The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion - Full Episode 4 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Jungle Emperor Leo
Run, run more, beyond the wind
The horizon is calling you
Since the day you were born in this endless land
To live is, yes, an adventure
Go out, Leo, past the savanna
Every time you fight, you will grow stronger
So Leo, fire up your heart now
The real you that you are searching for
Go until the day you meet it
Chapter Four
Where is Father's forest? When am I going to get there?
You'll end up like that soon enough.
What's so funny?
Don't you feel anything when one of your own dies?
One of our own?
That's right! Your own group!
Where did you come from?
I came from where humans live.
I see. Now I get it.
There's no groups here!
The stronger kill, and the weaker get eaten.
That's the rule!
I won't believe anything you say!
Heh! You'll see soon enough!
What a jerk.
Here, run, run!
Yeah, run, run!
Run more!
Come on! Are you going to give up already?
I'm a persistent type, you know!
I'll be waiting forever for you!
Hey, wait! Please wait!
Hey! Hey!
Guys, please don't run away.
I just want to ask about my father's forest.
You idiot!
Y-You! Are you Panja!
You knew my father?
That's what I thought.
I'm Leo!
What are you doing?
If I get you, I know someone
who'll be very pleased...
Stop it!
Oh no!
Toto, you've gotta hurry! Humans are coming!
Slow down!
I thought I saw a black panther.
Well, you should go back and look at the traps.
It's getting awfully cloudy.
You're right.
You follow that white lion!
If you fly over him, it'll be a good marker.
Aye aye.
I'm gonna go to Bubu-sama's place. I'm counting on you!
Please help me!
Jump. Just jump over it!
Come on, what's the matter, Tommy!
No, I can't do it!
What are you saying?
What's the matter?
D-Don't come here! Go away!
Wait. I won't do anything.
Go away! I don't wanna be eaten!
Never mind with that and get out now.
That's what you say, and then when
I'm out, you're gonna pounce on me!
I won't do such a thing.
Humans! Humans are coming!
Hurry up!
Him! I knew it!
I can't, I can't run.
Tommy, you're such a wimp!
Okay, I'll do something, so just get away fast!
Don't bother with that gazelle,
chase the white lion!
The large tornado that formed this morning
has destroyed every area it has gone through.
It is now heading for the inland jungles.
Hey, hurry it up!
We're chasing that white lion!
Don't. If we don't go back into town,
that tornado's gonna get us!
Shut up! We've still got time
before it comes near us.
What's the matter? Suddenly acting like a chicken.
That's not like you.
You don't know the frightening power of a tornado.
Only those who've been hurt by one know.
Okay, then I'm going by myself.
Cut it out. You're going to leave me here?
I've got no other choice.
All right then.
But, if it gets dangerous, then I'm running.
I know.
That tornado will be out of sight once in the jungle.
Hey! Wait for me!
I won't do anything.
How do I know?
Just like I told you, there are no friends here!
Even if you save them, this is what happens.
Shut up!
Hey, I really won't do anything!
You're full so you can say that right now,
but once you get hungry...
I'm super hungry right now.
Go ahead, run now and get tired.
Pretty soon, you'll be eaten by Bubu-sama!
But man, I've gotta hurry.
Wait, I just want to ask where my father's forest is!
A bit more, just a little bit more!
This little shrimp?
Yes, Bubu-sama.
You're the one who claims to be Panja's son?
That's right. I'm Leo.
Thanks a lot.
Oh... it's no problem!
Since I've always been protected under Bubu-sama...
But such a little thing wouldn't
fill a stomach, would it?
Oh, no. Not at all.
Keep a watch so no one disturbs us.
Yes, sir!
That tornado worries me a little, but you'll
get this done before it arrives, I'm sure!
I'm counting on you.
Why did you come back?
Come back?
Then, this is my father's, Panja's forest?
I'm going to tell you.
The forest is far back beyond this place,
but it's not Panja's forest.
That forest...
is mine.
It is Bubu's forest!
Look at this eye!
I lost it when I fought with Panja!
Now, it's my turn to pay back for my father and I!
Stop right there! I don't think so...
We have to do something!
I've heard from my father once that Panja-san
was very brave and fought to protect everyone.
That Leo is doing the same!
You can't run anymore.
Get ready!
I'm very sorry, Bubu-sama! I was
distracted by the tornado.
Bubu-sama! Please get out of here!
The tornado is getting close! If you don't
run away soon, it'll be too late!
Can't you even drive straight!
I can't do this anymore! We have to get away!
It's a great chance, no way I'm
letting it get through my fingers!
Hurry! Hurry up!
W-What are you doing?!
If we stay any longer, we'll die!
Yeah! We're alive!
Wasn't expecting such an obstacle.
Now I'll definitely make you pay.
Man, you've been a handful.
Get ready.
Here I come!
Leo, this way!
Totto, you can fit, can't you? Go!
Yes, sir!
Totto is chasing us!
Let's hurry!
Come on, come on!
It's okay now.
I'm a coward, so I always know which way to run.
You're not a coward.
You had the courage to jump in
front of Bubu to save me.
Well, I was desperate then.
I am too when I take action.
Look! It's Panja's forest!
I'm glad we met
In this vast world
A single day I live with you
Should make tomorrow shine bright too
Because the orange-colored sun sinks now
Our silhouette, become the glow of the sunset
How bright
Become the glow of the sunset