ARMA 2 - Hratelně.cz: GC08 Video interview - PART 2/4 - CAPTIONS

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English captions by Deadfast
Soldiers have realistic weapon load outs,
guerrilla has Kalashnikovs, hunting rifles, RPG's...
Basically, we're trying to keep a certain level of authenticity,
both of the environment and the armament, or also the behavior.
Let's look how they're doing...
I just gave the AAV the order to attack
I think it's better if we just send him here...
We can take a look how it's going.
A little nature shot.
We can turn on the diagnostics...
Here we can see the Bravo team, Charlie team
Somewhere back here is slacking the Alpha team...
And back here an AAV,
which is the Marines' transporter.
Here the AAV in all its beauty...
"And how many vehicles will be there?"
"How many vehicles will be there?"
It's no secret - there will be numerous.
We have about 50-80 vehicles in total.
I don't remember the precise number, there's really a lot of them...
For example we have the Humvee, but in 5 variants of armament.
It's similar with the Russian UAZ.
Well, here we can see the AAV is quite joining the fight...
The new thing we implemented is a system for capitulation.
That means if the player is smart, outmaneuvers the opponent,
scares him with shooting at him,
sends tanks at him and such,
then depending on how many of them are there, how much ammo they have,
how their morale is, how skilled they are
so either they fight to the end, surrender or run away.
Now it isn't just about fighting till the last breath...
Or fight with an enemy that's just hiding somewhere,
preventing you from winning the mission.
Now when the player successfully takes control of the battlefield
the rest of enemy forces just give up...
"And how's that gonna work?"
"Do they put their hands up so we can tie them?"
They drop their weapons down, put their hands up, walk away and so on...
We still have to implement that you can talk with them.
Of course all their gonna say is "Don't bother me", "Leave me alone",
or "All I can tell you is my name, rank and number".
Well, looks like we're done fighting here, because it looks like
all the ChDKZ partisans are either dead or...
"Are these fights happening only on one place at once,"
"or generally there is some conflict going on?"
"For example when I run 3 kilometers from this fight,"
"will there be something going on there?"
We have several styles of the game.
In campaign, to keep the story in play, we need to limit the player a bit.
On the other hand we have an MP mission,
same will be used as a last campaign mission,
where the player will be a part of a whole army.
He'll be able to play as a commander -
the main commander, squad commander or vehicle commander.
When you unsuccessfully attack a village you will be able to return to base to
recruit new units, try some other way, or another, not so defended, village.
Or just go for a little recon to find out where is the enemy's base and destroy it...
"I see you got buttons there like from an XBOX controller?"
We do.
"So will it come out on XBOX as well?"
We are pararelrly developing for XBOX,
the question is how the version is gonna look like in the end,
however what you can see now is interface we're in parallel tweaking for XBOX.
So, here we have a little mission...
"Why have you decided to do ArmA II for XBOX?"
"Flashpoint Elite wasn't that much of a score?"
Well, that's a question...
"I mean because it was getting quite average reviews across the globe."
"Were there even people who valued it as a hardcore simulator?"
I think it found its player, because the sales of Elite were quite good.
It definitely wasn't a debacle, even though at time of its release
there were indeed more visually attractive games, so it didn't avoid some comparison,
I think that many people...
"Do you think it will have comparable gamplay on the XBOX?"
"The game is quite complex, even control-wise..."
We're trying to make the controls the way to avoid compromises,
but to be accessible to both PC and XBOX players...
Shooters that recently came out on XBOX prove
that to have a shooter on a console is a quite troublefree thing.
So a shooter can be played well, therefore we're optimizing controls
to bring the best possible gameplay controls.
"Are there any differences in graphics?"
"It's a very demanding game for sure, so how will it look on XBOX?"
I think it will be comparable with PC version,
except for medium settings texture resolution
meaning you won't be able to see some really high detail,
but that might be even more than you could possibly see on a TV.
The advantage is color tinting, post-processing and color correction
will stay the same.
I wouldn't see a problem there.
The game will definitely look similar to it on a PC.
"And the release should be when?"
"The PC version will be on the beginning of the next year, 1st quarter I think..."
We'd like to have the similar for XBOX,
but there are many tests required before the release,
so I wouldn't want to predict any date here,
but I think we should be able to release both version in parallel.
"And the game will be basically the same?"
"Will there be multiplayer for the same number of people?"
The only difference will be that the classic mouse and keyboard controlled editor
will not be present in the XBOX version.
However we realize it is important for the players that
they can play around with it a little
so we're adding missions the player can modify by a simple editor -
change units, change mission location, change playable units
and we're hoping this will bring the players a substitution for the original editor.
Unlike in ArmA 1, the templates should be a little more interesting and offering more.
For example they should offer better options for multiplayer,
which we see as a pillar of the game.
Of course you can play the campaign, some solo missions,
but this is a game especially fit to have many people playing it -
together, or against each other.
You can fit hundreds, thousands of units on this map
so in the mission, or a game mode Warfare tens to thousands of units
many of them will be playable, meaning the players will have the opportunity to
play in a more authentic battles then ever before.
I think that ArmA II is definitely a game that will last for a while.