The First Struggle: Doin' it Baja (Part 5/8)

Uploaded by vice on 23.10.2012


HARVEY FOSTER: You have to believe in traveling.

You've got to go out and do stuff.
Of course I've had fun.
I have fun everywhere, man.
Every single spot we went to there's something to remember.
Like when my bike broke down.
The roughest moments you remember a lot.
Well, at least my fucking bike broke down on the Baja and not
in Victoria.
The day before though, I knew my bike was running hard.
I need that wrench.
It's too loose.
We rode for half an hour, people started passing me
because I wanted to slow down and just enjoy it.
So I got all that out of me.
And fucking, the Canadians are behind me--
Ky and Keegan.
He pulls up beside me and I was smoking man.
I was smoking.
KYNAN TAIT: I don't know.
He was ahead of us and we pulled over and there was just
oil everywhere.
He was leaking oil last night, and then it just looked it
blew up today.

HARVEY FOSTER: A man's always got to push his bike.
That's sick, hey?
That was dope.
I don't know, I wanted to push my bike.
I got a moment with her right now.
And he knows I don't have many possessions in life except for
my motorcycle.
And he makes fun of me for being a free spirit-- yeah,
I'll go whatever, do whatever.
But I'm going to sound like a total typical Harley Davidson
dude, but my bike is my life.
When my bike broke down, Keegan handed me the machete.
All right, cool.
It's not like all my anger and all my shit is gone.
But it was like, whatever, make
the best of the situation.
I like the way this guy thinks.

Got my fucking captain right there, with me.
Actually, I like that you were there a lot.
I was really fucking stoked.
I don't know if that's like a teary moment or something for
people who don't know me and this guy.
But we kind of do a lot of shit together.
So when it broke down I was like, who else would I want to
be beside me other than the guy I'd go
across the country with?
KYNAN TAIT: Good riding with you, Harvey!

HARVEY FOSTER: I didn't get to do this trip.
Like, I did the trip a different way.

That's all I think about in the truck is like, oh man, I
hope we pull over somewhere where they need gas and we can
skate some.


That thing was really tight.
And it sucks, too, because there was like professional
skateboarders there and I couldn't do it.
When they could have done a really good trick.
Heath and Keegan placed a bet whether I'd do it or not.
Heath said no one could do it.
Keegan said I could do it.
So then when I heard about that, too, I was like I'm
letting Canada down.
Because we're used to stupid spots that are really fucking
stupid to skate and we have to work to skate them.
So I was kind of like fuck, I blew it there.
But I don't have patience for things like that.
I don't have patience at all.
If I didn't do it in ten tries, I was over it.
No way.
It was hot, that's my excuse.
No, I'm over this.
But, I don't know, I think the next two days are going to be
a lot of fun.
I can even feel it in the group, too.
Because I think it's been hard on them riding a lot in hot
weather, bugs, windy roads.
But I think the next few days are going to be a lot of fun.
This is good to think about, too.

BILL BRYANT: We're coming out of Mulege.
It's about 15 miles south and we rounded a
corner up on a hill.
And looking down onto that bay, I think everybody's
stoked meter just went through the roof.
That's what everybody expects from Baja.
You want to see some crystal clear water, you want to see a
big, white beach and hardly anybody there.
And we rode down there and stripped off our clothes and
ran out in the water in our underwear.
I think that was an epic point of the trip, it was just fun.

ARTO SAARI: Sorry about it.
Floating in paradise with a beer.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I rode a motorcycle here.
HIME HERBERT: That was insane.
That was like a postcard.
Fuck, man, this is what I signed up for.
KEEGAN SAUDER: I honestly can't think of one high point.
Like, it just kind of blends in.
The whole thing is pretty magical.
Just the fact that we're all doing this, the whole thing is
just amazing.
This is like, this is living right here.
This is how it should be.
I know one day it's going to end, so I'm definitely trying
to take full advantage of it and just appreciate the hell
out of it right now.