V-Ray: Superior Backup for VMware and Hyper-V

Uploaded by symantec on 19.11.2011

Can you see it? Can you?
How about now? How about now?
That is my virtual environment. And I can see everything in it. Files, applications,
I used to not be able to see anything. The solution I had only worked with physical servers,
so I could not see my virtual machines. Then I tried a solution for virtual machines…but
it was fuzzy at best. But then, I couldn’t see my physical servers.
That fact is you cannot protect what you can’t see.
It is like having an x-ray that only shows half of the image.
Half an x-ray is only half the information. To do my job, I need to see my whole picture.
And now I can. With Symantec V-Ray.
V-Ray lets me see deep inside my virtual machines so I can secure, protect, backup and recover
anything I need to. Whenever I need to. From wherever I need to.
One solution. One Cost. Virtual and physical.
With Symantec V-Ray. I can improve my vm backup time, reduce network congestion and storage,
and recover files faster.
And Symantec V-Ray lets me do all this without impacting my vm performance. Because it is
Let me show you how it works.
First, Symantec deduplicates my data at a block level. So I am not backing up the same
files multiple times. And that reduces my time to backup.
But that is not all. Because I can see my physical environments too, I can deduplicate
across both virtual and physical.
And best of all, I dedupe at the source. I don’t have to drag them across the network.
And that reduces congestion on my network. And the amount of data I store.
In fact, Symantec makes my backups up to 10 times faster while reducing my storage up
to 95%.
And that’s smart.
V-Ray visibility also means I can recover in minutes – not hours – using their patented
granular recovery technology.
No mounting the image to disk… duplicating storage… no searching for that single file…
wasting my time.
With Symantec V-Ray, I see directly into my physical and VMware backup images. I see it.
I select it. I’m done.
And guess what? If a new virtual machine comes online — viola — I see it. Symantec V-Ray
automatically detects and protects it. So I don’t waste time hunting for machines
I didn’t know existed, or editing my backup polices when applications move to different
VM hosts.
The bottom line is this – even though it is a virtual environment, it still sits on
a physical machine. And I need complete visibility across both.
Symantec is the leader in VMware backup. And Symantec V-Ray lets me see clearly across
my virtual and physical environments. Giving me faster backups, reducing my storage, and
providing better protection.
Because you cannot protect what you cannot see.
Symantec V-Ray.
The visibility you need.
The protection you expect.
For more information, please visit symantec.com/v-ray for more information.