Faberge Egg Hunt London - Celebrities and designers create world's biggest egg hunt.

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\f0\fs24 \cf2 \cb3 if you've been in and around London recently you have probably stumbled
across some strange sights. Giant eggs in some of the most unlikely places. Even well-guarded
Royalty can't escape these large fibreglass eggs. \
\ In fact, there are some big names behind them
including Zandra Rhodes, Sir Ridley Scott and Bruce Oldfield. \
\ The Faberge Big Egg Hunt features 200 eggs
and runs until early April. They've been designed by famous names from artists to designers
and architects. It's all to raise money for Action for Children and Elephant Family charities.
There are twelve zone maps which give you areas where they can be found, but no precise
locations. \ \
There's even a prize for the big eggg hunt, an egg worth 100 000 Pounds. Each giant egg
has keywords on them that you have to text in to a special number. See below for details.
\ \
The Faberge Big Egg Hunt ends on the 8th of April and is hoping to break the Guinness
World record for most participants in an Easter Egg Hunt. \
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