Transit Navigation (Beta) in Google Maps 5.7 for Android

Uploaded by Google on 27.06.2011


ANN: Hi.
I'm Ann from Google.
When you're on the go, we want to make sure you can easily
get to where you're going, no matter what mode of
transportation you're taking.
Since 2009, Navigation in Google Maps for mobile has
provided millions of users with GPS turn by turn driving
and walking directions to help them get to restaurants,
tourist attractions, and other destinations.
That same great navigation experience is now available
globally for public transit users.
Let me show you how it works.
After you open up Google Maps for mobile, go to Directions
just like you normally would.
Enter in your destination and starting point.
Click the transit icon and press Go.
Then select a trip based on what's most
convenient for you.
You'll now see the navigation icon in the upper right corner
of the screen.
Click the icons to enter navigation and begin receiving
GPS guided directions.
Once you're on a bus or train, transit navigation uses your
GPS location to show where you are on the route.
For each stop, you'll know when to stay on and when to
get off, either at your destination
or to make a transfer.
And if you need to, say, check your email or answer a phone
call while you're in transit, not a problem.
Transit Navigation will continue to run in the
background, so you can still be productive.
You will be notified at the top of your screen, and your
phone will vibrate when it's almost time to get off.
Keep in mind that since GPS signals are used to determine
your location, this feature works best for
above ground transit.
Transit navigation is available in more than 400
cities around the globe.
So whether you're visiting family in Canada, on vacation
in Australia or Brazil, taking the El in Chicago, or just
traveling locally, we hope Google Maps Navigation makes
taking public transit a whole lot easier.
Try out Transit Navigation in Google Maps for mobile.
Happy travels.