2NE1_TV_Season 2_E03-2 2NE1 wins No.1

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YG ENT. Building 3rd floor Teddy's recording studio
Secretly shooting.
Producer Teddy
Teddy and G-Dragon are now
working together.
Teddy and G-Dragon got together G-Dragon, BIGBANG
to make BIGBANG's music.
Don't look at the camera.
This is a present from 2NE1.
Ah, really?
YG was just checking 2NE1's music rank
This is a present?
Do I have to look delighted or unhappy?
- It's called YangYang. - Well, it's cute.
This is for Eugene.
It's a cat.
It's handmade.
Yeah, CL made it.
She's got some skills.
What skills?
It's really hard to make this.
I guess she only completed the head.
Only the head came?
Only the head came.
Really... I thought she would add a body here.
Maybe the four members will make different parts for you.
Someone will make the body, and another one the legs.
And another one will make the arms...
Then was his response weird?
Did you get his actual reaction?
I can't lie.
I should look really happy in a situation like this.
There are a lot of people who got hurt after they gave you a gift.
Is that right?
A lot.
I thought G-Dragon was one of them.
Yeah, KUSH, too.
Tae Yang once cooked instant noodles for me.
I even kept a picture of that bowl of noodles.
I'll put it up on my blog.
We've been together over ten years.
And the only thing he gave me is instant noodles...
He cooks it well.
Yeah, he's good, just the right texture.
He's good. I acknowledge that.
Tae Yang is really good at cooking noodles.
He's got his own method.
But I really don't know about this.
Not sure if I have to like it or not.
I'll pass it on to Eugene and make sure she keeps it.
And I'll wash it when it gets dirty.
We're working hard
on the third album.
This is the newspaper for the fanclub members.
- Is it made in Japan? - Yes.
We hardly ever appear on TV
so they must have nothing much to write about.
But they made it.
I'm also curious about our news.
You don't know how other member are doing, do you?
I also read about the other members
on this newspaper and call them.
You should do this once.
Tae Yang.
Tae Yang.
He does that when he greets Tae Yang.
Tae Yang.
There're a lot of songs G-Dragon already made.
I see a lot of comments on the internet
blaming me for delaying their next release.
But actually, G-Dragon thinks, and the other members as well,
including myself,
that it's not the time to think about when they come out.
- Right? - Yes.
But how they come out is important.
G-Dragon's worked on about
18 songs so far.
Now it's time for BIGBANG members to
come home and take a rest
in order to start on a new journey.
And home for the members is this group called BIGBANG.
I really like my home.
I'm all ready. Now the others just have to come back.
I'm waiting all by myself
because they're not coming back.
Please find them for me.
I have high hopes for it personally.
And when I talk to the others, they seem to miss
working together a lot, too.
So I hope we can perform together and have fun.
You can see it like this.
We were climbing this mountain of making our album.
And when we almost reached the top,
we realized it was a different mountain.
So we're now going back to the one right next to it,
which is the one we were actually aiming at, and we're almost there.
So the first mountain was the wrong one, and we said,
"Ooops! This is not it!"
Everyone in the team has high expectations.
And this is our new album in a long time.
So when we don't like it,
we do it again and again,
trying to find a different road, at this point.
Because he's been to a different mountain,
he now knows which one is higher.
G-Dragon went through some trial and error
and he must have struggled a lot on his own.
9.16.2010 M countdown
Let's go.
- Is this good? - What about Tae Yang's?
- Do the Tornado Dance first. - I don't know how to do it.
Just do it. Yeah, that's it.
How do you do it?
Now to do Can't Nobody...
A heart head.
Please watch us.
Swollen lymph nodes.
It happened when I was a trainee.
I stayed up and practiced really hard.
And when I woke up in the morning, my ears were pulled till here,
and this whole area was swollen.
I went to see a doctor
and they said it was swollen lymph nodes.
I thought it would calm down after I got an IV,
but it didn't for a month,
all puffed up.
I'm so worried now, I feel really tired.
Ah, be quiet there. I'm shooting this.
I can't understand those guys.
That "bul-man." Bulging forehead manager.
Clap Your Hands.
Please watch it.
2NE1 Clap Your Hands FT Island
And number one goes to!
2NE1 topping the rank on the first day of comeback
I'm just really happy we could be on the stage after a long time.
And thank you so much for this prize.
Mother says congratulations, and my brother...
OK, grandma.
Everyone's on the phone...
Thank you.
YG Ent. Building 1st floor Parking lot
Thank you.
The heroine of the day, Park Bom.
Thank you.
One, two, three, Park Bom!
- Can't Nobody - It's embarrassing.
She got too excited, shouting "Park Bom!" too much.
Hey, lady, let's go.
She's got the groove.
Suddenly, "Park Bom!"
Uh, what?
Hey, look.
What is it?
What is it?
It's a surprise.
Congratulations 2NE1 on getting the first place
How come no one's around but us?
This melted.
Park Bom!
It's first place celebration.
Five, six, Park Bom!
Can't nobody...
What's wrong, lady, you're silly.
Well, let's...
Let's work hard.
We're doing well,
but we gotta work harder, otherwise...
The candle lights are going off.
2NE1 Let's have fun!
Blow the lights. One, two, three.
I'm so moved.
2NE1 TV, you hit the jackpot, too!
I was so surprised.
I was acting cool but
the eyes were like,
"Hey, Horseasaurus"...
I'm tired.
To YG...
We'll do our best. Congratulations.
Dara sending her grateful message to YG
Bom visiting the cafeteria in the middle of practice
What are you doing?
Hey, what's this?
Is it you?
Bom, is it delicious even when I'm beside you?
You gave me permission.
You said one is OK.
Don't spill. You're old enough.
Sorry. When did I spill this?
- Eat. - OK.
Sabu, goodbye.
What goodbye?
It bothers me.
Hello. What's up we're 2NE1.
Good to see you. I'm CL, leader of 2NE1. 9.18. 2010 Autograph Session
A lot of you have come, and we're all nervous and excited.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you.
I didn't do it on me, but brought this.
I haven't felt this way for a long time.
Don't cry.
Please do the palm tree.
Both hands?
I came up from Daejeon by train.
We've never had the opportunity to feel this way before.
Seeing this today makes it feel real.
I did the hair.
Dara giving a special autograph for the fan with the palm tree hair
Palm tree, palm tree.
We love you.
Thank you.
Tae Yang will go in without any comment.
When the music starts you'll come out right away.
Yesterday... 2NE1 is invited as a surprise guest in Tae Yang's concert
We thought it'd be fun
to be a surprise guest.
Now we're practicing to do it.
That was cheap.
- What? - Hey.
What? It looks cheap?
How are you gonna take responsibility of that?
- What now...? - It looks cheap?
She heard it.
I don't know, I don't know now.
Going, she's going out.
Go give her a tangerine.
Let go! Let go of me!
Let go of me!
She accepted my tangerine.
You apologized?
We look like a couple. Ms. Dar, we're like a couple.
It's totally different. Anyone can tell it's different clothes.
Did you make up with each other already?
Do you feel better already?
I'm just keeping private and public life separate.
This time, the concert is held at a movie theater,
so you won't have any trouble watching the show.
Let's have a blast today.
Don't think about anything,
just go crazy.
And have a lot of fun. Let's have fun, everybody, hot pants.
We have to go on the stage.
There's no problem with safety, so don't worry.
We came right after a TV show, but the atmosphere here is really different.
It's totally fun
and I feel nervous and excited.
There's nothing there but to enjoy it.
The stage is big
and it's a lot more exciting to run around.
The stage is way bigger than the stage for TV.
This is totally exciting.
What are we doing at the audience seat? Watch?
I can't watch it.
The age.
Only 19 year olds and above can watch it today.
Only 19 and above.
She's about to cry.
Above all, just thinking that I'll be left alone here...
I'm wearing Tae Yang bracelet.
I'm wearing it, too.
Is my neck too thick to wear it?
Hey, where are you going?
Bye, Minzy.
What is this?
We'll learn a lot by watching it.
Really, there's a lot to learn from him.
I couldn't watch it.
I'm not 19 yet, I'm still a minor.
Please shoot this.
He keeps imitating me.
When did I do that, G-Dragon?
When did I...
When did I do that?
Then how did you do it?
How can you put your head like...
You do that. You really do that.
I do this.
When did I do this?
How can you do this?
I didn't do it.
He ruined my dance.
Erotic Minzy.
I refuse.
Pretending to be angry, but acting cute. SE7EN
Long time.
You're saying hi today because the camera's around.
Everyone's bullying me today.
That's not true, I'm not like that.
I'm not like that, really.
Then turn the camera off and say hi.
Turn it off, turn it off now.
Everyone's getting it wrong.
I was wondering why she'd approach me smiling.
No, Dae Sung.
It's one of the two.
Either it's your birthday or there's a camera on.
No, please don't get me wrong.
Producer KUSH
Good job, Tae Yang. Good job, Tae Yang.
How was Tae Yang's concert?
It was the best!
It was great.
Just you go.
You two look skinny with that clothes.
I think it looks better...
I lost weight.
What about Minzy?
I'm working on it.
This is really good. Buy it quickly! Buy me one!
I'll buy it.
Wow, hey!
I had fun today.
And please have fun watching my movie.
YG, who's helped me all the way,
YG... YG family,
thank you.
Hello. Planning Hong Su Hyun
Sending our best regards. Head Producer Kim Gi Woong
Organizer. Organizer Han Sung Mi
Please be on time. Organizer/Planning Choi Jae Yeon/Kang Ji Hoon Eom So Young
Writer. Composition Roy's Mom
Please make it fun. Composition Baek Hyo Jung
Tired? MLE Editing Lim Hyun Jae
Me, too.
But let's give our best. Fighting! Total Editing Kim Jae Yoon
Please play nice music in the background. Recording Park Seung Sun
Yes... Music Kim Chang Hyun
Please put nice subtitles. OAP Art Director Kim Tae Ju
So that they can laugh a lot. OAP Design Lee Sung Yoon OAP CG Director Kim Jae Yoon
Go! OAP C.G Park Hye Sun Ju Hyo Jin/Kang Jung Hee
With good sense, Web plan Kim Young Joon/Lee Ji Hyun
please take good care of the homepage, Web Design Kim Jae Yoon
so that a lot of people would come and check it out. Web developer Shim Man Seok
Everyone. Ads Lee Jae Hyang
Everyone, from PR. Marketing Lim Dae Jin
Let's work hard. Administrator Choi Won Jung/Lee Yoon Jung
Thanks for your hard work. Assistant director Park Min Ah/Min Geun
But please shoot me from the right Assistant director Kim Seon U/Kim Eun Hye
We're depending on your good support. Director Lee Sang Yoon
Go, everyone!