Keurig® Brewer Reads PRIME - Keurig How To - Official Video

Uploaded by keurig on 22.12.2011

In this installment we'll show you what to do if you're Keurig brewer indicates prime
and it is not your first time using the brewer.
Prime is indicated on the elite and classic brewers by the add water,
heating and smallest cup size lights flashing.
On the special addition and platinum brewers
the word prime will display on the LCD.
The prime indicator means water is not coming out of the water reservoir into the brewer,
which can be caused by several things.
We'll try a few different basic methods to correct this.
Set aside about ten minutes for this process.
Remove the water reservoir
and bring it to an empty sink
to clean thoroughly.
If you have an optional Keurig water filter remove it and set it aside.
Then use a damp soapy non abrasive cloth and rinse completely inside and out.
Be sure to rinse the filter screen at the bottom of the water reservoir.
You can use a water sprayer if available,
then fill the water reservoir with about
two inches of clean water
and gently shake it to remove any residue.
Do not dry the inside with the cloth as lint may remain.
Do not put the water reservoir
or it's lid in the dishwasher, instead
rinse clean with hot water and let air dry.
If you have an optional Keurig water filter reinstall it and
then re-seat the water reservoir firmly in the brewer
and make sure alignment is correct
then fill it all the way up with clean water
turn on the power and attempt three water only brew cycles at the six
or eight ounce size.
To do this, do not use a portion pack. Place an empty mug onto the tray,
lift and a lower the portion pack holder and press brew.
When the ready to brew indicator appears, press brew again.
If prime is still indicated on your brewer, refer to our other how-to videos,
specifically cleaning the needles and
cleaning filter screen and water reservoir port.
If the problem persists contact Keurig customer service at 866-901-BREW(2739)