How to Swing Dance : Stop Spin Move in Swing Dancing

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2007

Hi! I am Ross on behalf of This is my partner Cindy. We are going to
demonstrate the stop spin. In another segment, we have the stop turn. This will be a variation
of it. It looks totally different; and it is good for you to start thinking about variations,
because all through this change a little item and it can look like a totally different move.
So for the stop spin, I am going to lead her towards me but I am not going to move out
of the way. Since I am not going to move out of the way, I need to stop her momentum, and
I am going to return the momentum to her, and because she has a frame, the energy will
build up and she can use it for her spin. So here, there are three different ways you
can do it, leading her towards me is key, and then when I let her know that we are not
staying connected, she is not passing by, by going to this hand to hand position, and
I am going to push back a little bit, and she is going to use just a spin off. So let’s
try that again, lead her towards me, build and spin and she is really pushing, and that
is a really good frame and using each others energy to help do the move. Let’s try this
with a single step because it is a spin; so you don’t have to take the small steps,
but you could do in triple. Handshake position and single-single rock step, single-single
rock step, leader in, spin her off, rock step and that is the stop spin.