The Chadwick Journals, Episode 1: Donovan

Uploaded by TheDLChronicles on 11.11.2011

I am Chadwick Williams
And I am writing a book.
About the lives of the many man that I have met.
Black men
caught somewhere between a definition and a designation.
A book of excerpts as told to me by the men who lived them.
I am writing this book for my... [DOORBELL RINGS]
Yeah. Chadwick?
Come on in.
Please, have a seat.
Ah, you know what...
let me go get my notepad.
Oh, I'm sorry is it hot?
Do you want me to turn on the air?
Naw, I'm good.
Do you want, like a glass of water or something?
I don't have that much time, so...
Oh. I understand.
Let's get started.
Whoa! Whoa!
What are you doing?
Are you fuckin' playin' with me?
Look, this really is just about my book.
I hope you didn't think something else was gonna happen.
Why the hell would you put a ad in the DL hookup site?
It was the best place I could think of.
I mean, I'm sorry, I thought that my post was perfectly clear.
So this is really about some book?
What kinda book?
It's a book exploring the lives of DL men.
What for?
It's personal.
So, what about the two hundred dollars?
Your in-depth interview earns you two hundred dollars.
So, this is not a hookup?
What's to keep me from just makin' shit up?
Alright. What you wanna know?
What would you like me to know?
Can I be honest?
I would hope that your honesty didn't require my permission.
I would'a messed around with you for free.
I'm flattered, but really, I'm paying you to-
Are you into dudes?
That is irrelevant for this discussion.
If I'mma dish out all my shit to you, you could at least tell me that.
It is irrelevant.
A straight dude would just say no.
So, you're an expert on straight men.
Fuck you.
No, that was a sincere question.
I'm being sincere. I wanna fuck you.
Look, I'm sorry, but none if this is useful to my book.
You talk like a shrink.
I used to be.
What happened, you fuck around and lose your license?
I decided to become a writer.
How's that working' out?
So, why don't you tell me about your first sexual experience with a man.
This was supposed to be my first.