League of Legends Top 5 Plays - Top 5 Plays - Episode 10 ft Moscow 5 and Absolute Legends - IPL League Of Legends

Uploaded by IPLLoL on 14.06.2012

Hey everyone this is James Reilman with this week's IGN Pro League Top Five Plays
and some of the week's best highlights.
At number five we have WinFakt versus Acer in our IPL5 Qualifiers
and the Karthus/Yorick combo has been destroying them all game
so once the ult is down they go in.
We have Vladimir with the pool, then the Zhonya's, and then the Kayle ult for six seconds of invulnerability.
In the meantime, Graves has picked up a double kill, then a triple kill onto Yorick,
and then coming on to Corki with Nautilus grab picks up the Quadra Kill.
And then chasing down Soraka for the Penta Kill.
Awesome play all around by WinFakt!
At number four we have BeezieWeezie as Lee Sin chasing down Warwick in to a 4v2
but a Dragon Kick to the other side, launching himself across the map, picking him up.
And then kicking into Heimerdinger, he picks up the double and then chasing them down for
the skill shot Quadra Kill.
Number three was sent in by Sloopy playing Anivia picking up the quick Double Kill defending Baron
and then Flashing over the Karthus wall and then throwing off her own wall to get out of there.
Now Urgot has come into the mix and forcing them to Zhonya's onto Karthus but in the meantime,
Darius and Malphite are running down Anivia and with that Karthus Ultimate they will be able to egg Sloopy.
Fortunately for him though, he has Urgot for the rescue and Urgot is actually going to swap Malphite
and then pick up the kill onto Darius and then wall off will split the two of them and
Sloopy is going to be able to get of there and pick up the last kill.
At number two we have Millenium versus AbsoluteLegends EU in our IPL5 Qualifiers.
Away from the tree Kog'Maw will still go down Valkyrie back over the wall
and Janna is actually going to be trapped...
... but Corki needs to keep on moving because now we have the Maokai Twisted Advance.
We're gonna get the toss from Singed. Corki, right in the face of Singed
trying to wear him down actually does get the Double Kill!
Can he stay alive? Naijik is all out of mana and now Corki has enough sustain
with that Zeke's Herald will be able to pick it up.
At the number one play is Moscow Five versus Na`Vi in the SK Trophy Quarter Finals.
That might well give Na`Vi a little bit of chance here. Because he's got a lot of damage
that he's going to be missing in and they're going to go across and kick ...
Oh Diamondprox actually goes through and steals it with Smite!
All the while that's happening Extinkt is gonna backdoor.
Absolutely brilliant!
Wow! What a fantastic match between Moscow Five and Na`Vi.