Не плачь-Таня Буланова

Uploaded by popo364 on 01.05.2009

Don't cry, still remained one night we have with you,
One more time whispering you, " my", One last time your eyes
In my look and tear suddenly fall down on my hand,
And tomorrow I'm alone I'll stay here without you,
But do not cry.
Don't cry, it so happened that our fate is not given,
Be with you together, where as before I was? So late met you, but in this moment
I know that now you and only cry keep me tomorrow, Now stay with me for the last time,
In the last time.
Understand; now, don't think I can not about you.
I don't know how to let myself, So you took my love in the hour when
You saw and whispered, " Yes", But you must understand, you understand me,
know how I love you, I love you.
So know that you everywhere I can find, where was not you.
I feel all the sheets by poems for you. And if I see you in the crowd
You stay even then with my trail I steal you from all that you will be mine
then on age, You're my forever.
Don't cry, one stayed the night with me You hear me, do not weep? One more time whispering
you, " Wait", Don't cry, another only once your eyes in
my look And a tear suddenly fall down on my hand,
and tomorrow, I And tomorrow I'm the only one left, without
you, But you don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, don't