Strategic Spot - The Juggernaut Killstreak

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Today we will investigate the Modern warfare 3 killstreak, the Juggernaut.
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The juggernauts were first seen in MW2's special ops missions, where the Juggernauts were non multiplayer characters.
The juggernauts then returned in modern Warfare 3, both in single player and in multiplayer.
Currently, Modern Warfare 3 is the only Cod game where you can play as a juggernaut in both multiplayer and single player.
To receive the juggernaut in multiplayer, you must get a 15 or 18 poinstreak,
depending on which type of the juggernaut you are going for.
The juggernauts or in other words super soldiers
are equipped with an Explosive Ordnance Disposal armor;
this allows the juggernauts to take on very severe punishments.
Also, Did I mention their health regenerates?
Don't let their low Mobility fool you;
the juggernauts are probably one of the most powerful killstreaks,
in call of duty: modern warfare 3.
There are two types of juggernauts; the assault juggernaut, and the recon juggernaut also known as support.
The recon juggernaut is located in the support strike package, as an 18 poinstreak.
Once the point streak is activated, the player will receive An E.O.D armor,
and will be equipped with a Riot Shield, a USP.45 Handgun, and a smoke grenade.
The recon juggernaut is based on objective play; the riot shield is the key factor for it.
Moving on to the next version of this killstreak, the assault juggernaut.
The assault juggernaut is a 15 pointstreak in the assault strike package.
The killstreak is fit for players that like to tackle the slayer role in the game.
Activation of the killstreak can change the entire battlefield.
The assault juggernaut not only receives an E.O.D suit, but also a M240 Light Machine Gun, and a MP412 sidearm.
Additionally the player receives both a frag and a smoke grenade.
Once an assault juggernaut enters the battle, survival is probably your only option.
But of course, being a killstreak the juggernauts must have some sort of flaw.
As I mentioned before, their low mobility is quite an issue.
Both juggernauts start with a Light Machine Gun's mobility,
And then their speed is further decreased depending on which weapon they have equipped.
The killstreak is also received via a care package.
This means that one of the highest killstreaks in the game,
Is astonishingly acquired through a care package.
This adds the possibility of you misplacing your crate,
And leaves it vulnerable to theft by other players.
In an effort to make the Juggernaut killstreak fair,
Any juggernauts that are in the game appear on the enemy's radar, making you an easy target.
But let's not forget the bright side,
When you acquire the killstreak any damage inflicted upon you is divided by 10, giving you 1000 health points.
Aside from the health,
Both types of the juggernauts also receive the perks sitrep and scavenger.
The assault juggernaut also gets quickdraw,
While the recon receives assassin.
If you would like to make the most out of your killstreak, you should probably stay near your teammates.
When you become the Juggernaut,
you sometimes get this false sense of invincibility,
And you immediately rush the enemy in hopes of getting more kills.
Rushing the enemy's team is the easiest way to get killed.
The juggernaut can withstand severe punishments,
but it can only do that for so long.
As you get away from your team,
and get closer to the enemy, you become the priority target of the enemy team.
And you will get no support from your team what so ever.
At that point, the enemy will be able to easily flush you out by using flash bangs and explosives.
. If you ever see that your team is far away from you, try to not engage in many gunfights, or just find cover and hold up.
Another tip which should help you survive with the assault juggernaut is to simply use your secondary.
In some instances, enemies will rush you and you will have to reload.
Reloading your LMG takes around 8 seconds, and by the time you finish reloading you could be dead.
Switching to your sidearm is always faster than reloading;
so if you ever get in those sticky situations, using your sidearm could be considered an option.
At some point in Modern Warfare 3,
each player will encounter a juggernaut.
Killing that juggernaut is something each player should know how to do.
Always keep in mind where the Juggernaut is,
and make sure that the juggernaut moves towards you,
and not the other way around.
Once the juggernaut is closer to your team then to its own,
taking it out is a simple process.
and concentrated firepower are the key.
If you manage to flash a Juggernaut, you can use those few vital seconds to get behind it and go for headshots.
It then won't be long until it drops.
You can also use high round per minute weapons,
such as the FMG9 with the akimbo attachment to kill the Juggernaut.
Another great way is to use launchers.
If you can get a direct hit while the juggernaut is disorientated,
You won't even know it had 1000 health points.
Direct hits from AC-130s and predator missiles will also get the job done.
Always make sure that the juggernaut is nowhere near their team, to cut off any backup.
The juggernauts have tremendous firepower,
but there is a limit to everything.
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