Classroom Management Tricks of the Trade: Quieting the Classroom

Uploaded by edutopia on 14.07.2010

>>Teacher: Guys, I know.
I know. Just take a deep breath, you guys.
Give us a few minutes, okay?
Justin, could you stop please?
Okay. Ladies and gentlemen..
>>Narrator: Having trouble managing your classroom?
Here are some of our favorite tricks of the trade.
>>Claudia: One, two-- Alice?
>>Narrator: Claudia Hernandez abides
by a single rule to quiet her classroom.
>>Claudia: The first thing you want to do is not raise your voice.
Once a teacher starts raising her voice, everything turns into chaos.
So we could use signs.
You know, you could count one through ten, or you could use clapping,
or any other strategy as long as you don't increase your voice.
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