[eng sub] HyoHyuk full cut + Hyo-Sica-Syoung - I AM showcase

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For me, I always think positively so..
AND thanks to the seniors
and the good environment (they made)
I was able to practice dance and singing to my heart's content
I think that's how it was (trainee life)
Taemin/Jonghyun: Western style!
How was it that you're saying it was like that?
Please wait a minute
MC: Actually today you have to take Hyoyeon's pictures even more prettily
In the main news today there was the headline - Hyoyeon's soaring beauty
*flustered* Thankyou
MC: So we request you to pay even more careful attention.
Hyuk: In Hyoyeon's case, because she danced really well..
Actually back then there were about a 100 trainees altogether (boys & girls)
even among them Hyoyeon really stood out the most
So when we had to practice choreography that we learned during our lessons
many trainees personally went to Hyoyeon and asked (about the steps)
Hyukjae shii also came and asked me stuff
Back then I was Hyukjae sshi
Hyukjae sshi went to Hyoyeon shhi and asked a lot of stuff
Eunhyuk, actually you dance really well too
so the things you learned from Hyoyeon must have helped you
The Eunhyuk(of today) dances well but Hyukjae shhi..
wasn't as good as Hyoyeon when it came to choreography
MC: I'd like it if the two of you would become/stay(?) close.
MC to Sica: I have a strong bond with these friends
For me, I started training with Hyoyeon and SooYoung in 2000
so we have lots of memories together
and yeah.. it's the most memorable..
You really ended urgently.. in a depressing mood.
Actually, if you start talking about friends
who've been together for 12 years
and you think about your memories together
I think it's true that you could get a little choked up!
You weren't about to cry?
No.. I just didn't have anything specific to say.
Anyhow, she said that she is very close to
and has many memories with SooYoung and Hyoyeon.