Sex House - Meet The Nymphos - Ep. 1

Uploaded by TheOnion on 12.07.2012

Female Speaker: Six sexy Americans alone in a house with nothing to do but get nasty.
This is Sex House. Welcome to Sex House.
Jay: What up?
Check out this place.
My name is Jay, I'm from Gainesville, Florida and I'm not leaving the Sex House
until I -
Alex: I'm Alex and I am not afraid to explore my sexuality.
I'm just expressing myself. You can react however you want, not my problem.
Jay is not really my type but this is Sex House so anything can happen.
Oh my God. Jay: Do you know what that is?
Alex: Yes, it's a sex swing, duh. Jay: I can already tell Alex is extremely needy.
Tara: My name is Tara and I'm a party girl and I always get my way.
I'm super sweet to my besties and I'm a bitch to people who (bleep) with me.
Jay: Do you dance? Obviously. Tara: Obviously.
Jay: Erin is totally smoking, I'm like "I'm trying to have sex with that."
Erin: I'm from a little country town so pretty much the craziest parties we had
were church dances but I'm ready for fun and to try new things.
Jay: Where are the bedrooms? Tara: Upstairs maybe.
Frank: My name is Frank, I'm a senior accountant and I have a wife and two
beautiful children.
Jay: Hey, what's up? Frank: Hey, hi, how are you? Frank.
Jay: I'm Jay. Frank: How are you, Jay?
Jay: Good. How are you?
Erin: Hi, I'm Erin. Frank: Nice to meet you.
You know I won a Tombstone Pizza contest, how about that?
Tara: Frank is like so old, like what are you even doing here?
Frank: I'm not going to have sex with anyone but meeting new people is always
a wonderful treasure.
Derek: Hey guys.
My name is Derek and I'm ready to meet some hot guys and make Sex House the best
time of my life.
Alex: Guys, we've got a Sex House sext from the producers.
Welcome to Sex House, three months of consequence-free sex.
-- is waiting to fall in love with you and watch you have sex.
Jay: I took a two-day bartending class in high school and I could already tell we've
got everything we need. Frank: To Sex House.
Tara: I can't believe Alex kissed me like that. She needs to get it together.
Alex: I hate Tara, she's such a slut. I would never make out with a slut like
that if I weren't in the Sex House.
Derek: I'm trying to figure out who else in the house is gay so I can have sex with
them but it doesn't seem like anyone is but I'll find them though.
Alex: Derek's homosexuality is definitely a turn on.
Derek: Alex is trying really hard to get somebody to have sex with her, it's pretty unattractive.
Jay: Tara is hot but I've got to have sex with Erin first.
It's like innie Minnie minney mo, have sex with you, you as my D.
Frank: My company specializes in technology, consulting, but I'm not really
as much involved in that part of it.
Jay: I could already tell Frank and I are not going to get along.
Derek: I find it impossible to believe that they didn't cast another gay guy.
That would be a major oversight.
Erin: I've never had this much strength before. Tara: Well get used to it you're in the Sex House.
Erin: I've never even had sex before.
Jay: You're a virgin? Erin: I've just never had that perfect
situation where I wanted to lose my virginity so hopefully I'll find it here.
Jay: Wow. I already wanted to hook up with you but
that's a new level.
Tara: Frank is drinking a lot and he's really impressing everyone.
Tara: I knew Erin was a slut like the rest of us.
Derek: Man.
Jay: That virgin was mine.
Whatever, I've got a short memory, I'll just retrace my slam steps with Tara.
Female Speaker: Next time on Sex house. Tara: Don't you judge me.
Derek: I think the fact that we're getting a stipend to have sex with each
other might violate state law.
Jay: Derek's a drama queen. I know he wants to (bleep) me.
Alex: A morning freeway is just the thing to get your engines ruvving.