WBAK - Aaron Douglas and Cory Williams fight fire forever in "Fire City"

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 12, 2012


-So could you tell us your name, please?
-And how old are you?
-We'd like to try to make up some stories today if you're
up for that.
-Mmm, do you want to?
-(THEME SONG) We make videos based on what they said.
It's Written by a Kid.
-So once upon-- are you guys ready?
-Yes, we are ready.
-I'm ready to go.
-So once upon a time, there was somebody named Tykeseria.
He was an actor and a fire chief.
He was too worried about fires, him killing himself.
-So he doesn't go to the fires?
Is that right?
ADAM (OFFSCREEN): He doesn't have to.
And he didn't boss his fire fighters around.
Because he didn't want them to retire.

ADAM (OFFSCREEN): And the whole country, called S
Country, they only had one fire station
for the whole country.
So that fire station was busy.
They had 600 calls to go to a day.
So they have a million staff at their fire station.
There's a million--
-A million fire fighters?
-And they don't have to do any paperwork or any business to
do paperwork.
They get paid.
And there is a king, queen, president, and
everything we have.
And also, but just a king and a queen.
And none of them can get bossed around.
They live in the fire station, but they have plenty of rooms.
They have six million floors.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): This fire station must be massive.
ADAM (OFFSCREEN): Yeah, it takes a whole
city, a fire city.
And they have runways only for emergency people.
One is going on the freeway called the 1111111111 Freeway.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Tykeseria, could you describe
him a little bit more?
ADAM (OFFSCREEN): He's very worried about emergencies.
ADAM (OFFSCREEN): If there ever is one right after a
call, they can go as fast as they want.
Like, if someone, like, is close to having a heart
attack, they go speed a million.
the countryside is two million miles, they
can do it in a second.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): What do they do for a heart attack?
ADAM (OFFSCREEN): They have special tools that keep them
alive, and they can never die.
Because after they take a test, they can live forever
until the world explodes.


MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): So the world is eventually going
to explode?
-In real life, I think.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Oh yeah, in real life.