Terry Bozzio teaches Power the Air Drummer

Uploaded by AdventuresOfPower on 08.10.2009

[bells clang]
[drum noise]
[drumming, clatter]
Whoa whoa, who let you in here?
Well, I thought… I…
What are you doing on my drums?
I mean, normally, I mean it's okay if people play
my drums, but it's customary to ask somebody if you…
Sorry. Can you show me what…
I'm sorry I didn't know.
Who are you? Do you play?
I'm Power.
What do you do, Power?
I...I play air drums.
[laughs] You don't even use sticks when you play.
I'll show you.
Look, I'll show YOU.
This is how you hold a stick. Ok?
You grab it here between your thumb and your first finger,
and your second finger.
That makes your fulcrum, alright?
Then you wrap the other fingers around.
And when you hit you want to release on impact,
so you don't hurt your wrists, okay?
Otherwise, [boom] that doesn't make a good sound,
and it hurts, right?
That makes a good sound, and then you won't hurt.
Alright, so then, my kit is very specialized.
It's taken me twenty years to develop this thing.
It's like a piano.
Can you just…?
Let me just play a little ballad here.
So do you understand? You don't really just hit
everything all at once
it's like, you try and play some music on the drums.
Can you do something that's like really rock?
I used to play rock when I was young.
Let's see if I can...
Like that?