The Bucket List (1/4) Movie CLIP - Skydiving (2007) HD

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-Wait! Wait. l can't do this. -Sure you can.
CARTER: No. l can't. Really.
lt's not the jump you're afraid of.
The hell it's not!
You're just afraid your chute won't open...
...and you'll show up at your own funeral as a Denver omelet.
No. l'm pretty much just worried the chute won't open.
No, no!
Man's got some lungs. huh?
Let's hit the silk!
Oh. yeah. beautiful!
CARTER: Aah! Aah!
Pull the thing! Pull the cord!
How about this. huh? This is living.
l hate your rotten guts.
Surrender to the void!
Which one of these damn cords do you pull?
KYLE: Don't touch it. We're not in the drop zone yet. We could wind up in the--
lNSTRUCTOR: Okay. Let's deploy.
[SINGING] l got a feelíng l'm fallíng
lNSTRUCTOR: We're in the red zone. Pull the cord.
[SINGING] l got a feelíng l'm fallíng ín love
Pull the damn cord!
l was in love once.