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I To a man who made war
when war was a necessity.
and who now struggles for peace,
when peace has become the goal.
To President Hosni Mubarak
to whom, this film owes its being
In the face of this great tragedy
let's not forget that a nation. .
a people expect us to stand firm
We must have a clear vision of what needs to be done
The late president -
announced he would hold presidential elections
after removing the consequences of the '67 aggression
lf you'll allow me..
The constitution is clear on this matter
You are to stand for the presidency by national poll
No, please
Being vice-president suits me fine
Please discuss the matter
and propose a suitable candidate
Present conditions don't allow for tardiness or chaos -
in the transfer of power
The transition must take place quickly,
and constitutionally
And the constitution states -
that the vice-president be elected -
by national poll within 60 days
It must be done
Nasser was president,
prime minister and president of the Socialist Union
Let's start with the presidency
What do you say, Sabry?
Any views other than Heikal's?
With God's blessing, then
The United Arab Republic has lost ..
The Arab nation has lost ..
Humanity has lost..
a Man ..
most precious
A man ..
most beloved
most brave
and most loyal
President Gamal Abdel Nasser
l previously requested to remain vice-president
But after reviewing the situation
and reading the memorandum of the armed forces
to which l strongly objected
l realized the necessity of quickly taking a poll -
for the presidency
l have one reservation
Please, Anwar, don't take this personally
Do speak frankly, Hussein
l fear the people may refuse to elect you
That would mean they reject the 23 July revolution
as you are one of its symbols
You're right. The people may vote against me
Should that happen I'll ask you to meet
and propose a new candidate
If the people refuse him
we'll meet again and propose another
l must say in all honesty
that l am honoured by the results of the poll
in which over 6 million of you
voted in favour of my election
and over 700thousand
voted against
l pledge ..
to be there,
_or those who voted yes and those who voted no
A nation belongs to all of its people
and its leader is entrusted with their welfare
The void left by Nasser-
cannot be filled by one man
l cannot carry out this mission alone
Therefore future political work
must take place through,
constitutional and political organizations
The mail, sir
There's a formal dinner
in honour of the Secretary of the Foreign Relations Committee
of the Soviet Communist Party
And these..
You read all this stuff and brief me
These piles of paper are what killed Masser, rest his soul
- Finished Anwar? - Finished, teacher
Recite out loud
''Say, naught shall befell us,
but what Allah decrees''
Pronounce it right, son
Befall, with an ''a''
All of you, repeat after me
''Say, naught will befall us,
but what Allah decrees''
-Again - ''Say, naught shall befall us'' ..
l respect ..
the constitution and laws
of the Egyptian Nation
l got the message
Tell them all the lines are out of order
First Lieutenant Anwar Sadat?
I'm Dr. Youssef Rashad, a doctor at the neighbouring unit
- Pleased to meet you - Thank you, sir
l need to make an urgent call to Cairo
I The lines are out of order doctor
Yes, l know that
l hoped you could help me out in someway
My son's very sick and l wanted news of him
Thank you, anyway
Doctor ..
A moment, please
Iím going to try something; l hope it works
l hope so, sir
Stay on the line, please
Here you go, doctor
Take your time; Iíll be outside
l canít thank you enough
No. 2590, please
The English have done nothing for Egypt
They build roads and airports for their military needs
They never built one hospital in the countryside
where half the children die before age 5
and 700/o have Bilharzia
They never developed one well to provide clean water,
or opened one school to the educate millions of illiterate people
Negotiations won't rid us of them
But force will
- Yes, force - Youíre right, Anwar
- What do you think, Gamal? - Iím listening
Brother Gamal has been with us 6 months
He's reserved, never talks or laughs at jokes
One wonders what goes on in his mind
Nothing much
Who's that approaching?
Dr. Youssef Rashad. Welcome
l can't thank you enough. Iíll never forget this favour
What favour? How's your son?
The fever broke, thank God
l made about three calls. Thanks a million, sir
Listen to this joke..
He laughed at last!
This is Hikmat Fahmy's houseboat
This is our patriotic mission?
Just come on
Can this radio be fixed?
It can
Iíll take it home, fix it and send the message
We tried to contact your people before, but failed
There'll be no more failure from now on
I've never met a German so fluent in Arabic
My father's Egyptian
-And this gentleman..? - No ..
He doesn't speak Arabic
But he speaks English
How did you make it to Cairo?
Across the Western Desert,
then through Upper Egypt to here,
dressed as English officers
We're against British colonialism,
and Germany is against Britain
The enemy of_ my enemy is a friend
We'll fight the English together
When we win,
Egypt will gain independence
and you'll have benefited from our help
Our aim is to liberate our country
not replace one colonialist with another
We're allies fighting a common battle
We're agents to no one
Is that clear?
What is it?
Quietly, please. No need to wake the neighbours
Please allow me to dress. Iím an officer
Nothing, sir
We searched the place thoroughly
Iím an officer. Iím entitled to know where Iím being taken?
To the foreigners' prison
Let me remind you of the law
Egyptian officers must be imprisoned in their barracks
guarded by fellow officers
Go on
Keep denying all the way
What if the others confessed? What if Hikmat talked?
- So? We don't know them -They know us
We thought they were English, not German
Back to your places, please
Iím grateful to you officer
l won't be court martialled because of you
Do you know the man called Ebler?
Hussein Ga'afar?
This man recognized you; picked you out from amongst 100 photos
Know him?
Of course. Major Abraham,
a signal officer in the British army
You took a transmitter from him?
Not so
Major Abraham..
remember when we met?
l remember
But l never told you my name was Abraham
l said l was a German named Ebler
lf you had, I'd have reported you immediately
And the houseboat?
What houseboat?
We've confessed to everything
Hikmat confessed
Is there a Hikmat in this too?
There must be some mistake, some misunderstanding
l don't know what he's talking about
Iím sorry to inform you -
of the royal decree-
that you be stripped of your rank -
and dismissed from service -
Did they let you out?
l escaped from El-Minia prison. How are you?
They keep moving me from prison to prison
They treat me badly so l went on a food strike to come here
All the parties intervened and got their members released,
except those imprisoned under British orders
Hassan, how many guards are outside?
Dr. Ismail!
Call the doctor, he's dying!
Dr. Ismail!
We've received the following announcement
Police continue their search for escaped political prisoners
Several have been arrested
The search continues
This is Cairo
Where are we taking the goods, boss?
The English camp in Darasa
This food's going to the British?
Yes, the British
If the Germans come Iíll sell them vegetables and meat, too
That's my job
Iím no national hero
Does that bother you?
l guess the English need to eat too
Just my luck
First l deliver marble to the palace, now food to the British
What're you muttering about?
Nothing, chief
Damn you and the King and the British
Salam, chief
Salam. May God protect you
Anwar! My son!
My brother!
Welcome home, dear
God only knows what l went through to send you cash monthly
You're very kind
Last time you saw me l was fugitive, Ikbal
l couldn't come see you as the place was being watched
Iíve come now that all charges have been dropped
l came to see you and the kids, Ikbal
You're very kind
You've suffered much because of me
You brought it upon yourself
You're right. l won't put you through more suffering
You'll receive your allowance at the start of each month
Youíre too kind
Today l shall speak about love
Love is an important factor in our lives
There are three ways to get a woman's love
The first is to conquer her
Some may be angered that l speak of Egypt as a woman
and Great Britain as a man
We assure the British that we are their allies
l shall even go so far as to say -
we would've supported them -
even if they were not fighting for right
Our marriage to them is a Catholic one,
meaning no divorce
- Peace upon you - Peace and God's mercy
How are you, Hassan?
Hello, Anwar
Hussein Tewfik, from Al-Fuad secondary school
Mahmoud Yehia Murad Faculty of Engineering, Fuad University
Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel, Faculty of Law
How can Amin Osman descend to such a level?
The English are working to make him prime minister
- He'll destroy the patriots - That's their aim
- We wonít allow that - Of course not.
Let's kill him
- That won't achieve anything - On the contrary
He's only one man. Kill him and his vision dies
It'll be a lesson to anyone who dares support the English
Setting up such an operation needs a lot
All available
Well, Anwar?
Should we let Amin Osman crush the national movement?
He says the ties between us and,
Britain are a Catholic marriage
We must prove then,
that if a marriage does exist, it's a common law one
and that divorce is inevitable
With God's blessing
Four teas and one hookah here!
Iíll be the one who shoots Amin Osman
Amin Pasha
Amin Pasha has been murdered!
Amin Pasha has been murdered!
Come with us
Who are you?
Political Police
Got a warrant?
We have the D.A. himself
Kamel Bey El-Gawish
Get up, boy
We got the goods on you this time
Your friend Hussein Tewfik confessed
and led us to the weapons cache
Iím glad Hussein Tewfik confessed
Now who might he be?
Your colleague in the group that killed Amin Osman
In the name of Allah! Amin Osman was killed?!
- He was a patriot - You know he wasn't
He was with the English from the start
Then why does his death bother you?
Why d'you want me to confess to something l didn't do?
Alright, we killed him. What's it to you?
l want you to state that before the D.A.
Come, now; l never spoke a word to you; have some mercy
Did you wire this to the Attorney General?
- Your requests? - That you be replaced
You're maltreating me
- l? - Yes
Iím under your thumb 24 hours a day
yet you choose to interrogate me at 2 a.m.
to force me to confess to a charge Iím innocent of
Why, l don't know
You stated in your wire-
that you were being tortured
Were you really exposed to physical torture?
You answer that
You and your colleague had a ball beating me up
- Me? -Thatís right, play dumb
By God, if you beat me again
Iíll ask that the Attorney General personally-
investigate the matter
- l .. Captain, l.. - Please, Tewfik Bey
Iíll hear your statement later
Any traces of this torture on your body?
They're pros. They know how to do it without leaving a mark
lf you'd questioned me this morning you'd have seen traces
Why would Hussein Tewfik confess against you?
The country's full of groups, all at each others' throats
Maybe it's in someone's interest to destroy me
Take this down
Did you kill Amin Osman?
- Witnesses saw you at the scene - Not so
- Is this your gun? - No
The bullet that killed him was shot from this gun
-All the evidence points to you - No
- Did you kill him? - No
Tell Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel to stand firm -
and keep denying
Come with me, Anwar Bey
Where to?
You've complained of our ill treatment -
so the Attorney General is moving you somewhere nicer
- Where? -Armidan prison
Solitary confinement, you lucky guy
My God! Cell 54
What on earth did you do?
Don't you start, too
In with you, then
What is it?
No. 54
Hussein Tewfik escaped
After reviewing the evidence
the court duly sentences
the accused Hussein Tewfik Ahmed
to ten years of hard labour
The court duly sentences the accused -
Mahmoud Yehia Murad,
Mahmoud Mohamed El-Gohary,
Omar Hussein Abu Aly,
and El Sayed Abdel Aziz Khamis
to 5 yearsí imprisonment
and declares not guilty
Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat
and Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel
Long live justice! Long live justice!
The court rejects the civil suits raised against -
Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, and Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel
Welcome back, Anwar; welcome back, my friend
- Waiting for me? - Iím not here for the fresh air
Letís get to the car
- Don't say this is your car - It certainly is
Some changes have taken place; Iíll fill you in later
- You've turned capitalist? - No, but Iím trying
You're coming with me to Suez for a few days' rest
Then we'll decide what to do
l won't stand any argument. Let's go
You're not here to give me a ride, but to arrest me!
Take it any way you like. Let's go
- l can't come just like that - Iíve made arrangements
We'll go downtown, buy a couple of suits, then off to Suez
Solitary confinement in cell 54
was a painful experience, Hassan
But it was beneficial, too
It gave me a chance to really think of what l was doing
Will the country really benefit from what we do?
Will some random killings rid us of the English?
And if we do kick them out will our problems be solved?
Not at all.
The regime we live under-
is worse than colonialism itself
Look, Anwar
Iíve settled this matter with myself
The thing l defend today is my family, yet Iím no traitor
What will the country gain if Iím ruined?
You were inches away from the hangman's noose
Less than that.
All that time alone in my cell,
l felt that noose around my neck
Do you have guests at your place in Suez?
Don't worry
Only my mother-in-law, my wife,
and a relative of hers, Jihan
Welcome, welcome, Anwar Effendi
Welcome back
- Congratulations on the verdict - Thank you
Anwar's staying with us for a few days
Looks like Hassan's back
Jin, guess whoís outside?
These beans need more lemon and a dash of cumin
Look dear, we don't need your expertise
Whoís with you?
Anwar Sadat
Iím a building engineer,
an expert on cement mixes; l know about bean mixes too
Iím Jihan
- Iím Anwar - You are Anwar Sadat
l read everything written about you in the papers
Lucky you
l was forbidden newspapers and magazines
- Sorry - Never mind
That's what they call ''Fruit cocktail welcome''
This mango is Alphonse?
May l walk with you?
It would be an honour
Even though my mother's English?
But your father's Egyptian
You're descended from the greatest civilization in history
You and l should be proud of that
If we kick out the English
I The Palace will take over and some petty parties
unrelated to the people
The real starting point is a total change of political system
How? That's the question
- Want a piece of caramel? - Yes
- Want half? - l have another one
There's another question
What's the role of individuals and groups?
Iíve been through hell
Lost my job, got thrown out of the service
l lost my home and have 3 daughters
Now l just don't know-
what to do or where to go
Cheer up, Anwar
Have you run out of talk?
Well, of course
You've let me do all the talking for a week
Say something, just one word
- l love you - What?
l love you
What if l asked you to say more?
l love you very much
l love you very much, Anwar
lf you want me, go ask daddy for my hand
l love you
Sorry, Jin
l couldn't buy you a birthday present
l have a legitimate excuse
l can sing you a song
l wish l were a bird, to hover round you
Wherever you'd go Iíd keep you in my sight
Iíd let no one , no one but me
come near you
But l wish..
- Go on, Anwar -That's enough
That girl's always been stubborn
She's mature for her age
When she puts her mind to something she does it
Her parents will refuse
and problems will start
What is it, Anwar?
Jihan, l am..
Iím 14years older than you
Subtract the years you lost in prison -
and you won't be much older than me
Iím still married and have children
That's your affair. l accept the situation
Iíll be a mother to your children and give you another dozen
- Iím out of work - You'll find work
l know you'll work with Hassan
l have nothing
You will have, Anwar
Get it through your head, l love you
- Look, Hassan - Listen ..
Let's be practical. We need a white lie
We'll say Anwar owns land and a home in the village -
which bring in a good income
No, please
l lied a lotto save my neck
But l can't start life with Jihan with a white lie
All l possess is my strength and my mind
Many happy returns, Anwar
Many happy returns
Many happy returns to you all
Anwar Sadat spent a lot of time in prison
What if you marry and two days later, he gets arrested?
That wonít do. First he must leave politics altogether
Politics, Raouf?
He's 1 5 years older than Jihan
- He's married with kids - But l love him
Love fades; only the problems remain
Does that mean you won't let me see him?
l forbid it
l can never marry someone you and dad don't approve of
Nevertheless, Iíll marry no one but Anwar Sadat
Are you thinking with your heart or your head?
My heart and my head are one
- Invite him to tea, then - Really, Mum?
That doesn't mean Iíve consented
Looks like you're starting to give in
l want to confront him; to be democratic.
The not guilty verdict; doesn't it mean you can return to service?
Iím trying
But you know Iím on the blacklist now
- Sugar? -Two, please
under the present system you need contacts
Even if l agree to that where would l get them?
Nothing wrong with pulling some strings,
especially when you're in the right
- Anwar Effendi - Your servant, Madam
What d'you think of Churchill?
Churchill is a great man
Why d'you say that?
He defended his country against the world's toughest military power
But ..
To me, as an Egyptian
he's a mere thief
Certainly, Madam
He who usurps a nation's riches and independence is a thief
That is the talk of extremist Egyptians ..
Fanatics, Anwar Effendi
Frankly madam, that's my opinion
It makes no difference to me who agrees or differs
- You hate the English? - Not at all
Only when they dress as soldiers, carry guns and shoot at me
The English people are something else
Their culture, their civilisation; l respect that
- You like English literature? - Certainly
- What have you read? - From Shakespeare, to Shaw ..
But l truly admire Charles Dickens
You like Dickens?
What a coincidence; same as you
But l still can't consent to this marriage
You must give up politics first
Iím afraid for Jihan
Promise me
l promise
l hope no one sees you in that uniform,
they might report you as a fraud
Never fear
Nobody gets arrested on their wedding day
Jihan, Iím a son of the Egyptian army
Lucky you; your bride's a beauty
What's he telling you?
Something he says to all newlyweds
Jihan.. breakfast
We're having dinner out tonight
Do we ever eat in?
But l long for a home cooked meal, to test you
Iíll pass the test
By God, if she goes home to her mother she won't be back
Divorce her, man! Iíve been married three times
l marry and divorce, marry and divorce
Rest assured. We'll hand in the work on time
Please do. We've a lot more coming in and Iím busy
You'll have to see to it
- l need money, Hassan -At your service
Itís been two months now; l don't know where l stand
Anwar, you received your due and more
As your clerk or as a partner?
Am l not your partner?
Wait till we finish the Koum Hamada job; we'll discuss it then
Here.. it's 10 pounds
Put it in your pocket
No, Hassan; l have money
Iím not going to Koum Hamada till we settle our accounts
The conversations l hear at the coffee shop!
Men simply divorce their wives
and throw them in the street, like cigarette butts
Then they remarry and divorce again
Are there no laws in this country to protect women?
Nor to protect men
What's wrong, Anwar?
Tired, that's all
No ..
You're sad
Jihan, we're moving to Cairo
Iím not working with Hassan Ezzat anymore
Iíll look for work; perhaps my old job at Dar El-Hilal
Here's the rent,
and your other family's allowance,
90 piasters for electricity,
25forthe doorman ..
Anwar, we have areal shortage this month
We need 260 piasters more
What will we do?
Itís in God's hands, Jihan
Welcome, welcome, daddy
Hello, dear
There was no need to trouble yourself
We have everything we need
Itís just a little something
l want my palm read, Anwar
l can read it for you
Please? It'll only cost a piaster
Excuse me
This is an English/Arabic palm. Can you read English?
The language of the palm is one
You are going to become a famous lady in Egypt
- Famous meaning what? - Like a queen
See, Anwar!
For one piaster you made her a queen!
What would you make her for a shilling, queen of England?
Can l read your palm?
Your palm is clearer; Iíll read it for half a piaster
l know my future; she's going to be a queen, what will l be?
Go on, now
Go on, thank you
- l can't go on, Anwar - We're just on the fourth floor
What kind of queen would you make?
Iíll put an elevator in this building
-Then we'll move out - Why?
We'll live in a palace , Koba, Abdeen, Tahra .. take your choice
Manial palace, so l can be near Mum
Good evening, Anwar Effendi
- Queens don't sit on stairs - l can't go on
Is something wrong, Anwar?
Show me
Show me; whoís this?
Youssef Rashad
He used to be my colleague
Now he's a member of the King's Court
Speak to him
- About? - Putting you back in the army
It would not please me to see you an officer in the Egyptian army
You're an example of insubordination
an example of negligence, disorderliness
You're not worth two farthings as an officer
What's your problem, man?
What can you have to say?
Ibrahim Pasha..
Return this gentleman to the army today
then send him away from Cairo
to Al-Arish, Rafah, any damn place
You've no idea how grateful l am
Congratulations, Anwar
Thank you
- Call me as soon as you get there -Alright
As soon as you get settled, call me and Iíll come right away
l don't want to stay at mum's for too long
And l donít want to be alone, alright, Anwar?
Alright, Jihan
We've heard about your work with the resistance in Arish
Send in a request at once-
demanding the promotions you missed while in jail
D'you think theyíll agree?
Just send the request; we have contacts on the committee
Iíll do that
l wanted to talk to you about our organization,
The Free Officers
The old movements were all emotional as you know
True, they did some courageous things
but on a limited scale, with no real political effects
Well, that was all they could do at the time
We're taking things slowly,
working to complete our network
Our biggest concern is the welfare of the movement
We want you to join us, Anwar
- We certainly need you with us - l am with you
Allow me to introduce Colonel Anwar Sadat
You all know his history in the national movement
l request your consent to his joining -
the founding committee of the Free Officers
Go ahead, Anwar
l understand that the members of the movement are also the founders
Why didn't you recruit him from the start?
He was out of the army; otherwise he'd have been my first choice
Personally l welcome the choice; the decision is yours
Letís take a vote
The question now is not whether the King stays or not
The question is, when will he be deposed?
D'you think he's behind the fire?
Quite possible;
he wants his enemies in jail and the cabinet removed
His only choice was to burn down the city
What happens now?
The fire will spread to the throne
Careful, Anwar. You're talking politics
Everyone's talking politics today
Tell me, Anwar
Have you received such pamphlets before?
So no one knows who the members of this movement are?
l can't believe that any officer in the army-
could be disloyal to His Majesty
All our sources confirm -
the existence of an army movement called The Free Officers
Is that certain?
Quite. We're also certain -
that they'll try to contact you
l donít think so
All the officers know Iím very careful now
the King is very upset
Why should he be?
Itís obvious they're a bunch of frustrated intellectuals
lf they were dangerous would they just write pamphlets?
lf they were planning something they'd work in silence
The Palace is certain that this movement exists
Itís not just a group of people writing pamphlets
But we have no information about it or its members
The situation dictates that we move quickly
We stand a good chance in the Officers' Club elections
All the officers linked to the Palace must be voted out
Itís a chance to test the strength of the Free Officers
An insolent challenge to the Palace and government
It must be answered twofold
Don't you see the hands of the boys calling themselves..
the Free Officers in this?
Cancel the election results
- Sir? - Finished
We're moving into the danger area, Abdel Hakim
The King's enraged; he's going to change the cabinet
We hear he's going to make Hussein Sirry Minister of War
That one will destroy us all
We must act quickly
Tonight we'll decide zero hour and send for Sadat
Why are you back?
Iím on a secret mission and didn't have time to call
What mission?
l realized l miss you
So l decided to come and tell you so
But why didn't you call?
Tell you l miss you over the phone? All the phones are tapped
Now listen
Tonight you're my guest-
for dinner, the movies and ice cream
Nasser and Abdel Hakim will call and you'll cancel everything
That will not happen
Excuse me .. your fez .. l can't see
- What are you doing? - l can't see
Have some manners!
Are you going up to see Officer Sadat?
He went out with his wife
''Meet me at Abdel Hakim's''
Give him this as soon as he returns
Don't forget; as soon as he returns
Yes, sir
Give yourself up!
Take him .. shoot!
What is it? Who are you?
Colonel Youssef Sidiq, sir
The communist
Are you in your right mind, officer?
- Yes sir - Stand at attention!
Yes, sir, but you're all under arrest
Anwar Effendi
A gentleman came to see you twice and left this
What is it, Anwar?
What are you doing in uniform?
What are you up to with Nasser and Abdel Hakim?
You promised daddy you'd keep out of politics
l kept away, but politics wouldn't keep away from me
Sorry; something stronger than myself is pushing me
Whereto, l don't know
Can't you live without danger?
Iím Colonel Anwar Sadat
The password
- Call someone in charge - Not allowed, sir
- It's .. - Not allowed, sir
Abdel Hakim!
This is Anwar Sadat
Let him pass, Hussein
Come on up, Anwar
Yes, Gamal?
Thank God
Great, great
Who's calling, sir?
No, sir
The Minister of War wants the night duty officer
A moment, sir, Iíll connect you
Yes, sir?
Gun shots?
No sir, we heard nothing
Armoured vehicles, too?
No sir
We've seen nothing out of the ordinary
Everything's quiet here
Yes, sir
This is announcement no.1 , sir
Yes, fine
Who's going to broadcast it?
Colonel Anwar Sadat,
speaks good Arabic and has a good voice
In the name of God; let's begin the meeting
Fellow countrymen
Egypt has seen trying times in her recent history,
of corruption, bribery and unsettled rule
These factors greatly affected the armed forces
Bribe takers and corrupt officials caused -
our defeat in the Palestine War
As for the period following the war
corruption became rife
and traitors conspired against the armed forces
Command was given to the corrupt and ignorant
so that Egypt-
would have no army to defend her
Therefore ..
we within the army have purged ourselves
and put ourselves under the command of men -
we trust
known for their morals and patriotism
There is no doubt that all of Egypt-
will receive this news
with open arms and rejoicing
Long live Egypt
-Am l on trial, Gamal? - No
You'll just answer a few questions. l am with you
Be seated
Were you a member of the Royal Iron Guard?
All my dealings were approved by the Free Officers
Were you paid a salary by the Royal Iron Guard?
l was the eye of the Free Officers, not the opposite
Whatís our re1ationship wÏth Youssef Rashad_
He's an old acquaintance
An old acquaintance .. the King's personal doctor,
and very close to him
Dr. Youssef Rashad was an officer in the army; so was l
Did you receive any cash payments?
Shame on you to ask such a question
l ask, you answer
Did you or didn't you?
The man answered
On July 22 you were informed the revolution would start
Despite that you did not participate, right?
l have never shunned any patriotic duty
My history is well known
The Revolutionary Council will bear witness to that
- Why did you go to the Cinema? - l like it
You told me zero hour would be between July 22toAugust 5
How was l to know it would be that night?
l learned of it when Gamal left a message at my home
l ran straight to Council headquarters
l did my duty; shame on you
When l was treated unjustly by the Palace and army command
l never felt as oppressed as l do now
Because you're my closest friends,
my kin, my whole history
Don't make a big deal of it
Itís mere procedure
Most of the council members went through this too
They questioned you and you replied
Itís over.. not guilty
This is the one not guilty verdict Iím not happy about
Not guilty..!
Don't let such petty matters bother you
Iím worried, Gamal
The conflicts within the Council are making me nervous
Don't worry; Iíll settle those conflicts when the time's right
Removal of Mohamed Naguib
- Morning - Good morning
Signed, Gamal Abdel Nasser
The issue is clear-cut; it's either total democracy
and complete political freedom,
or the Revolutionary Council
Democracy? Should we put the country into corrupt hands again?
Let the people rule
The people will never rule
It will be the parties who sold themselves-
to the English and the King and ruined the country
The concept of democracy is ahead of its time
We have two paths before us
The path of democracy is well known
The second choice was mentioned by Gamal El-Din Afghani
when he wrote about ''The enlightened tyrant''
What we need is enlightened control
When we achieve our aims for the country, welcome to democracy
Will you keep philosophizing and monopolize the meeting?
l see no contradiction between the revolution and democracy
Either we implement revolution ourselves, which l don't advise,
or we implement democracy in all its forms
Full-fledged democracy has its risks
Mohamed Naguib is the source of all these rumours
He always objected to our decisions, only wants to remain president
Excuse me, gentlemen
This is a power-of-attorney from me to Nasser
regarding any issue out before the Council
Excuse me, Gamal
We must review the dangers of democracy
Where have you gone?
Iím right here
No you're not
Has something happened?
Would you like to live in Lebanon?
Itís a beautiful quiet country
Iím exhausted
After all you and your colleagues achieved..
banishing the King..
you say you're exhausted?
Isn't this what you dreamed of all your life?
A long time ago l read a phrase l didn't understand
But now l do
What phrase?
When you dream, don't dream too hard
Dream cautiously, for your dream might come true
My dream did come true
and l awoke..
to a horrible reality
some of my colleagues set out on the night of July 23
with their lives on the line
After coming to power l was shocked -
to see them grabbing what they could
Not just that; their time is spent in intrigue -
and petty struggles
You, people of Alexandria who have long struggled
as your fathers struggled
You whose brothers were martyred
Today l celebrate with you the day of freedom
The day of dignity; the day of pride
Stay in your places
Men, stay in your places
My blood is yours, my life is yours
Get to headquarters at once; This is impossible citizens
This is Gamal Abdel Nasser speaking to you
The people's court will pass sentence on acts of treason
or any acts undermining the welfare of the nation locally and abroad
in addition to any acts against the present system of government
or the principles of the revolution
The court will penalize the above
either by death, life sentence,
or imprisonment for a term befitting the crime
Is this Anwar Sadat's house?
Yes, who's calling?
That's not important
Your husband is going to be killed -
for his doings at the people's court
Whatís wrong, Jihan?
They're going to kill you, Anwar!
Calm down, wipe your tears and tell me what happened
He's been calling all day, asking for you
He says he's going to kill you
lf a person wants to kill Someone
does he call to warn him first?
Be sensible, now
Anwar, Iím scared
We must find away to protect you
Jihan, let me tell you something
When my time comes nothing can delay it
''Wherever you may be death will reach you -
even to the loftiest towers''
No one can escape death. Life is in God's hands
Are you sure you want to learn how to shoot?
Better not
Aim at the target with firm hand; close your left eye
l can't do it
Why do want to learn how to shoot?
To be able to defend you
l have a better solution. If someone attacks me, just scream
-That's much easier - Iím not joking!
This is the best news l could ever print
''Today, Independence and Republic Day''
''Nasser raises the Egyptian flag over the Suez Canal''
''The departure of British troops from Egypt''
Hey, Hassan, are you crying?
Like us, he dreamt of independence all his life
At last he's living this great moment
Congratulations, Hassan
In the name of the nation
Presidential decree:
The nationalization of the Suez Canal Maritime Co.
Nasser has certainly gone down in history
But Iím afraid of the consequences
l don't understand
The West can't afford to lose the canal,
and we're not prepared for war
Will there be war?
God protect us
God is Great, greater than the aggressor.
Ally of the oppressed
With righteousness and with my weapon l shall defend my country,
the light of truth bursting from my hands
What news, Dr. Magdy?
The motherís fine, thank God
The boy weighs 3 pounds
He was born 2 and a half months prematurely
His chances of survival are less than 500/o
Whereís the child?
In the oxygen tent
Donít tell Jihan the bad news
Iíll break it to her myself
- Congratulations -Thank you
Have you seen him?
Yes; but our daughter's much prettier
What will we call him?
Safwat, after your dad, didn't you say so?
That was before the war
We're going to call him Gamal
After Gamal Abdel Nasser. What d'you say?
As you wish
- Iím worried - Why, sir?
The president has the situation under control
Think so?
He's condemned Israel, closed the strait of Aqaba-
and dismissed the International police
And he did it with full confidence
D'you think he has a defence treaty with the Russians?
Perhaps. Or he might have some other surprise up his sleeve
- Did you hear the explosions? - l heard
- Has the war begun? - Looks like it
Shall l go get the kids from the club?
They're in no danger
Let the army teach Israel a lesson she won't forget
June 5, 1967
This is a historic day, Jihan
We received the following announcement
Our ground defences succeeded in downing -
two Israeli Mirage planes,
bringing the total of downed Israeli planes to 9O
God is Great! God is Great!
Did you hear, Anwar? We've downed 90 planes so far!
How many of ours did they down?
The losses are usually in the range of 200/o
That means they attacked with 500 planes
90 were downed; what damage did the remaining 400 do?
But why would they lie to the people?
Governments usually lie when there's a disaster
- Meaning we.. - Yes
Yes, Jihan
That's what the foreign media is saying
You say all your planes were bombed while on land?
- What's your plan now? - Withdrawal
l can't let the boys be destroyed
What's your withdrawal plan?
l told them to withdraw
Told them to withdraw?
Thatís the plan?
They're going to retreat in destructive chaos!
What's it to you?
How dare you interfere in my work?
l say to you in all honesty
that despite any factors
on which l may have based my stand during the crisis,
l am now prepared-
to bear full responsibility
l have taken a decision
which requires your support
l have decided to resign completely ..
and permanently
from all official positions
and any political role
and to return to the ranks of the people
and amongst them do my duty as an ordinary citizen
Why have you neglected your home and children?
All of Egypt has taken to the streets
You have a duty to your children and husband
We're at war; the president has resigned
Your home is more important; look to your family, Jihan
Now, now, kids.. quiet
Keep the kids quiet
What is it?
Anwar, what's wrong?
What is it?
My arm.. it's gone numb
Stay, for you are the remaining hope
for a people's tomorrow
You are bounty, you are the light
in the face of a people's plight
Following is the text of President Nasser's letter
to the president of the National Assembly
l hoped that the nation would help me -
in implementing my decision to resign
Words fail me amidst the tumult of emotions-
overflowing my whole being
In all honesty l say to you
and beg you to inform members of the National Assembly
that my decision was built upon conviction
At the same time, the voice of my people
is to me an imperative command
Therefore l have decided to remain in office
as my people wish
Gamal Abdel Nasser
- Yes, Mr. President? -Anwar..
Gamal, are you there?
Is something wrong?
Abdel Hakim's dead
He committed suicide; l just got the news
There's no God but Allah!
Yet if l were in his place on June 5 Iíd have done the same
My condolences
l want you to come over
Yes, l will
Rest in peace, Abdel Hakim
Rest in peace
Why are you late?
- There were some cabinet changes - Is it done?
Itíll be in the papers tomorrow
And of course..
Of course what?
l know what you want to say
That Iím not in the new cabinet
l never said that
Know what l want, Jihan?
Iíd like to rejoin the army
and take part in the war, the war of attrition -
Itís the noblest war of all
l thank God Iím not involved in their conflicts
l don't like conflict..
except on my terms
You could be Commander-in-Chief
Iím attending the Arab summit in Morocco
and as you know, the risks are many
No one can foresee his end
That's why l want you to be sworn in as Vice-President
l would hold my post at your command
l can't see myself as Vice-President
You can appoint me as an advisor, or anything else
Tomorrow you take the oath
That's a command
Very well, not because of the risks you mentioned
but because it's your wish
- Whatís that? -Transcripts of the tapes, sir
What tapes?
Phone conversations of certain persons under surveillance
And who are those persons?
Itís routine procedure, sir, to ...
You might find some conversations quite amusing, sir
D'you think l have time for amusement?
- Hafez - Sir
Draw a presidential decree banning all phone surveillance -
except by court order
Yes, sir
So, you have thousands working at this
in order to hear who said what and to whom
l shall personally set fire to all those tapes
Egypt is entering the era of freedom
She'll open her doors wide to the free world
Because Egypt is free
The Egyptians are a free people
Take them away, Sami
This is nonsense
Itís an initiative for surrender
Itís almost the same as Dayan's initiative
Israel wants an Israeli initiative to agree to
Open the canal, they say!
That'll be the day!
Show me
Itís better to get things moving, people
Gamal accepted the Rogers initiative -
because it was American in origin,
and more binding to America than to us
Iím prepared to accept Dayan's initiative
because it's identical to the Rogers initiative
and therefore more binding to Dayan and America
And you want to announce that in a speech -
before the National Assembly and the whole world,
prior to our consent
Itís the American way!
Come, Aly
We said the initiative would make Israel -
withdraw from the waterline
after it built the Bar-Lev line
Right, General?
It would ensure our setting foot east of the Canal
lf l could put 12 men in uniform over there
even if they're trench diggers, Iíll have achieved much
Those words will give the people a big shock
We can't be sure of the peopleís reaction
Is that a piece of advice, a prophecy or a warning?
Itís an opinion based on experience
Sir.. your speech after amendments
Anwar, all our friends ask me
''Why does the President let those men rule
and allow them convince the people-
that they're running the country?''
They say you're just a figurehead, like the Queen of England
What if you saw them today crossing out this -
and adding that without taking my opinion at all
Jihan, pack my bag
Are you traveling?
Iím going to Moscow
If they give me weapons
Aly Sabry's position will weaken
If they don't..
My position will be hopeless
Don't say that
l want no one to know of my trip till after my departure
- Why not? - No questions
What does he mean by this new initiative?
Calm down, Sabry
First l learn of it is from the papers and you say calm down?
Who advised him to do it?
Who's running this country?
All of us either opposed this or didn't know of it
He's playing president
He's not up to it
The Central Committee must meet as soon as he returns-
and put an end to this farce
- Did you check the lamps? - All working, madam
You know, Jin?
l long to make Egypt a socialist country like Austria
Remember the chicken we ate in the Viennese suburbs
They were this big!
The biggest chickens in the world
How are you, Heikal?
You missed seeing me give them a true picture of themselves
Just like they used to bug Gamal, rest his soul,
till they killed him
Ah, Heikal .. for 5 hours l nagged like a fishwife
How can they give me planes
on condition that they remain over there?
And when l get bombed they fly them from there!
What kind of president would l be?
Iíd get bombed then go ask for my planes?
l told them they were putting me two steps behind Israel
When America gave Israel the Phantom jets
Did Israel have to ask permission -
to use them?
This is insolence
l didn't stand silent
Anyway l got some pretty good results
Iím not talking about one plane or one tank
but an agreement binding to both parties
A political agreement
Yes, the speech
No, Iím going to make the speech on television
Iím not going to any meetings ..
They're sons of..
Anyway, Heikal
Iím going to go on television
and make my speech to the whole nation
On television
Does he think he's president for real?
He's a mere feather; one puff could blow him away
Sadat's a sly one
He could sell us all to the Americans
He can't do a thing without our help
no matter how hard he tries or imagines himself president
We could besiege him in a second
The army, Central Committee and the media are under our control
l warned you!
What could we do, arrest him?
First we must tighten the noose, deprive him of any power
Hussein El-Shafie left the circle of conflict
after insisting on his right to the presidency
being the oldest member of the Revolutionary Council
Itís Sabry we should fear now
He is an experienced strategist and planner
having been Nasser's office manager,
and an ex-prime minister
At present he's Secretary of the Socialist Union
Are they trying to scare me with the Socialist Union?
Itís about time someone burst that balloon
He holds all the keys to power in the state
Fawzi has command of the army
Sha'rawi has the Interior Ministry and the Youth Organization
And Sami Sharaf is Minister of Cabinet Affairs
and supervises the Republican Guard
They're trying to bind me hand and foot
But in the end, legitimacy is on your side
And the army?
l don't think the army will interfere in an internal struggle
l know what position General Sadek will take
He believes that any military activity at present -
will lead to a bigger catastrophe than the '67 defeat
Meaning he shares your opinion
He's Chief of Staff
Not one tank or soldier can make a move without his order
And Leithy?
He's Commander of the Republican Guard
You must speak to him
The issue must emerge from being a struggle for power -
to become a struggle for democracy
- You mean.. - Exactly ..
that those people are against the democracy you want to implement
Look, Leithy
Iím officially informing you that Iíve rescinded earlier orders
that the guard are only to move at my orders or Sami Sharaf's
The new orders are: You take orders only from me, understood
All l beg of you, sir, is to do your best -
to avoid a confrontation with them
What if ..
l will do my duty under legitimacy & the constitution for the President
What are you waiting for?
For them to imprison or kill you?
They have everything
The Armed Forces, Ministry of Interior, Intelligence,
and the sole political party is in their hands
What do you have, Anwar?
That's the only thing that's keeping them back
Calm down, Jihan
O Sadat, O Sadat! Nasser's gone, look where we're at!
O Sadat, O Sadat! Nasser's gone, look where we're at!
In the name of God..
In the name of God..
O Sadat, O Sadat! Nasser's gone, look where we're at!
In the name of God
Before l begin my speech in this arena
in which we used to hear Gamal Abdel Nasser speak
Let us stand a minute's silence in his memory
We are proceeding on our way after Nasser's departure
as we agreed and as the people have chosen
l want to speak frankly about the competence of leadership
specifically political decision making
Gamal said, and l echo his words
The people are the teacher;
They are the leader
The people are immortal
The people are the true masters of this country
It is they, along with the armed forces
who will fight the battle of life
with all its responsibilities
and sacrifices
l thank God
that l and my comrades of this generation
are seeing Nasser's dream come true
Nasser is not dead
Nasser is not dead for we are all Nasser
In all honesty l say
Nasser is not dead
For in Egypt there are ..
40 million Nassers
No individual or group has the right -
No individual or group has the right, irrespective of -
this individual or group
to claim for themselves a separate authority
or stronghold from which
to dictate to the masses
from which to form centres of power
and force their will upon this people
Certain centres of power want to inherit Nasser
The true heirs of Nasser
are those for whom he lived and died ..
The Egyptian workers and peasants
l will not allow any power-
to dictate to the people
l will not allow any power-
to dictate to the people
The people along with Gamal dissolved all the centres of power
to become masters of their own fate
Peace and God's blessings upon you
Iíve decided to depose Aly Sabry
Certain people will come to you in Moscow
Saying this decision is a hostile act towards Russia
That this decision is against your interests
Don't believe them
lf you have a friend..
Tell my friend Brezhnev ..
lf you have a friend in Egypt
Itís Anwar Sadat
Anwar Sadat
He deposed me today
Tomorrow he'll knock you all over the heads
You donít want to make a move; you don't know how
Calm down, sir. We need to study the consequence of any action
Are you going to do something or not?
We'll do something
When he visits the reclamation project
Itíll be his last visit
Suppose he goes on television and makes a speech?
He can incite the people against us
He'll never make it to the studio
Have you planned for that?
The guards will ban him from entering and arrest him
A president banned from entering the television studios?
This is a conspiracy
Get me Heikal
Better not, sir. The phone's tapped for sure
And his, too
Have Noha go call Heikal
Prepare a decree deposing the Interior Minister
Yes, sir
- Leith_ - Yes, sir
Iím in certain danger; l have information of a plot against me
A plot?
When people get together and decide to ban -
the president from the Television building it's conspiracy
All those involved must stand trial
Certainly, sir. They must be arrested at once
The problem is, they're ministers and high officials
- Are you with me on this? - Need you ask, sir?
- It's my duty - l was sure of that
Fawzi has all the names. Wait for my signal
Yes, sir
Sorry to disturb, sir. But radio broadcasting has been interrupted
They're playing patriotic ballads
What is this, Sami?
A mass resignation from the speaker of the people's assembly
ministers of defence and information
Minister of cabinet affairs, members of the Central Committee
and the High Executive Committee
Iím sorry sir; they announced it just now on television
They want to create a constitutional crisis
Why didn't you tell us earlier, Ashraf?
They banned me from leaving my office
The Minister of Defence also handed in -
his resignation
As did Minister of Information
as did a large number of members-
from the Central committee of the Socialist Union
All these resignations have been handed in -
to the president
And as president l accept your resignations
l was facing a huge problem and they solved it for me
They want to create a constitutional void
hoping to mobilize the masses with them
Here, Hafez
- Leithy - Sir
- Make your move now - Yes, sir
They should be tried for political stupidity
Had they announced my resignation the outcome could be different
But itís too late
They've resigned; they have the right to do so
l accepted their resignation; as is my right
We'll see whose side the masses take
Come out, come out, Sadat!
Come out, come out, Sadat!
With our lives and blood weíd defend you, Sadat
Ridding government of the centres of power doesn't mean it's over
But theyíre all gone, sir
The president means the campus demonstrations
Mere theatrics; besides they've been contained
Not mere theatrics, Mar'eie but enthusiastic youth
Certain people made use of their enthusiasm; we should too
How, Osman?
Instead of Marxism, Nasserism, existentialism and all that
- let's go back to religion - Why, are we pagans?
Sir, l meant making use of an existing religious power
- Like? -The Muslim Brotherhood
You know that there's no love lost between them and the system
There's no constant in politics, Mar'eie
Let's look into Osman's point of view
Omar Telmisany, Iím going to let you and the Brotherhood -
engage in politics with complete freedom,
and with my personal support
Iím trying to implement freedom in the country
Religious Current, like political ones,
have the freedom to work and find support
But on one condition and don't say l didnít warn you
First, l want no insolence towards me
Second, stay within limits and remember who gave you this freedom
get rid of those communist kids, the Nasserites
You'll find them on campuses, unions..
after that you may do as you please
Osman pasha gave me to understand-
That there's no guarantee to all this but your word
l just let you out of prison and you talk of guarantees?
Listen to him, Osman
He's started
Mr. Podgorny expresses his Concern
and that of Soviet leadership at the change of situation in Egypt
especially what happened to the socialist elements in government
that were sentenced to prison
He requests confirmation that Egypt -
is still, and will remain a Soviet ally
No one went to jail because he was a communist or a Soviet ally
but because he was a conspirator
Let's discuss something more important
The Soviet Union is an ally and a friend
We urgently need you to supply us with the weapons -
requested by Nasser
and several times by me
The no peace, no war issue
will have dire consequences in the area
The Egyptian people are in torment because their land is occupied
Battle is necessary to retrieve our occupied lands
Please send us the weapons as promised
America guarantees Israeli superiority in weaponry
Help us be a few steps behind, instead of kilometres
Tell him again; please send the weapons we requested
As for the friendship agreement, l accept
Our imminent strike has been delayed-
because of the political fog
caused byte Indian-Pakistani War
and the Soviet Union's involvement
Fog.. Not again!
Iíve had enough
When will they stop jerking us around?
Is that what's upsetting you?
Not really, dad. It's like all my friends fear me
How so?
They try not to upset me or argue with me. That's not normal
Perhaps it's because they like you
When l was leaving school yesterday
l saw some students demonstrating for war with Israel
One of my friends said he'd tell me a joke concerning the subject
He wouldn't tell me unless I swore not to get angry
Well, tell me the joke
It might upset you
l won't get upset
l swear l won't get upset
Come on, man, aren't we friends?
When you work for a population of 50 million
you can't please them all
- Do tell - You won't get upset?
Don't be silly, boy
A cart driver stopped in the middle of a bridge, holding up traffic
An officer asked why he had stopped
He replied, ''Itís the fog''
The officer looked around, saw no fog.
''Where's the fog?'', he asked
The man replied,...ask...
Ask...Ask the ass
There was a phone call for you
What's so funny?
Life's ironies
l feel Iím in a terrible emotional siege
Everywhere, the campuses, streets, even the army
are putting pressure on me
To the point where Iím convinced that the best action -
is to break the ceasefire
and commence operations at once
Don't let the pressures misguide you
Don't be rash, Anwar
Mr. Ambassador, we donít want-
to put the Soviet Union in a confrontation with the U.S.
We're not asking you to fight our battle
The message ..
Why don't you answer my question?
Where are the weapons we requested?
Frankly, Iím displeased with your position
Mr. President, the Soviet Union cares about Egyptís welfare
The proof is the presence of 1 5 thousand Soviet specialists here
in the service of the Egyptian army
Speaking of the specialists
Iíve decided to send them home this week
Itís not reasonable to keep them here during the battle
We want to make clear to the world that we fight our own battles
Why are you standing? Sit down
You received my message last Summer
regarding the preparations for battle
What message? What were its contents?
Frankly, l only informed certain members of the council
- Why? - For the sake of secrecy, sir
Secrecy from whom?
The people going into battle?
l asked you to inform them. Two days later -
you told me they'd be ready by Nov.1 as l requested
Never mind
Let's prepare ourselves for that date
Frankly sir, we lack many things
Training wise we're ready to engage at a moment's notice
But we need to complete several constructions and need equipment
We lack many things, sir
For one, sir, we're in open view of the enemy
They have a sand barrier; they see us but we can't see them
Our men's morale is quite low
They imagine that behind that barrier lie awesome weapons
l accepted Gen. Sadek's resignation today
Khmed, are you prepared to be sworn in as Minister of War
-As you command, sir - Great
Upon your appointment l want you to amend defence plan 20O
How high is the Israeli sand barrier?
17 meters, sir
l want ours to be 20 meters high
l want the boys trained for the toughest
Anything you need will be provided
l wonít waste your time
Negotiations or no negotiations
Negotiate about what?
Non peace, non war
How long will this go on?
Itís not long now
-Tell me, Atef - Yes?
What's the situation with your colleagues?
Several wonder, and Iím one of them,
why not have suicide missions, every pilot in his plane and..
This isn't a barroom brawl
The matter needs to be studied meticulously
The calmer, the smarter
who's well prepared..
Right.. thatís whoíll win
- Iíll be off now - Won't you have dinner with me?
l have to make roll call at Almaza base or else..
''Atef'' never takes advantage of the fact that we're brothers
That's why l love him as much as l love Gamal,
maybe even more
Put in word to my commander, to give me weekís leave...
Get out of here, boy!
Mr. President!
Mr. Hafez Ismail
Well, Ismail; did you meet with Kissinger?
l did, sir
Here is a report on the meeting
Summarize it
They say they won't be able to help us
because we are defeated; and Israel is the victor
Well, theyíre right
What does the West say about our dismissal of the Russian specialists?
They're saying we won't go to war
Very good
The fish has swallowed the bait
The Soviets have agreed to ship at once -
all the delayed weapon orders
They've agreed to give Egypt advanced weapons -
never before seen in the Mid-East
Are they serious or..
Mr. President, they signed new arms deals
The weapons will be delivered quite soon
Rejoice, man
Aziz Sidqy got you all the equipment you wanted
That's great, sir
Look, Ahmed
l haven't interfered in your plan nor do l want to
But l want a favour from you
Your servant, sir
l want you to mobilize all forces to the Canal
and have them take up positions in preparation for crossing
Two days later, have them withdraw
Such an operation would be very costly, sir
l don't want you to do it just once, but twice
l know it will be costly
But it is of vital importance that we do it
This is part of the strategic deception plan
Get it?
Yes, sir
l want to visit my boys at the front
Did the Israelis take notice?
Yes. Every time we moved they'd mobilize
The view of the Israeli government is divided
One view suggests,
aborting the Egyptian army moves with an air strike
The other insists that there is no danger
l have one question for you
What are the people saying about war?
Actually.. they're saying..
there'll be no war
l want the Interior Ministry -
to encourage that view, to strengthen and confirm it
that weíre in a state of military hibernation
that the government doesn't intend to wage war
That could have a negative effect on the college students
Because they already feel that way
l want that feeling confirmed
They might hold demonstrations
No problem. Let the kids hold demonstrations
Let them express themselves
Whatever you say, sir
Yes, Heikal. l want Al-Ahram to print a story -
about our officers going to Mecca for pilgrimage
Iíll send you their names and photos
On the front page
l told him l would go to the United Nations
in October '73
That piece of news will reach Israel seconds from now
Nasser passed away and left me tied to the railroad track
lf l don't get off the tracks
the train will grind me to a pulp
But the problem is, Heikal ..
lf anything goes wrong
the people won't demand my return to the presidency
as they did with Nasser
''Judgment has been passed on the matter about which ye yet enquire''
Iíve decided
Do you hear me?
Iíve decided
With God's blessing
The Egyptian armed forces have achieved a miracle -
by all military standards
A miracle by our armed forces
on October 6
They were able to cross
the Suez Canal barrier
and the impregnable Bar-Lev line
and to erect bridgeheads
after debilitating the enemy,
and shaking their balance,
in 6 hours
The arrogant enemy has lost his balance
and this nation has retrieved its honour
after arming itself
with shield and sword
We fought for peace
We fought for the only peace than can be defined as peace
A peace based on justice
Today our enemy talks of peace
But what a difference between the peace of aggression
and the peace of right and freedom
I It was a hard war
fatal bloody confrontations,
futile intelligence fiasco,
the war that lasted for days in which blood was shed
Your role is over for good, Dayan
King Feisal played a big role in this war
He and the Arab leaders-
cut off the oil supply to the West
It was a big blow
The Syrian front-
was a strong support
President Assad is a real fighter
Why different cuts and different scenes?
But they're all about the October war, sir
It began byte intensive air strike
Hosni Mubarak, Commander of the air force
used all the available planes even those used for training
He equipped them with missiles and used them
The MiG-1 7 planes which travel slower than the speed of sound
were piloted with skill by our men against the Israeli Mirages
The air force performed a wonderful epic
contrary to what the Soviet Union expected
Where's my brother Atef?
Didn't l ask about him?
Yes, sir
Atef.. was martyred
What d'you mean their tanks are increasing?
The American air bridge is supplying them with tanks
We've captured a large number of tanks
with very low mileage
meaning they were lowered in Sinai
The Americans are supplying Israel with extremely advanced weapons
By the breach, Israel wants us to withdraw from the east
Exactly, sir
Do you think the breach calls for worry?
- No, sir - No need to worry at all
- No need to worry? - No, sir
We want to safeguard the victory we achieved
by not retreating one step
My faith in the armed forces is unlimited
But it's not a matter of war
Iím fighting America, not Israel
Let's not get carried away by our victory
and forget that our strategic reserves are depleted
Iím an ally of the Soviets, the most miserly of God's creatures
Israel is backed by America
To safeguard our victory
l shall accept a ceasefire
In that case let's request troops from the U.N.
No, Heikal
This time l want guarantees from the Soviets
and the Americans
What do you mean by ''without intermediaries''?
How will Egypt negotiate directly with Israel?
Kissinger said that's what Golda Meir conveyed to him
A time, place and framework suitable to Egypt
What about Palestine and Syria?
Syria will be on the negotiating table
Look, Jin.. Iíll not give up one inch of land
nor will l bargain away Palestinians rights, ever
l want to tell you about a decision
one of the most important l ever made
and, l believe, the most successful
l have chosen a Vice-President
l set requirements and found no one more qualified
than Air Marshal Hosni Mubarak
Iíve been following his progress for many years
Every passing minute confirmed that my choice was right
Itís time to recruit a new generation
We must hand the banner to the next generation
No one is more entitled than the October generation
who battled and achieved victory
Dr. Ahmed Bahaa El-Din is here
Ahmed Bahaa El-Din is here; came straight from the airport
- Iíll be off now - No, Iíll be back
Iím going to beat you at backgammon
l never give in
- Yes, sir - Keep him there, Hafez
- Welcome home, Bahaa -Thank you, sir
But Iím angry with you
Why, sir?
You wrote that the open door policy lacked all control
That's my opinion, l can explain
l understand; but don't judge so hastily
Any open door policy will have corrupt individuals
There are thieves everywhere in the world
Here, if someone steals something
then all the Egyptian people are thieves
There are many people of integrity in Egypt
They must pay the state its due in order to implement reform
Tell me, Bahaa
When the industrial revolution started in Europe
what was it like ?
Didn't it lack all control?
Look what it has become today
Thatís what l dream of
- l meant .. - l want you in another matter
Yes, sir?
Iím going to drop a bomb
at the next parliamentary session
Iíll announce the establishment of a party system
We'll start with 3 parties
Your Left, through which they can speak freely
There'll be no arrests
Second, the party of the Right
and third, the Centre
Iíll be its head to reassure the people and encourage them
A great idea. But the constitution doesn't allow for parties
Don't forget..
Constitutions are made by the likes of us
Let's not fool ourselves
We must abolish subsidies
Egypt will never be liberated economically -
until every commodity is sold at its real price
At the same time
we must aid the needy
to guarantee that subsidies go to those who need them
The cost of staple goods will rise considerably
like oil, flour, rice and sugar
Not much. Half a piaster or a piaster a kilo
Be frank with the people and write that in your papers
Don't worry
Nothing will happen
You are the future
We're going to hand the banner over to you at any moment
That's why Iíd like to hear your opinions
Please go ahead
What corruption?
Political and social corruption resulting from the open policy
Just what do you mean, son?
Your advisors and all those around you
are abusing their power
They're enjoying the riches you promised to your people
We only see riches in the cars and clothes of high officials
Don't make accusations without proof, son
lf you want proof you'll find it easily
Shame .. such talk is shameful
You permitted me to talk and Iím speaking the truth
Would you use such a tone with your father?
My fatherís not a high official
You are insolent, ill-bred
l want to say, sir..
Stay in your place,
you're addressing the President
They'd burn the country for a one piaster rise in prices?
This is not the nature of the Egyptian citizen
It must be an act of sabotage
Have those behind this arrested; Iíll show them no mercy
- What will you do? - What can l do?
Iíll cancel the decision and reinstate subsidies
Go back on your decision?
l know itís wrong
Resources are scarce and we must stop subsidizing
Better to go back on my decision rather than see the country burn
The events of January 1 8 and 1 9 can never be forgotten
It was an uprising of thieves incited by the Communists
We want to give a greater chance-
to the Muslim groups
That can be extremely dangerous, sir
No; it's a balancing trick
We're going to grab the stick in the middle
All that matters is that these events are not repeated
You're not yourself these days
You spend more time abroad that you do in Egypt
You've visited Russia and the Arab states more than once
l wish it had done any good
What is it, Anwar?
You've always confronted problems and solved them
This time the solution isn't in my hands
How so?
In Dominoes..
when you come to an impasse
you have to start all over
That's my position
The friends l depended on have failed me
God will grant you victory as He did before
You know, for so many days Iíve been thinking of cell 54
l don't get it
l learned a lot in that cell; that one can't change reality-
till he changes his own views
Iím responsible for a nation
Iím entrusted with the welfare of this generation,
and the next
That's a responsibility -
forcing me to do what l must
regardless of my office
You're mysterious today
l must do my duty
lf l am to shield the coming generations
from bloodshed and war..
lf l was able to do this and didn't
Iíll have wronged my people
and my integrity
and wronged myself in the eyes of God
l don't understand
You will tomorrow
No Arab should fear going to Geneva
Iím ready to go to Geneva
l announce to you, the people's representatives
and to all our people,
the Arab world..
You heard me say
l would go to the ends of the earth
lf that saves one of our soldiers from being wounded or killed
l say Iím prepared to go to the ends of the earth
Israel will be surprised
to hear me say now, before you
that l am prepared to go to their home
the Knesset itself
and negotiate with them
Those words you spoke..
Did you mean them? Would you go to Israel?
Israel doesn't believe it, either
They say it's a trick and have increased emergency measures
Itís a risk, Anwar; there was no need for it
Look, Jihan
We've been having a problem with Israel for 50 years
To solve it we've spoken to all the peoples of the world
Except the occupiers themselves
No one wages war for ever
Whatís the aim of any war?
implementing peace
What if you go to them and they say, ''No, thanks''
and refuse to return the land
Then they'll have refused peace
Refused it clearly before the world. That'll be their problem
Mr. President
Ladies and gentlemen
Peace and God's mercy upon you
and peace upon us all
l have come today, with firm steps
that we may build a new life
and implement peace
All of us on this land, God's land,
Muslims, Christians and Jews
worship one God
His commandments decree-
love, honesty, purity and peace
l did not come here
to make an exclusive agreement between Egypt and Israel
That is not part of Egypt's policy
The problem is not Egypt and Israel
Even should peace be achieved between all the front nations -
and Israel, without a just solution to the Palestinian problem
it shall never achieve permanent, just peace
upon which the whole world insists today
l did not come to you
aiming at partial peace
meaning, ending the war at this stage
and deferring the whole problem to a later phase
Between you and us
there was a high wall
which you built over a quarter of a century
But it was destroyed in '73
and we should admit that
Another wall remains
a complex emotional barrier between you and us
Ladies and gentlemen
l say to you frankly
Peace is not true to its name
unless it is built on friendship
not the occupation of other peoples' land
In all honesty
l say to you
that you must give up
completely and permanently your dreams of expansion
and you must also give up the belief
that force
is the best method in dealing with the Arabs
Certain Arab lands
have been, and remain, occupied by Israel
through armed force
We insist on full withdrawal from them
including Arab Jerusalem
Jerusalem, to which l have Come
as the City of Peace
Let me say to you
with no hesitation
that l have not come
to stand under this dome
to entreat you to withdraw
from land occupied after the '67 war
Full withdrawal
is taken for granted
a point on which we refuse to compromise
It is not a point for entreaty from or to any party
lf you have found legal and moral justification
to establish a national homeland-
on land not fully yours
then you can understand-
the Palestinians' insistence
to establish their state anew
on their own land
l salute the Israeli voices
that called for recognition of Palestinian rights
as a means to a secure peace
l address every man, woman and child in Israel:
encourage your leaders to fight for peace
To every woman who lost a Son
to every widowed wife
to every son who lost a brother or a father
to all the victims of war:
fill the earth and the heavens with the chant of peace
fill your hearts and beings with hopes of peace
Make the ballad come alive and be fruitful
Make hope your constitution
l repeat to you Zachariah's words
''Love, truth and peace''
And l recite to you Allah's Verses:
''Say: We believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto us
and that which was revealed unto Abraham and Ishmael
and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes
and that which was vouchsafed unto Moses and Jesus
and the Prophets from their Lord.
We make no distinction between any of them
and unto Him we have surrendered''
God's word is truth
from the start of the concluding session
of the Camp David conference
and in which they will sign the two documents
arrived at during the conference
The first document we will sign
is titled, a framework for peace in the Middle East
and will be released tomorrow
After this interesting interview
in which you spoke with all honesty
as you are used to do,
we would like to know on this day
how you celebrate your birthday
My celebration is simply coming to Mit Abu El-Koum
Here we peasants don't celebrate birthdays
like in the city
Here we celebrate the Prophet's birthday,
the night of the Ascending,
the eve of 1 5th Sha'ban
We gather,
and cook a duck or a goose,
a couple of chickens
We only celebrate religious occasions in our village
On your birthday
and after your many years of struggle
what can you say to our youth?
l say to them, the march isn't over yet
The Youth are our hope
our future
l promised and l fulfilled
My generation has passed on the banner flying
Don't be afraid
My boys are training nearby
My boys in the army are always prepared
There can be no peace without force to protect it
Why so thin, Dr. Gaber?
What can l do?
Eat cream and honey to build up!
What news of the students and intellectuals?
Thank you, sir
They're all with you and fully understand your position
That's general talk, Doctor
l want you to clarify to me,
what's going on in the minds of prominent thinkers
Excuse me, sir
lf you'll allow me to express my personal view
Go on eating and tell me
Egypt needs more democracy
More democracy..
You sit at table with the President-
and ask for more democracy?
Can't you see all Iíve done?
All Iíve achieved?
Farms have been established in place of concentration camps
Egypt has opened its doors to the world, we have parties
Egypt went to war and awed the world
We re-opened the Canal
2 million Egyptian refugees
returned to their cities along the Canal
Egypt is no longer a police state
Are you speaking about the uprising of thieves?
The Egyptians are much better off today
Only one thingís missing
They need to admit the achievements which took place
But l know them
I've worked with them and know them well
They're angry at me because l said
that America holds 990/o of the cards
Anyone who can't see that can go to hell
Eat, eat
Eat some honey and cream
and tell me about human rights in the Soviet Union
and the Socialist countries
Tell me about human rights there
This is deception and a shame to the Israelis
l can't understand how Begin thinks
Is he for peace or against it?
Yesterday he was with me. Today he annexes Jerusalem?
What will my people think?
That Iím in this with him?
What does he think? Jerusalem is for all religions
l take one step forward, you send me ten steps back
Convey to Begin my official protest against the annexation
Thank you
People are angry because Palestinians and the Arabs
didn't attend the Mena House meeting
Because they don't understand
How so?
- You have a shop, right? - Yes
- With how many chairs? - Eight
Suppose that shop was stolen from you, seized
and you found yourself in the street
- What would you do? -A lot of things, sir
Suppose you did everything; complained -
sued, made every effort
to the point where you began screaming
and throwing stones at people in the street
What would they think of you?
That you're ill-bred
What did l do?
l got you a chair in your shop
and you say, the whole shop or nothing!
No. I'd take the chair and with my efforts.. l build up
With your efforts. See, you got it
They donít want to get it
l gave you one chair but with your ability -
you can get the second and the third
you can get the whole shop
They don't want to make an effort, sir
Yes, and they refuse to understand
They'll understand in time
- God willing, sir - Thank you, Mahmoud
The Minister of the Interior is waiting for you, sir
Come in, Nabawi
Sir, public opinion reports especially from Muslim groups
show that the people are against your receiving the Shah of Iran
Do you know what he did for Egypt in the October war?
No, sir
We needed oil
We were short
He said he had a loaded tanker heading for Europe
He gave orders for the tanker to change course -
and come to Egypt
He saved the situation for Egypt
and you tell me the Muslim groups..
They know nothing
The man has nowhere to go
Egypt never forgets a favour
My job is to inform you of any danger..
No one dies before his time
Go with God's blessing
Peace with Israel is utter perfidy
Sadatís rule must fall
At our hands, God willing
The brothers are ready. When?
When the time's right
In your place! hands up
What do those boys want?
I went to war and achieved victory
We will retrieve Sinai without shedding a drop of blood
Glory be to Allah!
Isn't it enough that you released them from jail?
Those boys from Muslim groups are working with the Communists
Did you ever see a bigger farce?
Sir, we feel there's a plot to assassinate you
- But weíll.. - What assassination?
The Egyptian people are peace-loving
They support me, consider me the hero of war and peace
Just look to your job
Find out what those boys are doing
and who tricked them into this
A small incident in El-Zawya El-Hamra
A normal argument between neighbours
A citizenís wash hung out on the balcony
dripped water on the wash of the neighbour below
It seems that water wasn't clean
That turned into ugly rumours
which instigated events,
and suddenly the world thinks,
there's a secular war in Egypt
Certain people are blowing into the fire
and are using our youth
as fuel for that fire
l warn them all
and tell them beware, for democracy has fangs
Religious leaders, lawyers, journalists and public figures
List of detainees
Serag El-Din, Heikal, Omar Tilmisany,....
Arresting such a number from different groups
and putting them in the camps you had closed?
Are we moving forward or back?
We're moving forward
l signed a peace agreement with Israel after a huge effort
not one of those fellows could match
This agreement, Jihan ..
certain elements in Israel are against it
and are ready to interfere in order to damage it
l just want the next 6 months to pass smoothly
till l get back my land
I wish to get to April 25 without surprises
l don't want a silly incident like this -
to give Begin an excuse to back out
and say, ''Make do with Al-Arish for now
till incitement against us and the peace process stops''
The Soviet Union is on my back
They keep goading people to outbid me
Many people in the area want to destroy what l achieved
motivated by hate and envy
No one can outbid me in patriotic work
Iíve lived for this country
and will die for it
April 25 , at noon
Israel will withdraw to the Egyptian frontiers
Iíll take my land and release them all five minutes later
We'll celebrate peace and the liberation of our lands
and the next day l concentrate on the Palestinian issue
All l did...
was remove them temporarily from public activity
Because their speeches and writings
pose a threat to the liberation of Sinai
l gave strict orders
that they were not to be misused
Iím afraid, Anwar
What of?
l don't know; Iím just scared
Good morning
Morning, Grandpa
Wake up, sleepyhead
What time is it?
Get up if you want to catch the parade
Can they start without me?
No, Grandpa
You still didnít wear the bullet-proof vest
- What for? - For my sake
There's no need; Iím going to be amidst my boys
Also, it's uncomfortable
Anwar ..
Donít worry, Jihan
Life is in God's hands
The air show of our air force
The artillery men..
the 130 mm. gun..
To every man, woman and child:
encourage your leaders to fight for peace
To every woman who lost a Son
to every widowed wife
to every son who lost a brother or a father
to all the victims of war:
fill the earth and the heavens with the chant of peace
fill your hearts and beings with hopes for peace
Make the ballad come alive and be fruitful
Make hope your constitution
and the will of God...
and the will of God