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LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Two dance shows
hold nationwide auditions.
Dance Moms returns for a new season.
And Yelle debuts a dance video.
This is Just Dance for January 5, 2012.
Happy New Year, everybody.
I'm Lauren Gottlieb.
And if you're wondering what I'm doing hosting Just Dance
and why it doesn't really look like we're on the streets of
New York, well, that's because we're in sunny Hollywood,
California, the brand new home for Just Dance.
Now, to get things started, and just in case you missed
it, last week we released our nominations for the best dance
video of 2011.
There's still time to cast your vote.
So check it out, and let me know which one you think
should go down in the books.
Now, most of you know me from So You Think You Can Dance,
Season 3, and All-Star on seasons 7 and 8.
But what I don't think you know is I actually didn't know
about the audition until the day before.
So I quickly threw together a two-minute solo to Rachael
Yamagata's "Be Be Your Love." And I actually couldn't make
it to the Orpheum Theatre to audition
until 3:00 in the afternoon.
So everyone lines up at 5:00 AM.
I went in and somehow got to the front, was in
and out in an hour.
The second day when I did my solo, I was the third person
to go, and I was one of three people to get
sent straight to Vegas.
So 24 hours before, I had no idea that my entire life was
about to change.
Now, if you want the chance to be on the ninth season of the
Emmy-nominated show, well, now's your chance.
Atlanta kicked-off today.
But there's four more cities across the country.
Grab your pen--
you're going to want to write this down.
The first one is January 13 at the McFarlin Memorial
Auditorium in Dallas, Texas.
The second is January 23 at the Manhattan
Center in New York City.
And February 23 at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City.
And last but not least, right here in Los Angeles,
California at the Orpheum Theatre.
Now, check out fox.com/dance for all the rules and
And let me know below if you are going to be
auditioning this year.
I may just give you a few tips.
OK, so get ready because Abby Lee Miller is coming back for
a second season of Dance Moms.
Now, the hit docuseries takes place at her dance studio in
Pittsburgh, and we watch as she takes her young, aspiring
dancers and molds them into superstars.
The season premiere is on January 10
at 9:00 PM on Lifetime.
Now, for those of you wondering if the same dance
moms and kids from season one are returning, well, check out
what Abby told us in an exclusive interview.
ABBY LEE MILLER: I'm pretty sure that everybody's back on
board, and they're all excited to start the new season.
And there may be a few new cast members, maybe.
And you'll just have to wait and see.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: So you may have seen the pilot last
spring, or the holiday special before Thanksgiving, but the
soon-to-be hit series Mobbed is now starting in full gear.
In this show, I help out Nappytabs.
I pretty much assist them with the 1,000 people that
show up that day.
And I choreograph all of our mobsters into the routine.
And right here, I have Tabitha and Napoleon.
And before we even get started, we have
some special news.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Well, not me, they do.
NAPOLEON: Tabitha is pregnant!
I guess we're both pregnant, huh?
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Ew, that's weird.
TABITHA: Well, you made it.
He's the one in trouble.
But I'm the one that has it.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Aw, and I'm going to have a sister?
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I'm not in their family.
I wish.
NAPOLEON: But you look like you are.
You are my sister.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: OK, so let's dive into this season.
So tell me a little bit about how crazy last
night's episode was.
TABITHA: I think there's never an episode that isn't crazy.
And you know, because we drag you into the chaos with us.
There's always a mad rush for the finish line.
There's always way too many big ideas that we want to
dream up and try to accomplish.
And this time, we almost lost, I think, a final moment.
NAPOLEON: We went a little overboard.
We were a little pressed for time, and I think the ideas
were too grand in such a short amount of time.
The umbrellas we had some really cool ideas with, if you
can remember.
TABITHA: But we simplified it, and sometimes I
think less is more.
And it worked to our advantage.
NAPOLEON: It's really about the characters that
we have on the show.
And I think when we keep that in sight, then we can scale
down and say OK, don't forget the end result.
Or don't forget what it's really about.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: So next week's episode, I kind of feel
like we dived into their personal life a little bit.
You want to explain what happens?
TABITHA: Yes, there's a lady who's been divorced but hasn't
told her parents or her aunt.
NAPOLEON: And she also tells them, I have a
six-year-old son.
TABITHA: That you've never met.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: OK, so you definitely don't want to miss
this episode.
It's next week on January 11 at 9:00 PM on Fox.
America's Best Dance Crew is gearing up for another season
of the superstars.
And they're looking for crews right now
for the hit MTV series.
Auditions are open to crews with five to seven dancers.
And for the first time in ABDC history, they're allowing
crews from previous seasons to come back and audition.
So it'll be interesting to see which ones of our favorites
make it on.
Go to Dancecrew.mtv.com for more details.
Last year, Yelle hit us with a fantastic music video for
their hit song "Que Veux-Tu," where they teamed up with my
personal favorite ABDC contestants Fanny Pak.
Well, the French group is back with another dance-feuled
video to their new song "Comme Un Enfant." Let's check in
with Yelle fan Nathan Barnatt for his two
cents on the video.
NATHAN BARNATT: I like the whole style of the video.
It kind of reminds me of a Wes Anderson movie mixed with a
Vogue photo shoot.
It's pretty neat.
I like the colors and all the faceless
people and Yelle dancing.
Obviously, you can't lose.
So I give the new Yelle "Comme Un Enfant" video 10 Nathans.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Finally, it is my favorite season of the
entire year--
it's award show season.
Officially kicking it off are the People's
Choice Awards next week.
Word on the street is that Demi Lovato and Faith Hill are
set to perform.
There's 43 categories ranging all the way from favorite
movie superhero to favorite tour headliner.
Now I'm going to throw it to my sassy friend, Miss P, and
she's going to give us all of her People's Choice Awards
MISS P: Hey, what's up everybody?
It is time for the People's Choice Awards, I'm going to
tell you all what I think.
Let me go ahead and get into these categories.
First one is favorite comedy movie.
I'm going to have to go with Bridesmaids.
I love that movie.
Bad Teacher was really good, Hangover 2 was good as well,
but Bridesmaids, that mess is funny.
I actually went to Target and bought that movie.
Favorite music video.
"Judas," Ju- da-ha, with Lady Gaga.
"Last Friday Night," Katy Perry, "Party Rock Anthem,"
"Rolling in the Deep," and "Run the World (Girls)." I'm
going to have to go with "Run the World," just because
Beyonce, she was doing it, she was hitting it, and the dance
was off the chain.
Favorite TV competition show.
American Idol, America's Got Talent, Dancing with the
Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, or The Voice.
I was really loving The Voice, but I think I have to go with
Dancing with the Stars.
I really enjoyed it.
Especially this last season, I enjoyed it.
But those are my thoughts.
Thank you all for watching.
Make sure to tune in to the People's Choice Awards.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I had so much fun with you.
And how cool was it that Tabitha and Napoleon were able
to stop by?
And I hope you really liked our transition to Los Angeles.
Be sure to like and favorite the video and
subscribe to DanceOn.
And I will see you next week.