Kpop Music Mondays - Infinite "Paradise"

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This week's Music Monday is the home intruder edition
with Infinite's "Paradise"
If you couldn't tell by now, we're totally huge fans of Infinite.
We love their songs, love their videos
their dancing, their originality, everything.
They've really impressed us, and we can say
by far, they're one of our favorite groups out there.
But, to be fair, they can't be perfect all the time,
and so, this song really disappointed us.
Man, we really tried listening to this song a lot
to try to get into it.
But the more I tried listening to it
the more I got the jibbershakes.
You know the jibbershakes. They're so Jibbery.
Sure, it's still fresh and original compared to other Kpop songs
if you consider remaking 80s boyband songs to be considered fresh
which...I don't
But, kind of like how Simon doesn't like
the Spanishy sounding song of MBLAQ's Mona Lisa,
Both of us just agree that we don't like
the overwhelming 80s sound of this song.
It's just so...80s.
80s guitar, 80s drumline, 80s synth.
UGGHH! It's just too much 80s!
Now, the video itself did totally match the lyrics of the song
It had like a deep, kind of gloomy feel to it
But the video just didn't match the sound of the song
Because the video didn't have enough...80s
If we had heard the song without seeing the music video
I would have bet money
that the music video would have looked something like this
[Infinite "Paradise" - The Eatyourkimchi Remix Edition]
This video really disappointed us as well.
We loved Before the Dawn with its epic fight scene
and we loved Nothing's Over with its
non-stop camera work and funky rooms
And Be Mine had that really cool crime scene
and funky dance moves
This video, even though it's artsy like their other videos
and we like artsy
We feel like you essentially see the whole video
within the first 35 seconds of it.
Ghost guy follows non-ghost girl around the house
He sings to her, and she can't see him
Then cut to them on the train
Later, rinse, repeat.
There you go. That's the whole video.
I literally just described the entire video for you
Oh wait! I forgot to mention one very important thing.
The girl in the video doesn't wear any pants.
Oh! And she walks around the house with shoes on.
Is she even Korean? That's such a faux pas!
And the first 20 seconds of the video
has one of the members of Infinite laying on the ground
and looking up her sweater dress. It's kinda pervvy.
There! NOW I've described the entire video to you.
I don't know. I just feel that this video needed
some kind of twist or change or surprise...just something!
I was waiting for some terrible secret to be revealed
Like, What's under that bedsheet?
OMG! It's the dead body of her lover!
Oh no wait she's just covering up that bookshelf.
Or, She's leaving the house. Maybe she's not really alive!
Maybe she's in a COMA!
Oh, no wait. She's really just leaving the house.
Or, all of the members are sitting on a train.
Where are they going?
Oh no, wait, they're just on a train.
But, no, nothing changed. Nothing surprised us.
Plus, this is like the second video in a row by Infinite
in which they're invisible/ignored.
And I'll tell you what we really, really honestly don't get
Why are all the members emotionally attached to one girl?
This is the second time it happened.
I love Nothing's Over, I mean, Nothing's Over
Where there was one guy that was feeling really down
and all the other guise were trying to cheer him up
But in "Be Mine" and in "Paradise"
we have all the members sulking around just one girl
I mean, the only conclusion we can come to
is that they were all actually dating her
And that's really gotta suck.
You die in some huge accident with all your bandmates
only to realize in the afterlife that you're all dating the same girl.
My love! I am back from the dead
To tell you that I died in a terribly curry eating accident
And I know that you can't hear me
and we can't be together anymore
But you need to know that I will love you forever and
What the hell? What are you doing here Joffrey?
What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here?
I'm here to see my girlfriend.
I don't know what you're doing here Khal Drogo!
Your girlfriend? This is clearly my girlfriend!
Are you sure you're not in the wrong house
you jerk-faced jerk?
Jerk faced jerk? How dare you call me a jerk faced jerk!
Just because she loves me, and she's gonna be happy
when I haunt her forever!
No! I'm gonna haunt her forever! She's my girlfriend!
You're totally gonna die, again,
when I kick your ghost ass!
Bring it on Khal Drogo! You're gonna die a third time
My love! Now that those idiots are gone
I know that it's just you and me together forever
and that I'm really your boyfriend and they
weren't your boyfriend right?
No you can't answer me that doesn't matter but I know that you love me
Wait! Who's that at the door!
Hey ghost bros! What's up!
What are you all doing fighting in my girlfriend's house?
And why are you creeping on the couch like that?
That just looks weird.
Unfortunately, this music video didn't have any dancing in it
Which is a shame, because I totally love Infinite's dancing.
But the live version was really...
what's that? Hang on a second.
Oh we seem to be getting some kind of emergency broadcast
Ok I'll feed to it right away.
And the nominees for most intense thrusting in a Kpop video are
Rain in Love Song
Seungri in VVIP
Infinite in the Live version of Paradise
and the golden chomchom goes to
I can't believe it! It's just unheard of!
It's a rookie group. It's Infinite!
It's Infinite!
[clapping and cheering]
Oh ho there it is!
Hello? Hello? Oh, we've lost them.
Apparently there was some technical difficulty
and the scene was cut.
So yeah, it's really too bad that this music video
didn't have any dancing in it
Cuz the dance was awesome!
As for the English of the song, we give this a
5 out of 5
Besides the main chorus of "Paradise"
there are only a few more English words in the rap section of the song
And, both the pronunciation and meaning are fine,
so, 5 out of 5
Last week we asked you which Super Junior video you preferred
Super Junior in "Mr Simple"
or Super Junior in "A Cha"
Simon chose A-Cha, I chose Mr. Simple
And the winner was, you guessed it, Mr. Simple
That's right.
Everyone likes my video more than yours, Simon.
For this week's Home Intruder edition
we ask you which Home Intruders you preferred.
CN Blue in "Love Girl,"
or Infinite in "Paradise"
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