Shiki: Found it!
Riku: Hey, it's dangerous to go by yourself!
Shiki: Aahh!!
Riku: Oh this?
Riku: That's why I told you-
Riku: Shiki... No way...
??: Why are you here...?
Riku: Who are you?
??: Are you unconscious?
??: If so you can't do anything.
??: You will forever wander in an invisible sleep
Riku: What do you mean?
Beat: Don't listen to a thing he says Riku!
Beat: She's fine!
Beat: I asked Shiki what he was planning.
Beat: He told her that he would return her to the original world. He set you up!
Beat: Looks like you've got your hands all tied up huh?
Beat: Fake Grim Reaper!
Riku: Who are you?
Riku: Wait!
Shiki: I'm so sorry Riku
Riku: Don't worry about it.
Riku: Beat, take care of Shiki.
Beat: Leave it to me!
Shiki: What's this?
Riku: What is this...?
Beat: What the hell is this!
Beat: She's right here but I can't touch her!
Riku: If your hearts are connected, then you'll see her again someday.
Beat: Rhyme...
Shiki: Neku...
Riku: Sora...
Joshua: They lost their existences in the worlds where they came from.
Joshua: I tried not to erase their existences.
Joshua: I barely managed to scrape together the fragments of their memories
Joshua: I looked for refuge.
Joshua: Then, I used Rhyme's dreams and made this city in the realm of sleep.
Joshua: Here, I might be able to return my friends who have become fragments of dreams back to their original world.
Joshua: That's what I thought.
Joshua: Imagine my surprise, to think that the fragments of the dreams would gain physical forms in the realm of sleep.
Joshua: So, through tying bonds between the dream fragments they became whole.
Joshua: This should help with the revival, I thought
Riku: You can do things like that?
Riku: You can do things like that?
Riku: You can do things like that?
Joshua: The results are as you see.
Joshua: People cannot live just by themselves.
Joshua: Only by being recognized by someone can one really exist
Joshua: That strong mutual recognition is what revived them.
Joshua: And of course, you guys helped a lot too.
Sora & Riku: Joshua, just who are you?
Joshua: Just... a friend.
Yen-Sid: Dream are tied with dreams
Yen-Sid: You must first start from the first world of sleep
Yen-Sid: I will send the two of you to Destiny Islands right before it became engulfed in darkness and sleep.
Yen-Sid: When you fall into a dream, through dreams shall you be tied to the worlds closed off by sleep.
Yen-Sid: Through opening the Keyholes you shall attain a new power and...
Yen-Sid: the worlds engulfed by sleep will be liberated.
Yen-Sid: Just as their are Seven Pure Lights, you will liberate the 7 Keyholes of Sleep and...
Yen-Sid: upon returning to this world...
Yen-Sid: inherit the Keyblade