small QUADcopter frame assembly manual

Uploaded by quadframe on 21.11.2010

This small quadcopter's frame consists of:
(begining from left) - aluminium arms, motors guards sets,
set of needed screws, nuts etc, Power Distribution Board - (next PDB),
strong robber for LiPo mounting, fiberglass elements...
We start to connect arms with central fiberglass elements
and PDB using screws M3x16mm, don't forget to use spring washers!
Next, we temporary screw our frame on
- it makes that next works will be easier.
Now we begin to mount motors.
Pay attention to direction of motor's rotation!
Motor M1 it is forepart of quadcopter - it rotate CCW
M2 - left side - CW, M3 - right side - CW
M4 - rear - CCW
We screw motor on arm using two screws M3x14mm.
Next we mount motor's guards using M3x35mm screws and 20mm spacers.
In this way we mount all four motors remembering about correct direction of motors rotation.
Next we solder ESC power wires to PDB.
!!! Remember about correct polarization !!!
In a case of wrong connection we can get serious short circuit!
Next we solder main power wires using to connecting LiPo.
It's time to mount LiPo monitor. I serious recommend using LiPo monitor
- in a case of power lost quadcopter fall down like a stone!
Controller mounting.
We can use one of the two support boards depend on what kind of controller we have.
Pay attention on correct orientation of controller board
to quadcopter's front - like on photo.
Next we connect motors and Rx to controller.
We mount upper board - guard of controller using 4 screws M3x10mm.
Last part it is lower board using to mounting LiPo battery.
We mount it using screws M3x45mm and 30mm long spacers.
For protection battery LiPo against falling out we use included in set strong rubber.
Congratulations! You have just mount your quadcopter.
It's time for testing and first fly - in next films.