Forget about 'Enlightenment' - Satsang with Mooji

Uploaded by natarajnoman on 18.06.2007

So my challenge to you is what if you didn't have to do anything about anything at all.
Nothing at all to do, nothing at all to do about anything!
Yes, make a cup of tea because that doesn't give you any trouble,
whatever it is that you have to do:
answer the phone, make this appointment, whatever ...
but that's not accompanied by this idea that
that there is something
that I need to do to be
stable in the Awareness, because I tell you that is a trap!
Forget about it.
If you touch this idea,
you believe it instantly into existence.
And then you have to believe another idea to remove it.
So why not drop both ideas in the first place, and stay where you are.
You're simply here within which
all that arises for you,
including the sense of spirituality.
Forget about spirituality. Yeah.
Forget about enlightenment.
And forget about every... Forget about you also.
And what remains here?
That which cannot be
gotten rid of ... remains.
It's just that -- simpler than simple!
Sometimes we overuse
the intellectual faculties,
which are only meant to take you up to this seeing.
And thereby they say, "Goodbye, we have served you enough." They will go.
You're simply here.
All this knowledge that we acquire called 'spiritual knowledge' is only a mirror
for the Timeless to see itself.
And for what reason?
For no other reason than it's fascinated with its own
recognition, for some reason.
I don't see
that the idea that something is difficult,
which is a persistent
notion in the psyche of the human expression of Consciousness,
that we just have to do something to kind of ...
Sometimes we're speaking like
a sense that we must get something
So I say, "No, there's no accuracy in the Self."
Or, "Everything is the Self."
If you give up
all your notions, all your effort
to try and get somewhere --
just drop it right here and now --
because you have the power to do it.
Just drop it.
Just like you're sitting in a restaurant full of people,
clinking glasses and
utensils and stuff, and talking and there's music,
and yet you can have a sweet conversation with your friend sitting across the table
because you don't let it in.
In the same way, you don't let these thoughts in:
'That there's something'
'that I need to do'
'just to stay more'
And the minute you're without this thought,
the recognition is here.
You know what?
Oftentimes, this moment of seeing is attended by great laughter.
There's nobody laughing, it's just ...
It seems too simple to be true,
because how many books?
How many libraries?
How many CDs? How many ...
How many stories?
Can it all be pointing to this simplicity? My God!
What a joke! What a strange thing!
That I simply am.
Some full acceptance of this
ever-present Truth
happens, as it were.
We can give it a title of grace or sort of
benediction or whatever it is,
but it simply happens.
And this movement, that there is something
that needs to be corrected ...
At times I can say this
another time I might tell you, "You know what?"
"You need to stop doing that and do this."
And there has to be
that flexibility,
that openness,
which is present in the Beingness
to actually hear that
and see the sense in that in the moment
and still see that,
although you have to do something to see that,
actually you have to do nothing to be that.
So this is the kind of paradox that
seems to happen.
And we are mostly molested by these thoughts
that something gets in the way.
So there's a time when I'll tell you, "Yes, in the moment, this thing seems to be in the way."
And I'll also ask you, "In the way of what?"
And what is witnessing
the sense of this obstruction, being in the way of what?
We have said that Awareness cannot be
on the other side of working through
any process or practice. It can, it has to be
that in which even the very idea, the striving,
the first thought happens
already in the Awareness.
So any journey
from that thought onward,
can only happen in Awareness,
but cannot be taking you to Awareness as an objective goal.
It is only there's ... the discovery
of the subject to itself.
And sometimes when you read it,
of course in trying to convey,
that which really cannot be conveyed with words,
it cannot be touched or carried in the word.
At best you may say,
out of the
irrefutable authority of the seeing,
those words are imbibed with a sort of Presence.
They have a power in them.
They have more light or something in them
when they come from that seeing
at best.
That when you yourself
are the seeing
and the experiencing,
and yet beyond at the same time.
You cannot explain this. And as I said before,
thankfully you don't have to write a thesis about it.
It's just your own
inner seeing.
Something 'very private'. Let's use the word for that
for the moment.
But it cuts away, strips back
all these layers of
'should-do's' and 'should-do not's',
and leave the Truth in its nakedness as it is,
here present now.
What can be simpler than that?
Prior even to simplicity,
you are That.
Our minds are rarely
enjoying this complete rest.
When the mind is in
complete rest,
meaning that it's not carrying any intention,
any notion
that there's something
to be attained
in order to be something,
it spontaneously
is one
It itself is Self.
Drop the notion that something stops you from being This.
That's only a notion arising in This.
What is This?
And who's there outside of This to know it?
In this
that we are,
it does not even say,
"I am This."
This is why I said,
"Missing the obvious"
we engage with some construction
about what This must be.
And then looking at your mind
and your conditioning,
you feel unworthy:
'I'm not worthy of
That actually.'
You identify with that
which gives a sense that you are
less than.
Because as long as there's a search,
there's a sense something is missing.
Therefore, this is why
they're searching.