Pleung see rong (Eng Sub) Ep.09 [8/9]

Uploaded by Chtite0Aya on 08.01.2010

My sweet child,
We three will never fall apart.
Drinking coffee... should prevent from falling asleep, right?
But he’s sleeping so soundly.
He won’t even eat.
Really, what’s this?
Khun Mai!
Why is he sleeping here?
He even drank so much!
Where’s p’Kat?
She went out.
But they were together all day.
She also brought this drink for him.
How long has he been sleeping?
About three hours.
I think…khun Mai is better.
I’m not under your wings anymore
You killed yourself because you’re embarrassed,
For being pregnant without a father
Why are you here?
To talk about Jomkwan.
Get out of my house!
I don’t want to talk of that slut.
Take back your word!
And listen to me!
I won’t listen!
Get out of my house right now!
I won’t go anywhere!
No until you’ve listened to me!
Khun Mai!
What she’s doing… I don’t care!
Because… she’s a slut!
Khun Mai!
God! Khun Mai!
Have Kun bring him to the hospital,
And get him a psychologist too!
Because he’s crazy!
Khun Mai!
Will you hate it if you stay hidden like this?
She said she could, as your wife.
Damn! She dared say that?
She was more than daring,
She said you had confessed to her.
Me? Confessed to her?
She may say that she loves you,
But this girl can’t do without men.
It’s such a waste that I fell for it,
You really disappoint me.
My child...
Mom is fine...
We must be fine!
Jomkwan! Answer!
You’re calling Honey, aren’t you?
I’m not!
I have business to attend.
I beg you.
I accept to take the blame,
I’ll apologize to the wrong I’ve done.
Why is he that crazy?
He’s both crazy and stupid!
I really want to know what he’ll do if he knows that she’s pregnant!
I think he would want to die.
Because he’s ashamed for making a rotten woman pregnant.
I’m going to kill him!
Let’s have some rest.
We’ll talk to him tomorrow.
I’ll go with you.
I can't.
I have to see p’Kat!
It’d be good to see her.
I’ve told Salaphi to call when she returns,
Then we’ll go talk to her.
To let Jomkwan be happy and get what she wants.
Thank you very much.
It’s such a pity that khun Tin didn’t see your real value.
It’s also a pity that Jomkwan doesn’t love you.
It must be because love can’t be controlled by reason.
But sometimes, love is driven by reason
If you let honest reasons lead you.
Until when will you keep quiet?