Black Jack OVA - Full Episode 1 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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The phone!
The phone's ringing!
Let it ring.
You are always like that.
I'm currently not in. If you wish to get a medical consultation, please leave
your name, phone number, nature of complaint,
seriousness of your condition,
and how much you can afford to pay me.
I'll get back to you later.
Karte 01: Iceberg, Man with Kimaira
I told them to pay three million dollars, and they said "Okay."
I didn't really want the case but...
I decided to at least take a look at this patient.
I begged you to housesit.
But I don't like to housesit.
I'm Mr. Crossword's assistant and pilot of this helicopter,
David Rosenthol.
We will now head to Racoski Island,
which is part of the Avalon Islands
The chairman is currently resting at his villa there.
He's been eagerly waiting for your arrival.
The patient is the chairman of the
multinational corporation "Carosan".
It's a three-million-dollar-worth life of a rich man.
Price of one's life varies a lot in this world.
Is something wrong?
We are almost there.
The Chairman bought this 16th-century castle of Opteron
and moved it to this island.
The outward appearance looks the same,
but on the inside, it has been refurbished
entirely with modern technology.
It's all right. I'm right here.
Calm down. I'll wipe your sweat.
Excuse me. The doctor has now arrived.
Please turn on the Artemis Fountain.
I'll be there.
Isn't this great, Missy?
This Artemis Fountain is a priceless art work
that used to be in the garden of Emperor Helios.
That makes a woman's heart flutter.
A passionate love is the theme.
Missy, how old are you?
I'm eighteen.
Mrs. Crossword. She's the chairman's wife.
David, you may leave now.
Yes, ma'am.
Doctor, it's been a long time.
I'm Sayuri.
Have you forgotten?
Ten years ago...
Except for the imperative situation,
I do not tend to remember
past patients' record.
Unless the disease reoccurs again,
a patient should forget
about her doctor.
Now, let me see the patient who is in need of my help.
He's my husband, Crossword.
You are that unlicensed doctor who came so unwillingly
after receiving three million dollars?
Call me Black Jack, Mr Crossword.
Eighty doctors.
Eighty internationally renowned doctors
opened my body up,
drew blood from me, did everything
they could do and finally, even licked my urine.
But they all gave up on me in the end.
I'd like to hear your symptoms.
When he has a severe attack, he suffers from great pain
four to five times a day.
Where's the pain located?
My entire body hurts.
It hurts so much from the top of my head
to my toes, that I end up rolling.
Since when?
Seven years.
Ever since seven years ago,
I roll around like a worm, writhing in pain every single day.
What did you give him to drink?
It's water.
When he drinks water, the pain subsides.
So he drinks water
all day long.
How much water each day?
Fifteen liters... About thirty bottles.
That's quite a lot to drink...
but his skin is still desiccated.
It all gets excreted.
His entire body excretes all the water he has drunk.
The cutting edge medical equipment here
is able to compete with any hospitals around the world.
The only thing it lacks is a skilled doctor.
I want you to save my husband,
no matter what it takes.
Don't worry! He's a genius surgeon.
Please open the blinds.
So... How is he?
Will the new doctor be able
to save your husband's life?
He might be able to save him...
No. I know he will save him.
Hey, you aren't seriously hoping
that this faint hope of yours might come true?
The old man better take a dirt nap soon,
or you will never be free.
You always said, that you wanted to
enjoy your freedom after inheriting his fortune.
Things have changed...
Things have changed?
Which means, it's over between you and I.
My, my...
You've got to be kidding me!
What things have changed?
Manabis Crossword.
Seventy years and two months old.
Pulse 70.
Blood pressure 130 over 80.
All his vital signs are within the normal range.
There aren't any respiratory problems either.
I first read over the huge amount of
medical charts and examination records...
which Crossword's previous physicians created
before they left him.
Everything was carefully recorded and describe in great detail
by everyone of his past world-renowned physicians.
All of this was quite impressive.
Even after the analysis of his blood culture,
there don't seems to be any pathogens.
Negative HIV test.
The agglutination test by using
proteus OXK antigens were negative.
The agglutination test by using
proteus OXK antigens were negative.
The possibility of a pulmonary cryptococcosis
has also been ruled out...
All of the physicians came up with the same
common conclusion in the end, which was...
"The cause of Mr. Crossword's
intense pain and seizures: Unknown."
Every single attack weakens his vitality...
and they will probably lead to his death.
In the beginning, I was planning to buy the entire island.
I had a business plan for building
Northern Europe's biggest oil refinery on this island.
But then I change my mind...
After that decision, I only bought the cape area
and built this villa.
You're still too young
to understand a story like this...
but I suddenly got struck by this thought.
The dusky sky, the cold ocean,
the harsh waves, the bleak prairies,
and the stormy winds that blow throughout the entire year...
I thought that this was the prefect place
for me to die.
I've accomplished and experienced
everything that life has to offer...
and so I thought I was ready to die.
Life, no matter from which aspect,
is a very interesting and funny thing.
Then, soon enough,
the first seizure happened...
as if the messengers from Hell emerge to welcome me.
Of course, the previous physicians had already analyzed...
the water that soothes the pain during his seizures.
The water contains 7.0 chlorine ions,
has a residual evaporation of 77,
and 5.9 isolated carbonate.
In other words, it was ordinary water
that can be found anywhere.
That water is drawn from an underground reservoir
by an enormous pump...
and the water is used to supply
the entire area of the Crossword villa.
Are you drawing a blank?
Please Doctor Black Jack,
tell me the truth.
My husband... Crossword... is he...
I am not a skilled enough doctor
to foretell, how long a patient has to live,
while the cause of his disease is still unknown.
However, I do want to extend
his live for at least six months.
It's probably his first child.
You knew about it?
Five months pregnant.
I can't really tell whether it's a boy or a girl,
but it's quite obviously for me to see that you're pregnant.
Good night. I still have some work to do.
There was one blind spot.
After reading his case records for several times,
I found out, that there was one thing
that all other doctors had missed.
Eighty doctors. Eighty internationally renowned doctors
opened my body up, drew blood from me, did everything
they could but they all gave up on me in the end.
They performed three open-heart exams,
two intro-cardiac catheterizations,
three abdominal surgeries and
two laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgeries.
The doctors performed surgery for several times and
examined all the spots of Crossword's intense pain.
However, they weren't able to find anything
and had no other choice than to close it up.
The problem was the circumstances in which those surgeries were conducted.
Every single one of them was conducted
after the symptoms of Mr. Crossword's seizure had subsided.
Which means, that no one ever saw
what's actually happening inside his body
while he's suffering from one of those seizures.
while he's suffering from one of those seizures.
How are you going to use scalpel on a patient,
who's in pain and suffering from severe seizures,
Dr. Black Jack?
The kid run away!
After him! Kill him!
Why don't you at least ask me how I feel?
No matter how arrogant or expensive a doctor was,
all of them at least asked me how I'm feeling.
Right... You're not a doctor because you're unlicensed.
The IV infusion contains glucose as its base,
includes 20-amino acids, electrolytes, and also vitamins.
To prevent you from losing further strength,
I'll keep administering the IV infusion.
By the way...
I heard, that you and my wife Sayuri
seemed to known each other from before.
How do you know each other?
I doubt I'm committed to answer that question.
I'd have called you anyway,
even without Sayuri's suggestion.
After all, your name was included on the list
of my company's research report.
Black Jack...
Your real name is Kuro'o Hazama.
The infamous unlicensed doctor...
However, your medical skills are undoubtedly superb.
Stop there!
Don't let him get away!
After him!
Those poor folks are just troublesome...
I'm referring to the villagers.
They creep into the castle
to nick something that's valuable.
Go ahead and try it. It's Mason & Fortnum.
It fits perfectly with this blunt scenery
the old man admires so much.
Hey! Did you see the doctor?
There's a small bird and it's badly injured!
Wait a minute.
There's something I would like to discuss with you.
I have nothing to discuss with you.
- A small bird?
- Yeah, and it's bleeding badly.
I found it!
This way. This is where I hid it.
You hid it?
Yes. They were chasing after him.
Please take a look at him on my tab.
Don't worry. This man's a doctor.
Those dogs fed pretty well off you.
They took quite a chunk off your leg,
almost down to the bone.
Relax. It's a combination of a tetanus and rabies vaccine.
Is there a doctor in your village?
You'll need to see a doctor for further
treatment as soon as you get back.
I only administered first aid.
Thank you.
I'll be more careful next time.
Next time? Don't be foolish!
I'm not treating you again,
even if they bit off your neck!
But this is the only place,
where I can earn some money.
As soon as I earned a lots of money,
I can dig a well for my father!
A well?
I need to do it while my father, who's
suffering from Kimaira, is still alive!
I need to do it while my father, who's
suffering from Kimaira, is still alive!
You can't take the Chairman's car without his permission!
Get out! We'll be blamed for it!
Get out!
Get out of the car!
Wait! Stop him!
What the matter with you?
Is it all right for you to treat me this way?
I could report you to my husband,
for embezzling the administrative
department finances...
right now if you want!
Well, then you have to think of an excuse
as to who the baby's real father is.
The head chef told me,
that your taste in food has changed drastically lately.
The other employees also noticed it.
They have seen you vomiting all the time.
They have seen you vomiting all the time.
It's called 'morning sickness'.
I'm glad that you're pregnant with my child.
You're wrong!
You're wrong! It's Crossword's child!
Only a woman truly knows such things.
Hmm... But a man wouldn't know such things, so...
If I report this matter to the Chairman...
If I report this matter to the Chairman...
You're being irrational.
As soon as you're pregnant with the old man's heir,
you're gonna cut all ties with your lover?
Don't laugh.
I'm saying all of this because I'm in love with you.
Stop laughing!
I said, stop laughing!
The village was located near the southern cape from
Crossword's castle and on the complete opposite side of the island.
I was almost immediately able to find the house
of the boy who was bitten by the dog.
Father, drink this quickly.
Please! It'll ease the pain.
Come on, Father! Hurry!
Shel! He didn't make it?
He didn't make it, doctor!
He didn't make it!
Blue flames shot out of his mouth in the end!
Blue flames shot out of his mouth in the end!
I promised my father
that I would dig a deeper well,
so that could drink as much water as he wants.
I'd like to hear more about the disease, Kimaira.
Who are you?
The same as you.
I'm a doctor.
After an epidemic about hundred and fifty years ago
everyone thought,
that Kimaira had been eradicated.
Kimaira is an isolated disease,
only found on this island.
An isolated disease...
According to the legends,
the ordeal of Kimaira can rage
between three or ten years...
Until the day you die,
you'll suffer from unimaginable pain everyday.
Drinking water only temporarily eases the pain,
Drinking water only temporarily eases the pain,
but the more you drink...
the more severe the pain becomes the next time.
He's my brother.
He's been suffering from Kimaira
since four years.
On my final day...
It'll be a joyous day because
God is going to take me home.
My heart will burn and a fire of
blue flames will spew forth to the sky.
Kimaira has been dormant for hundred and fifty years
but resurfaced once again about seven years ago.
Currently, there are twelve patients
with the disease on this island.
We need to stamp it out quickly.
We returned to the island
after receiving our medical degrees in England
after receiving our medical degrees in England
to finally put an end to Kimaira.
But we couldn't do anything.
On top of that, Kimaira is trying
to chipping away my brother's life.
I'm so angry!
Don't cry, Shel.
It's the law of the village, that people who
have died from Kimaira must be cremated.
However... It was unfortunate
that your well dried out.
It seems like it's not only Shel's well
that has gone dry.
My well is also about to dry out and
there's only a mix of sand and water now.
Half of the village's wells
have become cloudy and muddy.
It's all his fault!
He's the one to blame for everything!
He's pumping all the water out of
the island's only water vein!
It has finally begun...
His revenge against our village.
Who do you mean?
Who in God's name are you talking about?
Are you talking about that guy?
The guy who's living here in the castle
he built on the northern cape.
He's right!
There are rumors, that he has a giant water pump tower
in his castle that is sucking up all the water!
He does?
Why would he want revenge on us?
Dr. Black Jack!
It's the mistress!
Something awful has happened to her!
She slipped in the bathroom and
fell rather hard onto her stomach!
My baby! Is my baby okay?
I certainly can't say that.
The fetus' heart rate is slow due to the shock.
The bleeding is caused by a placental abruption.
I'll perform surgery on the damaged cervical canal.
There's a twenty percent success rate for the fetus...
and a success rate of eighty percent
for the mother.
Please! Save the baby no matter what it takes!
I intend to save both of you.
Chairman Crossword.
You wanted to see me?
Yes... It's about Sayuri.
Yes sir.
I have tolerated your impudence until now,
hoping that it would only be a diversion for Sayuri.
I... What?
I have no idea what you're talking about.
But it seems like Sayuri has lost
any interest she ever had in you.
I want you to resign and leave the company
whenever you are ready.
I won't take away your life.
You have already saved me twice now.
You have twice made a huge difference in my life.
You have twice made a huge difference in my life.
I don't know what to say...
Words can not express my gratitude.
I don't know what to say...
Words can not express my gratitude.
Please, Doctor!
You have to help me!
I can't live on like this!
I just can't live on like this...
Please! I want to be born anew...
I want to experience happiness...
I did everything I could to come up with the money.
If I become more beautiful,
people will treat me with kindness.
They'll finally treat me with respect!
I told you, that it's not my specialty.
I'll kill myself if you refuse!
I'm prepared to die right here!
I refuse.
But in the end...
You performed the surgery
that gave me a beautiful face.
Thanks to all that, I attracted Crossword and...
was able to marry him, after making
him fall in love with me at first sight.
So, I hear you saved the life of my unborn child.
I should add another two hundred thousand
to the three million that I'm paying you.
I should add another two hundred thousand
to the three million that I'm paying you.
Whatever you say.
I need to talk to the doctor alone.
Everyone may leave.
Yes sir.
In a week's time,
the island will be covered with snow
and the icebergs will arrive shortly.
Ever since I was a child,
I loved watching the icebergs...
I loved watching the icebergs...
Until I was ten years old, I used to live on this island.
I was born and raised on this island.
As I suspected...
Your illness is Kimaira.
It's the legendary mystery disease
that was assumed to be eradicated
about hundred and fifty years ago.
But then, sixty years ago
when I was ten years old,
Kimaira had resurfaced just once on the island.
My father was the first one to show its symptoms.
Then my mother...
and ultimately, the rest of my family.
However, the disease was contained
before it could spread even further.
The villagers banded together
and set my house on fire.
My entire family, my father,
mother, brother and sister
they all were killed back then.
I was the only one who survived...
I also must had caught the disease,
but somehow I survived.
I left the island and went through all
the hardships to achieved my success.
I had a late marriage, and just as I thought
that all the things were looking terrific...
The symptoms of Kimaira appeared.
I returned to the island as I figured
if I was going to die anyways,
I want to die on this island.
On the island that I loved so much...
The only thing that I regret...
is that I might not be able
to see my unborn child's face.
is that I might not be able
to see my unborn child's face.
You can't be certain about it.
I know the next attack will be the final one.
During my next attack I will
certainly spew blue flames.
I can feel it.
My body is telling me this.
It's telling me, that it'll finally be relieved.
I'll return your three million dollars.
Please wait!
I wasn't going to pay you three million dollars...
just so you can preserve my life!
I'm giving it to you because I want you
to cut me open during my final attack!
I want you to see what the Kimaira is
doing inside my body during an attack!
I want you to witness it with you own eyes!
I know that you also want to see it!
Well? Dr. Black Jack?
Stop! Wait!
Are you really going to repeat the same
tragedy that happened sixty years ago?
You mustn't take such drastic measures!
We need to talk over it!
He's a former villager of this island!
There's nothing to talk about
when he's hoarding all the water!
Besides, the Kimaira started to spread across
the island as soon as he moved into that castle!
No, Shel!
Come back! Shel!
You mustn't do this, Shel...
No matter how huge your sorrow is...
You mustn't lose yourself in blind hate...
Freddy also fought hard...
He struggled so hard until this morning...
When he finally lost his strength...
It started to snow a week earlier this year.
Where is my husband?
He loves the snow too, so...
Mr.Crossword has gone into surgery,
right after you were coming out of yours.
I see.
Dr. Black Jack is performing the surgery on him...
Oh, how foolish of me.
Did you forget something?
I didn't get the chance to say
'good morning' to my wife today...
Shall we go back?
No, it's all right.
It would only dull your scalpel
if I would wander around...
Good morning, Sayuri.
Those were Crossword's dying words...
At 16:15...
Right after Mr. Crossword entered the O.R.,
his final seizure began.
I hate this!
Burn it down!
I administered general anesthesia
but his convulsions wouldn't stop.
The general anesthesia had no effect on him.
At 16:52...
I decided to operate.
Hurry and hide yourselves in the closet!
I resigned and I'm quitting the company!
Damn you!
To be honest...
I had absolutely no confidence
or whatsoever for this operation.
I had no experience how to use a scalpel on
a patient who's suffering from violent convulsions.
But he was speaking to me...
Not in words...
but with his eyes...
and with his entire body...
He was trying to tell me.
Do it!
Do it, Black Jack!
My hand must have reacted
to Crossword's voice...
Let's go!
This man never hated anyone...
He only hated the Kimaira itself.
He believed that his death would
be inevitable to finally eradicate
the kimaira disease once and for all.
Get out of my way!
His wife is waiting for him!
Please observe the video clip.
This clip was taken when the origin of the
legendary rare disease Kimaira was discovered.
This is the newly discovered virus.
This new virus was found between the
outer and inner walls of the thoracic aorta.
This new virus was found between the
outer and inner walls of the thoracic aorta.
One of its characteristics are, that it remains
dormant and only emergences during a seizure.
We assume, that it's uncommon location between
discovered until now because of its
uncommon location between the artery walls.
With us today is Dr. Minea Ross,
residing on Recoski Island, and
one of the leading experts on the Kimaira virus.
Dr. Ross,
by drinking large amounts of water
the pain from the spasms can be alleviate.
Can you explain why?
The discovery of this virus finally
solved some of it's medical mysteries.
We learned that the virus becomes
active when the consistent state of the
asmotic pressure in the blood decreases.
asmotic pressure in the blood decreases.
By drinking large amounts of water,
the patient is able to restore and
stabilize the asmotic pressure, so
that the pain will cease and the
virus becomes dormant again.
that the pain will cease and the
virus becomes dormant again.
Caused by the change of the
asmotic pressure in the blood.
I see...
Could you tell us something about
the transmission method of this virus?
We still need to figure anything out about that.
In this aspect, the Kimaira virus is still
a legendary and mysterious disease.
But I have sworn to advance
and reveal all it's mysteries.
About the video clip we showed earlier...
It is obviously, that it was filmed
while a patient was having a seizure.
Yes, that's right.
That means this surgery was performed...
while the patient was
having violent convulsions?
Is that even possible?
Even the most skilled surgeons would probably
have failed to perform this surgery.
I witnessed the one who made the impossible,
possible with my very own eyes.
I witnessed the one who made the impossible,
possible with my very own eyes.