Abdur Raheem Green Your Desires Will End When You Are Dead (Subtitles/Captions)

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We are bombarded
twenty-four hours a day
With the doctrine
with the religious texts
of this religion
the advertisements
buy this buy that
have this have that
yet many of them are depressed and committing suicide
fourteen year old girl hangs herself
because it seems her mother would not let her watch tv
this is the curse of the consumer society
it is a curse!
the curse of the consumer society
christmas is like the main thing when families get together
they did not even invite their own mom
their own dad
for the christmas celebrations
they did not even bother to visit them
not even sometimes to give them a phone call
but you know what?
this is beginning to happen to muslims
to hindus
to sikhs
it is beginning to happen right here in india
i am sure you will see it
as people become more and more obsessed with materialism
when we bring our children up with the philosophy
work work money money work work money money
ok you teach them work work money money
you think they're going to care about you
why will they care about you when you are old?
why will they care about you when you reach an old age?
you taught them work work money money
not mom dad, money money
why will they think about you, when you get old?
because all they have in their mind
is money, enjoyment, fun
let me enjoy the life
and this is what we find
the consumer materialistic society has another problem
and the other problem it has
it is going to destroy itself
it has to
it is inevitable
i challenge anyone of you
to pick up books of history
and read them and study them
its the same again and again and again and again
the history is always repeating itself
the lesson of history is the same lesson
you always find
when a civilization
it becomes powerful
it becomes rich
it becomes wealthy
and it becomes obsessed with wealth and materialism
and the morals begin to decline
and the people no longer care about right and wrong
they only care about enjoying themselves
then you will see it is only a matter of time
and not a long time
a short time
before that society will collapse
it will collapse
because society
what is society?
it is when human beings live together
cooperate together
try to achieve something together
we work together in order to reach some benefit
but if it is every man for himself
and all i care about is me and myself
and enjoying myself
then does this not contradict the whole idea of society?
so what you find happening
is that children no longer care about their parents
the people who are disenfranchised
what we mean here
is the people who are poor
the people who dont benefit
from all of this wealth
because you will always find
there are some people left out
but they are still exposed
to the same advertisements
to the same tv commercials
to the same ideas
they are still exposed to those things
so they are thinking
"yes, i need money i need wealth"
"how can i be happy if i dont have these things?"
if they dont get them by earning
they can not get them by earning the money
what do you think they will do?
they will steal
they will steal in order to get it
they will rob people if they have to get it
and this is certainly what is happening
in the united states of america
thats whats happening there
people kill eachother
they will kill someone
they will kill some one for the Trainers
because he has got a pair of Nike Trainers
hes ready to kill and take the life of another human being
for a wrist watch!
and its not just to do with the fact that he has a drug habit
its to do with his mentality
he thinks that if i wear these shoes
i have respect
i am something
it makes me important
because thats what the advertisements tell him
the tick,"just do it"
if you have got this you are something, you are special
so they feel,
"now i have these shoes"
"now i have this jacket"
"now i have this thing"
"i am something"
"i am important"
as if a piece of cloth
which is probably made
in some sweatshop
where people arent even paid a living wage
for a insignificant amount of money it is made
maybe for i dont know
a few rupees they make it
and they sell it for thousands
of rupees or pounds or dollars
but they think"oh it is something special"
"it is going to make me important"
so what happens, violence begins to escalate
crime becomes more
now what you find
people are living in like castles
the rich are beginning to live in enclosed areas
with walls
and cameras
and secuirity gaurds
and only the rich people can go in
its happening here in India
special enclaves for the rich
because they fear the violence
they fear whats going to happen
its happenning in the states
its happening in England
its happening in China
because all of us
we have become obsessed
with this materialism
we have become overtaken
by this ideology
and the thing is
we are never happy
the more we have the more we want
you think you will be happy
what? when do you think you will be happy?
you have your own flat
you have your own car
no, and then you say"i want another flat"
i can rent it and i can relax more
and then i can have another car
for my wife, and then for my daughter
she can have a car
and then my son
and he can have a car
and then my son in law
he can have another one
and then oh maybe i can get a boat
or an airplane
and-when will it end?
it never ends!
there is no ending to it
because the prophet(peace be upon him) said
nothing fills the belly of the son of adam
except the dust of his grave
its only when you are dead
then your greed will end
its only when you are dead
your desires will be extinguished
you know that the prophet(peace be upon him)
he said, "that this duniya"
"this world, and everything in it is cursed"
there is no blessing
there is no benefit
in this world
it is cursed
it is something that will cause you harm
and illness
and sickness
and malcontent
and disruption in yourself
and unhappiness and unease
the whole duniya is like that
the whole duniya is like that, except
the scholar of the religion
the student of knowledge
the dhikr
the rememberance of Allah(subhanahuwatalla)
and whatever helps you to do that