Неотправленное письмо / The Unsent Letter

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Dedicated to those who, in any sphere of activity,
be it developing of wild lands
or a daring surge into space,
stepped onto a hard road of pioneering:
dedicated to Soviet people.
Based upon V. OSIPOV's story
Directed by Mikhail KALATOZOV
Director of Photography - S. URUSEVSKY
Music by N. KRYUKOV
V. LIVANOV as Andrei E. URBANSKY as Sergei
Produced in 1959
'My dear Vera,
'I was in a hurry and failed to send you a letter.
'It's all because of the overflow of rivers.
'We nearly landed
'into the water. In all that confusion I lagged behind
'and the plane flew away. Back in the plane
'I began this letter
'our saying goodbye to each other,
'how we were sitting
'in our ante-room and in your eyes
'I saw love
'and anxiety.
'I always feel sad saying good bye to you,
'but I'm being carried away
'by some irresistible force.
'I'm even glad not to have sent this letter.
'Now during every stop,
'near every campfire I'll write to you about everything,
'about what our vagrant life is full of...
'We've Sergei for our guide again.
'This season it's very young geologists, a lad and a girl,
'They are obviously in love with each other,
'though they conceal the fact.
'But I can see through them very well.
'One day I'll persuade you to come along with me,
'because if you were by my side now,
'I would be absolutely happy.
'We shall begin our work
'here, between the two rivers'.
Well begun is half done.
Sit down.
I prefer the saying: 'The end crowns the work'.
Let us drink to the beginning.
To beginning!
What about drinking it all?
Guys, another half of this cognac
we'll drink after having found diamonds.
Is it clear?
So, we'll drink for joy?
If we fail, we'll drink for grief.
I'm for drinking in any case.
- Contact the base. - Tune to Moscow radio.
Turn off the music.
Time for the Base call.
Kostya! The Base!
It's me, Octahedron.
Sabinin speaking.
We're in the area of search.
Full of hope and vigor.
Starting the search. Over.
Look, what an interesting sample.
Andrei, don't you think that dreams may come true?
What do you mean?
Back at the institute we would dream about diamonds,
Arizona rubies and ilmenites.
It's my third expedition. There are no diamonds here,
it's a mirage.
But according to scientists
Middle-Siberian Plateau
by its geology
is very much like South African Plateau.
which abounds in diamond deposits.
With mosquito nets on their mugs,
wandering in swamps and cinders,
your scientists would forget about their theories.
What is it, Sergei?
Why do you keep silent?
A mirage, Tatiana...
As simple as that?
Not quite.
Nature tenaciously keeps its secrets,
ceding them only
to the most persistent and brave ones.
So, we'll keep looking, looking
and looking.
Hiding from the rain?
- Being unlucky? - Maybe we will be lucky.
Great discoveries need great perseverance.
What if we do find diamonds?
That would make a revolution in industry.
- Great! - It's nice to be in the taiga.
We'll find diamonds and will be happy all our life.
You know, Tanya,
I hate all this town bustle where everyone is in a hurry.
I would stay here for ever, what do you think?
- No! - Why?
I don't want to!
I love the reckless Moscow, with its noise, guests and dances!
- Do you love me? - ...our Institute,
I love Moscow.
- Do you love me? - I love Moscow,
our house, our streets, Grandma and ice-cream.
Grandma and ice-cream!
'Every time I promise this to myself,
'but this idea makes me numb from fear...'
- Don't. - 'You love someone else.'
Sergei wrote this. He is in love with someone.
Don't, Andrei.
- Is there my bag in the boat? - Here it is.
- Thanks. - This is smth you lost.
I didn't lose anything. Wasn't it you who wrote this?
I didn't write anything.
But I recognize your hand.
You can't know my hand.
I can't understand what makes you so sore?
I don't want you to understand, ever.
How awkward.
you need to get married, you are getting wild.
What I saw in life?
The war... the wood.
So, I'm a guide in the forest,
guiding someone else's happiness.
You are a weirdo.
I know.
So it's easier to find diamonds than love?
Here is another slime.
Serge, you promised
to take me a-hunting!
Very well then.
Don't I ike it!
- So, you read my notes? - Yes.
- You understood everything? - Yes.
- What would you say? - It's your private life.
- But still? - You'll get angry again.
- I won't. Let's talk. - A man-to-man talk?
You love a girl who is in love with someone else
and her love is returned.
According to morale it's bad.
To hell with your bookish morale. I'm in love.
- Words of an egoist. - You mean I'm an egoist?
Absolutely so.
What are you going to do?
I won't give my feeling away. I was waiting for it all my life.
I understand,
but Man, unlike an animal,
can subdue unnecessary feelings.
You, cold-blooded, big-headed fish!
How can she ever love such mosquito of a man!
That's... a wrong thing to do.
You were the one who started this conversation.
You were asking. Maybe I said something wrong.
I don't know who is that girl you were writing to,
but if you love her,
don't show yourself in this fashion.
You read the notes, right?
I told you - yes.
Don't make a fool out of me.
Tanya, here is a trophy!
My heart was aching, as if I was afraid of something.
You needn't to. We had a wonderful hunting, and we talked.
About what?
A man-to-man talk.
You know, Sergei is
a very complicated person.
Take it away.
- Where is Sabinin? - He went somewhere, very gloomy.
- Why? - No results.
- Nothing even close to it. - How strange.
The summer's over, and we didn't succeed.
How strange.
Maybe there are no diamonds in Siberia.
- Did you look in high-water? - Yes.
- And here? - Yes. I took samples here.
Did you look near Bezymyanny?
No trace of diamonds.
- How strange. - Nothing strange.
Not a single expedition had any results.
Next year we'll go to some other place.
Konstantin, don't you think
we should look for a diamond pipe
in some other district?
It was here that geophysicists found an interesting anomaly.
- Yes, we know. - It could be a mistake.
Right, but it's no consolation.
Maybe the previous results were accidental.
If cognitive conclusions
or scientists' intuition is all accidents and mistakes,
why are we digging here?
The pipe must be somewhere around here.
Around here? I've heard this no end of times.
Aren't you possessed.
It's the only way to manage smth within one's lifetime.
So, are we calling for a plane?
Are we coming back?
Why do you keep silent?
'Vera, my darling.
'It's autumn now.
'We are straining ourselves
'to dig out the mystery from the bowels of the earth.
'We are on the offensive,
'on the most decisive offensive.'
So, this is all.
They won't send us here for the fourth time.
They won't send us here ever.
Now it'll be quiet around here,
for five years...
For ten years...
For one hundred years...
For one thousand years.
I'm just being unlucky...
And torturing others... Maybe Sergei is right
and there are no diamonds here.
There are. It was theoretically proven.
Also I can feel this.
My intuition isn't deceiving.
Isn't deceiving?
But it is, very often.
But maybe it never deceives? For what is intuition?
It's about: 'I can feel, but I don't know'.
But I know and I can feel...
you must be tired.
Tanya, what's wrong with you?
- Look... - What happened?
Take a look.
We've found them!
The diamonds!
We're the great discoverers of Siberian diamonds!
Before they erect a monument in our honor...
- From Urals' gems... - In Moscow...
- ...On Kalininsky avenue. - In Leningrad...
In Sverdlovsk, near the restaurant 'Urals'.
With an engraving, in gilded letters:
'To those as saved the country from foreign diamond dependency,
'promoting industrial progress
'and making space flights a reality'.
I would like to drink our precious cognac!
Glad to hear these sober words.
Here is to going home!
To going home!
Tune in to Moscow.
We're ready for departure.
Marker poles installed.
The map of the diamond pipe is ready.
They'll build Diamondburg here.
- Here? - Yes!
Konstantin, it's the first time
you sit at the campfire without writing to your wife.
Now I'll myself will hand her
a thousand-pages letter.
We're visited by luck, Tanya.
Can it be that now all of us
will have lived our lives not in vain?
- Absolutely! - Aren't we great!
- I'm so grateful to you. - For what?
For love... Even though it is unreturned.
Tomorrow we'll get in the boat.
Then the plane will pick us up.
What a misfortune! What a terrible misfortune!
Nature is against us!
Get ready to leave!
- Forget about belongings. - The radio!
The equipment! Hurry to the boats!
- We've foodstuffs in the boats! - And the samples!
I'll catch up with you!
Damn! The boat has been carried away!
My foot!
We can't proceed further!
We'll die from hunger, and the samples will be lost!
Go back!
I've caught that damned boat!
Catch the foodstuffs!
Sergei! Step out of the fire!
Catch the foodstuffs! Tanya, it's for you!
We should get out of the fire...
Sergei... How absurd... The tree collapsed.
- Stop it! - I can't believe it!
Stop it!
Let's go!
- Where are we? - Stay calm.
We should report about Sergei's death.
- Call the base. - Yes.
- Call them! - Calling.
Octahedron to Homeland!
Come in! Over!
- What's going on? - Are they deaf or what?
Connect to Petrov's expedition!
Let's go!
Octahedron to Enisei!
Calling Petrov's expedition!
There's no answer.
- Is it Moscow radio? - Irkutsk.
Turn it off.
They will call us in 1 hour. Let's go!
Octahedron to Homeland!
The base!
We have informed Moscow about your discovery of diamonds.
Thank God. It's Octahedron!
I can hear you very well.
Can you hear me? Over.
Receive our heartfelt congratulations!
Are they deaf or what?
You're holding high the banner of geologists!
It's all right, we'll get through.
Connect me. It's Octahedron!
I can hear you very well!
Listen attentively.
- We have to bypass forest fires. - Let them not worry.
- Over! - We'll manage...
They can't hear us.
...your discovery is very important for our country.
We can imagine how joyous and proud you feel.
- The transmitter broken? - No.
- Why can't they hear us? - It beats me!
Looking forward to your arrival.
What a predicament!
The Siberian geologists
are preparing for a welcome.
Octahedron to Homeland!
Saving research materials from fire
Sergei Voronov died a heroic death. Over.
Dear Konstantin, Sergei,
Tanya, Andrei, we've just received
a wire from Moscow, with congratulations.
- They can't hear us. - The radio is out of order.
Try to reach them...
It's Octahedron! We have the map of the diamond pipe.
We'll take it out of fire. Over.
Octahedron, why don't you answer?
The transmitter is out of order.
We should rich the bigger river
and then raft downstream.
We've been in tougher knots.
I think this diamond deposit
is not the only one on Siberian Plateau.
Let's come here the next year
and look in the northern
and eastern directions.
Let us.
Homeland to Octahedron.
Have been trying to reach you for several days,
probably your transmitter is broken. Listen:
we've sent search groups.
We'll call you every six hours.
We'll yet fight with you, Mother Nature...
Search groups are looking for you.
We'll yet fight...
To all search groups!
Sabinin's group is in distress!
We've had no radio contact for several days.
In case of discovery report urgently
To Asakhan Geologists' base.
Octahedron, come in!
We've sent rescue helicopters and planes.
Try to reach landing strip number 3...
you know that place, so you will lead them.
We'll call you every three hours.
When back in Moscow, we'll tell them, they'll have big eyes!
Be quiet!
A plane!
A helicopter!
We are saved!
We are down here!
Come here!
Go back!
They won't find us, in such a smoke.
Get up. Come... come.
- Drop the radio! - No!
The transmitter is out of order.
We'll carry only the most necessary things.
Come on.
I'll manage myself.
Comrade Sabinin!
To the north-west of the Khatynakh river
forest fires are blazing,
the fires line stretching
for about one thousand kilometers.
With no visibility objects you probably walk inaccurately.
We've enlarged the search area.
We've sent aviation groups from Yakutsk,
Sirensk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk.
On-ground groups have been reinforced.
All radio stations trying to contact you every hour.
I repeat: all radio stations
trying to contact you every hour.
We're sure that soon you'll be found.
Hold on, dear comrades.
We'll call you every two hours.
Hold onto me.
'Vera, darling,
'we keep walking and walking.
'I can't write to you anymore.
'Andrei getting weaker with every day.
'I can't imagine
'the burden of his thoughts.
'Probably he is tortured to think about our ordeal,
'but I know that his ordeal is the most awful...'
You're tired, Tanya?
I just stumbled.
Tanya dear!
It's a simple arithmetic...
Please, leave me here!
Don't talk like this.
It's not like you.
Saying such silly things.
Lie down.
- Yes, Andrei? - Over there
there is a flower.
Pick it up for me...
It's your birthday today.
- My congratulations. - My congratulations.
You know,
I love Tanya so much.
I met her at the institute.
She wore
a short-sleeved
blue dress.
Do you remember?
And immediately
I fell in love with her
to the end of my life.
To the end of my life.
Tanya fills my whole life...
She is my joy.
I'm so grateful to you, oh my love...
My love...
He is tired.
He fell asleep.
Save him, I beg of you!
Konstantin, save him!
Do a miracle and save him!
You must save him!
You mean you blame me?
Oh, no, Konstantin.
We stayed here not for our sake.
Lie down, too.
'I had to do this. It's a simple arithmetic.
'Better one, than the three of us dead.
'Spare yourselves - don't look for me. Andrei.
'We did find diamonds... Hurrah.'
He got up?
Where are you?
Why don't you answer?
Call us back!
You've no right to do this!
Why don't you answer? You are wrong!
Please, come back!
We'll carry you as far as the river. It's no problem!
You have no right to leave!
I love you! I love you!
You are wrong!
I love you!
A plane!
A plane! Make a fire!
They came to pick us up!
What have you done?
That was the last cartridge!
Sleep, Tanya.
Why don't you sleep?
I'm thinking.
Thoughts are fatiguing.
A living person
can't help thinking,
also not all thoughts are fatiguing,
some of them making us strong at a crucial moment.
I'm thinking about Andrei.
- About Andrei? - Yes.
- He was wrong? - We can't judge him.
In any case he committed an exploit,
obliging us to deliver the map.
We'll manage this!
We'll reach our destination!
We'll have to keep oaths not once in the future.
Didn't you give an oath as a pioneer?
It was such a solemn moment:
'a young pioneer
'of the Soviet Union,
'in the presence of my comrades
'give a solemn oath...'
It happens, in our lifetime
we don't remember this oath,
because there is no need for this.
But, yet with others...
We have no food.
We are deadly tired,
but we must say:
there is no weakness,
there is no faint-heartedness,
there is no despair -
only this limitless faith.
Now - go to sleep:
and may you dream
of a wide river,
a raft,
and we rafting towards people.
Not to worry nothing.
It won't be soon
before rapid Siberian rivers will get frozen.
Let's go, Tanya.
Why don't you answer?
A river!
My darling!
'My life doesn't belong to me.
'I must bring the map to people.
'I can't die.
'I've no right to.
'I must live.
'Too much has been lost.
'Too much has been found...'
Look my way!
Look my way!
Take the map!
Take the map!
Stop me!
Or I'll float away to the ocean!
Why can't they hear me?
You shout in whisper, because you're too weak.
I must give them the map. Hey!
- Calm down! - Stop me!
- Calm down! - Stop me!
Only you can see them. They're not here now.
They will come here, when they have gotten the map.
They will build Diamondburg here,
and everything will be like you dreamt,
and Andrei, and Tanya, and Sergei.
The End