Boiler Bytes: Cradle of Quarterbacks

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>> Behind me stands Ross-Ade Stadium,
home of Boilermaker Football since 1924.
Purdue Gridiron fans have been privileged to watch the careers
of several legendary student athletes on this field,
especially in the quarterback position.
Purdue's three Super Bowl champion quarterbacks Len
Dawson, Bob Griese, and Drew Brees were recently back
on campus to be honored by the Joe Tiller Chapter
of the National Football Foundation.
Let's take a look at a few of the highlights from this event.
>> You know when you're the, the head coach
of a football program, you have a lot of responsibilities
and some of those involve being caretaker of sorts
for that programs traditions.
And one of the best known traditions at Purdue,
and in fact in all of college football is the quarterback
tradition that we call the Cradle of Quarterbacks
and it's something that we lay claim to,
that we have the right to, and it's something
that we're very, very proud of.
>> Len Dawson's highlights
at Purdue include three Oaken Bucket victories
and an upset win over number one Notre Dame.
In the NFL, he led the Kansas City Chiefs
to a world championship with a win at Super Bowl IV.
Len tells of how he made the starting position
on the Boilermaker squad as only a sophomore.
>> The first game I ever played at Purdue here
at Ross-Ade Stadium was against the University of Missouri
and I, Fronci Gutman was the starting quarterback
and he was more of a running quarterback, and I didn't start.
And then they put me in in the first or second quarter
and I got lucky because Missouri didn't know
that anybody could throw on Purdue's team and I ended
up throwing four touchdown passes.
So the next week I'm gonna start against those people
in South Bend that were ranked number one in the country.
>> Purdue legend Bob Griese has had success both
on and off the field.
He led the Boilers to their first Rose Bowl victory in 1967
and went on to play for the Miami Dolphins winning back
to back Super Bowls.
One of the most memorable parts of his career came not
as a player but as a broadcaster.
>> Growing up in the Midwest,
the Rose Bowl is is is the highest you can get
and here I am walking on the, doing a broadcast,
walking on the floor of the Rose Bowl and my son is playing
for a national championship.
Now he was, he was, they were ranked number one at the time.
So late in the game, the game's getting toward the end
and you talk about the high life.
Keith Jackson says, and he's a great guy, 12 years I was
with him, he looks down he says, whoa Nellie,
you wanna know who the MVP is?
I'm standing right next to his proud daddy.
>> Purdue's most recent Gridiron great is Drew Brees.
He led the black and gold to the Rose Bowl his senior year
and he still holds five major passing records
in the Big Ten Conference.
Fresh off the Super Bowl winning season
with the New Orleans Saints,
Drew revealed how he became a Boilermaker.
>> I had pretty much resigned to the fact
that I would not be playing football after my senior year
of high school that I would, like Bob I was more
of a baseball player, and so I was gonna go to,
I was gonna attempt to go to college
on a baseball scholarship.
But all of the sudden here were two coaches at my practice,
one in a blue jacket and one in a black and gold jacket,
and I just remember one of my receivers comin' up to me
and kinda nudgin' me and sayin', they're here to see you.
And, you know that, that opened my eyes and I thought, really?
You know who could that be?
And they said well it's Kentucky and it's Purdue.
I said well, I obviously where Kentucky is,
it's in Kentucky [laughing]
>> Good. Very good.
>> But the other one, Ivy League I guess that's good, right?
Which speaks very much to the Purdue education
that we all, we all get here.
>> Purdue is only the second university in the nation
to boast three alums as Super Bowl champion quarterbacks.
No doubt the longstanding tradition of being the Cradle
of Quarterbacks plays a major factor.
For Boiler Bytes, I'm Aurie Swartz. ion
that we all, we all get here.
>> Purdue is only the second university in the nation
to boast three alums as Super Bowl champion quarterbacks.