Zoombinis! Introduction to The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

Uploaded by jsparakov on 23.09.2008

[Intro Music]
Not too long ago, Zoombinis enjoyed the good life.
Though they all looked slightly different--
Different eyes, noses, hair, feet:
such differences meant nothing to the Zoombinis.
And so they lived happily on Zoombini Isle making small, useful products, which were prized the world over.
The Zoombinis had a sense of fulfillment and inner peace, not to mention healthy bank accounts.
Then one day, who should show up
but The Bloats
The Bloats offered to help the Zoombinis grow their businesses,
expand their trade routes,
and improve their quality of life.
Being trusting sorts,
the Zoombinis agreed.
[Sad, crestfallen music]
But before long,
the Bloats had taken over everything.--
Stealing profits,
canceling holidays,
piling on work.
The Zoombinis were getting pretty stressed out.
Well, you can push them only so far before they take matters into their own hands,
so to speak.
So they decided to escape
and build a new home in a distant land!