HetaHazard 9 [ENG / FRA / ITA subs]

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If I do this, and then this...
Mmm... zzz... zzz...
I hope they're all right... Kumasanrou...
Did you say something, Jiānádà?
Oh, I was just wondering if Italy and Russia have found the others and if they're all right.
I'm sure they're fine.
Right. Russia is there, so they'll be fine.
Still, Fǎguó has some nerve, sleeping in a situation like this.
Maybe he feels reassured? I mean, this room looks pretty safe.
Well, we've been through a lot. And we've been here for quite a while.
Heheh, you're so cute... I want you... huff, huff.
Uh, so, how's the vaccine coming along?
Well, about that, we have a bit of a problem.
A... problem, you say?
Reading the data carefully, it seems that there's a machine specially created to make the vaccines. I don't think I can make them manually.
I see. Then we have to find that machine.
Yeah, but the door is locked, so we can't go look for it.
Prussia had the ID. We'll have to wait until he comes back.
We don't know when he'll be back. I have to make the vaccine as soon as--
Wh-what?! Another earthquake?! We have to get away from here!
Calm down! That wasn't an earthquake! It was some kind of explosion!
Explosion? What if something happened to the others?!
Oh, my God...
At least the vaccine ingredients are undamaged.
How can you stay so calm, China?
Hey, we'd be in big trouble if I couldn't make the vaccines any more.
That's the least of our problems right now! What are we going to--
What now?!
What?! Oh, no... What are we going to do now?
What's it saying? I can't understand a word of it.
It's saying a lot of things...
Uh, well, it's saying that the emergency system has been activated and will block this place.
B-block?! You mean we won't be able to get out of here?!
W-we're really going to die here, aren't we?
No, it's telling us to proceed to the refuge route and evacuate, so there must be a way out.
Oh, okay, good. I thought we were going to be completely trapped here.
Um, but we still can't get out of this room...
Canada... if you say that, we're done for...
Oh! I-I'm sorry!
We'll just have to wait until someone comes along...
Hey, America!
What is it, Prussia?
I almost forgot. Give me your arm.
My arm? Why?
I'm going to give you the vaccine. We don't want you getting infected, too, now do we?
You actually have the vaccine? That's great!
Still, I'm a little disappointed. As the hero, I'm the one who should have found the vaccine.
That's because I rock! Kesesesese! Okay, just give me your arm now!
Isn't that needle kind of thick?
You think? I used it on West, but he didn't react to it.
Maybe it's because he's unconscious--
You can handle it. You're not a kid. C'mon!
There, it's over! It didn't hurt as much as you thought, did it? Kesesese.
It hurt like hell!
8 vaccines left.
Yeah, yeah. Oh, and take this with you.
An ID card?
Just in case any doors are locked.
Be careful now.
Roger! Take care of the others!
Okay. Well, then, I'm going back now.
All right, time to go!
Give me your arm. I'm going to give you the vaccine.
You've got the vaccine? Germany--
I've already given it to West. He'll be fine now.
Okay, good.
It's your turn now.
7 vaccines left.
Give me your arm. I'm going to give you the vaccine.
You have the vaccine?! Quickly, give it to Germany!
Don't worry; I already have.
I see. I'm glad you did it in time...
It's your turn now.
Yes, thank you.
6 vaccines left.
I have treated his visible injuries. I hope Hong Kong will be all right.
Hmm, he didn't hit his head, and there's nothing wrong with his bones. He must have used that technique to fall safely.
We'll just have to wait until he wakes up, now.
I see. That's good.
I'm going to give him the vaccine now.
5 vaccines left.
What are Italy's brother and Hong Kong doing here, anyway?
Maybe they were worried because China and Italy didn't go home?
Family is such an awesome thing.
Italy's brother dearest...
(Brother dearest?) I've used the styptic and the recovery capsule.
Even though you've stopped the bleeding, he's lost a lot of blood. He doesn't seem to have any serious injuries aside from the one in his head, though.
Is he going to be okay?
I can't really tell. China will have to examine him.
We'll just have to keep watching them and wait for America and the others.
America... hurry!
It's locked.
Um, this is the biological experiments lab, and Canada and the others are on the other side... let's see, the other side...
That's the experiment preparation room!
It's about handling the experiments. The successful ones go to the experiment storage room. The failed ones go to the breeding room.
I had no idea they were doing this kind of research...
F.G. No. 1~4, failure, to breeding room. F.G.'s cloning for further experiment.
F.G. No. 5, success, to experiment storage room.
C-cloning...? They already had that kind of technology at that time?
Some papers that look like clinical records and read "experimental data" are inside the box.
Maybe these records are about the clones, too.
That's not the room I'm looking for.
It won't open.
[Power Level 1] The first of the five power levels of the chainsaw.
[Power Level 2] The second of the five power levels of the chainsaw.
This room is amazing. Canada and the others have some guts to stay here.
Canada! France! China! The hero has come to get you!
...? Prussia told me to come here. Come on out; you don't need to hide.
Th-this really is way too scary!
No one here.
Oh, it's a medicine making machine. It's amazing how the devices in this facility still work after fifty years.
Is this a clone, too?
We could use this hand truck.
Anyone here?
What, there's no one here? Weird. Weren't they supposed to be in this room?
Maybe I got the wrong room. I should've taken a better look at the map...
I'll check out the other rooms, then.
Th-there's something there! M-my weapon--
A Licker has appeared!
Power Level 2
Long Tongue
Power Level 1
America wins! Gained 30 EXP!
That looked pretty human-like. Is this one of the clones?
There might be others like it around. I have to be careful.
So, there was another door here. Canada and the others must be on the other side.
I don't know what that noise was, but I'd better be careful.
This room is amazing, too...
It reads, "Handle the equipment with care."
The bathtub is full of blood.
This looks like a scene right out of a movie...
The counter is covered in blood.
Are Canada and the others in there?
Canada! France! China! If you're there, answer me! The hero has come to get you!
He's here for us! We're saved!
America! We're here!
Looks like this is the right room. I'm coming in!
Hi, it's been a few hours.
I'm so glad you're all right, America.
A hero wouldn't be defeated so easily! The others are okay, too.
Are Japan and Germany really all right? I mean, they might be infected...
Germany started showing symptoms of the infection, but Prussia brought the vaccine and he's fine now.
Not bad, Prussia.
Hey, America, have you seen Italy?
Italy? No, I haven't.
I-I see, so you haven't seen him. (Kumajirou...)
Anyway, we have to go back quickly! Italy's brother and Hong Kong got caught in the explosion and are seriously injured!
H-Hong Kong?! He's here?
What are Romano and Hong Kong doing here?!
We can talk later! Now we have to hurry!
A-all right.
Meanwhile, in a certain country...
Okay, so you want two tomato boxes. All right... Yes, sir. Thank you!
I've been getting orders nonstop... It's a lot of work when Romano isn't here to help...
Speaking of Romano, I hope he's okay. He should have reached America by now.
Well, if anything comes up, he'll call me.
I guess I'll just harvest the tomatoes.
Oh, a client?
Yes, I'm coming!
Who is it?
It's me, Austria.
Austria? Come in; the door is open.
Excuse me, then.
Were we supposed to meet today?
No, and I am sorry for showing up unannounced. Were you busy?
No, not particularly. So, what's up?
I just wanted to ask you something.
Okay. Don't just stand there at the door. Come on in.
Here's some tea.
Oh, thank you.
So, what did you want to ask me?
Well, have you received any calls from Prussia or Italy?
I don't think so. Have you?
Germany told me, "There's something I want to give you, so I'll drop by with Italy after the meeting."
But I have been waiting all this time and they never showed up. They did not call me, either, so I decided to go to their houses.
But they weren't home, so you came to ask me if I know anything?
No, I was going to Germany's house, but for some reason, I ended up in yours.
And, well, since I am here, I thought I might as well come to see you and ask you what you know.
I see, so that's what happened. (Oh, yeah, he has no sense of direction.)
Romano told me he couldn't call Italy, so he tried calling everyone else who had attended the meeting, but none of them picked up their phones.
He could not reach any of them?
Maybe they just prolonged the meeting. Romano has gone to check up on them, so he'll call me if anything comes up.
I see. Romano...
I am a little worried, though. May I stay here until Romano calls you?
Of course. Oh, by the way, are you hungry? And do you like farm work?
[Power Level 1] The first of the five power levels of the chainsaw.
[Power Level 2] The second of the five power levels of the chainsaw.
[Swing] Recklessly swings a scythe around.
[Repeat Strike] Repeatedly strikes with a spear.
[Rapid Fire] Consecutively deals damage to a single enemy.
[Chainsaw] An engine-powered chainsaw.
[Scythe] A scythe of unknown utilization purpose.
[Canada's Everyday Clothes] The thick coat he usually wears.
[Self-Made Group Member Badge] A handmade badge given by America. According to America, it turned out really nice.
[Spear] A weapon that combines a broom and a kitchen knife.
[Chinese Military Uniform] Chinese Military Uniform. It looks cute with the loose long sleeves.
[Dust Mask] Given by Japan to protect China from dust storms.
[Revolver] A gun that used to belong to America.