Marlene & Rebecca - Part 35-1

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And, how does the rehearsal went?
I invested half a million in the new edition of Lily Rose. I want to hear that it was magnificient, breath-taking, sexy!
I love it, when you show off the manager.
Who is talking about "show"?
Can it!
Hey! Can it!
Such a big castel and nowhere to be undisturbed.
We just wanted to see whether there is still champagne in the fridge.
Ah, thanks!
Well, we are already gone.
Have fun!
We'll have that!
My little sister and that model from the shooting.
What was her name?
Did you know about it?
I suspected it. Juliette really hit on Rebecca.
All the things you observe.
Well, it was quite obvious.
Sweet those two, right?
And, what do you say?
Where did you get that thing?
Some japanese entertainment tycoon gave it to me, but he wants to license Lily Rose for Japan.
Ah and how'll it be called there?
Lily Lose le musical?
I can take off this thing.
Please don't be offended, but I'm all run down.
We tried the dancing scenes from the third act a thousand times.
No problem.
For your art I go to celibacy.
I'm happy for Rebecca.
She and this Juliette looked pretty infatuated.
I think they could hardly wait to have a go at each other.
Could be.
You see, my little sister really earns it, to find someone who'll make her happy.
Doesn't everyone earns it someday?
Yeah, but... she had an extreme tendency to fall in love with the wrong person. With you for example.
Yeah but it's not my fault.
I didn't claim that, but maybe this helps her to get over it.
Over what?
Over the lovesickness because of you.
Actually, you could be happy about it, right?
I am! It's just I...I can't get obsessed about it like you in the moment.
I didn't get obsessed with anything.
You do!
I just tried to be sensitive.
Do you know what? You are right. Those two are an awesome couple.
Just like us two.
Slept well?
If you allude to what I thinnk you allude to, then yes.
I love it, when the family talks in riddles.
Uh, I think Rebecca has a right for some secrets.
Good mornin'!
== Good morning. == Good mornin'.
There the secret already blows in at the door.
I thought you were already gone.
May I introduce? Juliette Moser.
A friend of yours?
A little bit more than a friend.
Way to go! I like to watch.
Justus, please get another place setting for the young woman.
Very well.
I think Juliette wanted to...
Juliette is very hungry. Thank you very much. That is very kind of you.
That's how we are.
That's how we are. After all this is the best you drag along yet, Rebecca.
No, that was the other way around. I dragged her off. And always get what I want.
Say, was that necessary?
Well, the show a moment ago.
What show?
For me it was a rather normal breakfast with the family of my girlfriend.
Listen! We spend two nights together, that turns us not into a couple which makes out at the breakfast table in front of the family.
Ey, that was just a good morning kiss. I didn't pushed my tongue down your throat, so come down.
Actually I thought you are the one that should come down.
Obviously I interpreted the things between us differently than you.
That's rather possible.
I want you.
Maybe you just think about it, if you want me too.
I...uh don't have to.
You see, all this goes much to fast for me.
If it's like that, then...
I'll get my stuff and then I'm gone.
Your car is about get here.
Thanks a lot.
I take my leave.
You, uh want to go already?
There can be no talk of wanting.
But between Rebecca and me...
things are getting complicated.
I know that Rebecca is sometimes a bit complicated, but...
she is a rather wonderful woman.
I know that.
But what are you trying to say to me?
That she had the last time quite bad luck with love.
Yes, if she is acting like this morning, I'm not surprised.
She...she treated me as if she was embarrassed of me.
Was I embarrassing?
Uh, maybe a little bit.
Well, first of all were you relaxed.
Yes, I was!
By the way...
I think you are the best thing that can happen to Rebecca right now.
Don't give up.
Keep close to her.
And don't make yourself unsure because of her little quirks.
Go all out!
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