Sex.Is.Zero.2 KMovie Part 1 HD

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You have melancholia.
IM Chang-jung
You said you two broke up six months ago
SONG Ji-hyo
Don't be so heartbroken and get yourself together
in the hospital for a few days
CHOI Sung-kook/Shinee
YOO Chae-young/LEE Hwa-seon
Cameo Appearance HA Ji-won Special Appearance KIM Cheong, KIM Hyeong-il
Investment Manager CHOI Joon-hwan Investment Planning LEE Sang-yong
Planning, Screenplay YOUN JK
Production Manager GIL Young-min Producer KIM Hwee, PARK Ja-myeong
Cinematographer KIM Yong-cheul, CHOI Jin-yong Lighting SONG Jae-wan
Sound LEE Choong-hwan Art KIM Hye-jin
Edited by CHEONG Jin-hee Music by LEE Han-cheol(Tubeamp)
Stunts CHEON Moon-sik(Kan Fist Studio) Sound Effects Moby(PARK Joon-oh)
Visual Effects MEDIA FORCE
Get away from me. I'll kill you all.
- Calm down, calm down. - Get away from me.
- I'll kill you. - Put it down.
Get away from me.
Why don't you just let me die?
I'll kill him too, is that what you want?
Just let me die. I want to die
Take her away.
Director YOON Tae-yun
Give me your lighter.
Are you deaf?
What are you staring at?
That is how I met the crazy girl
Sex is Zero 2
Three years later
I don't see anything.
I just know by sound.
Wooden stick.
Hitting an arm... No! A thigh with a whip
This is spiritual concentration. Come on, Eun-sik
Hold on, hold on.
I told you to strike at three.
You guys are out of your minds
It's been four years and you're still at this.
Get out of here, right now!
Hurry up and clear out.
Is it good?
Aw, I'm gonna just
Spiritual Concentration is now old. "K-1"Mixed Martial Arts is the way for survival.
Even though our time has been rough,
manager HAN Yoo-mi provided this place for us.
Let's give her a round of applause for the kind gesture.
Let's now start the opening ceremony of Seonjeong University MMA club.
We'll start with a traditional event.
It is the 'Sabalshik' (Sabalshik: drinking alcohol out of a large bowl)
Go ahead. Drink up.
Shouldn't someone show us how?
You know you couldn't take it. Why'd you drink so much?
Kyung-ah, I'm beat. Let's go in and rest for a bit.
I can't today.
We don't have to stay long.
I can't.
Let's just get some rest.
I really have to go home.
I love you, Kyung-ah.
We have a manager who did aerobics
and a stretching coach.
But I don't think that's enough LEE Kyung-ah is our school's only standby national athlete.
We are so grateful to you
for offering to coach her yourself.
No, I'm honored that you offered me the job.
I bet nobody's been on the paper for masturbating on a statue.
You are an embarrassment.
It was a wet dream. I wasn't masturbating.
Have you finished packing?
- Do you have a place to go? - I'm still searching.
Just in time.
Please come in.
I could try appealing to the school
but I don't think they'll let you go.
Why, out of all the statues
did it have to be the chairman's statue?
Here. It's a present.
Oh, god!
Kyung-ah, could you make some more paste?
Don't you have any other clothes?
This isn't a beauty pageant, and you look just fine.
Kyung-ah, why don't you move in here with me?
We could wake up together, eat,
and go to school together. It'd be great.
I swear I won't even touch you until you're ready.
Won't it be great to live together?
Say hello to your roommate.
Don't you think it's too much?
Huh? Haven't you seen it on the internet?
It should fit just fine.
But it's so big.
He won't notice a thing.
Bring me the camera.
Lie next to him.
Dude, you really have a bizarre taste.
Smile, smile.
Man, you're filthy. Hurry. Take it out.
You shithead.
You're crazy, man.
Have you seen Sung-kook?
This is good!
You shouldn't eat that.
Eun-sik, don't eat it.
I'll buy you a new one so spit it out right now.
I like free stuff, I like it so much.
Just spit it out, it's dirty.
Just spit it out.
Are you tired? All right, I'll do it.
Open the damn door.
I heard that Kyung-ah has a new coach.
It's true.
The crazy dog has completely lost it because of that bitch.
That means the school cares about the swimming team a lot.
You're such an idiot.
The more interested they are in the new coach,
the less they will be in our crazy dog.
But our crazy dog's a professor Why should she get pushed out?
Hey, hey. She didn't major in swimming.
Didn't you know?
Our manager and coach majored in aerobics.
Oh, really.
So you'll get fired, too?
Maybe it's the heat, but I don't seem to have an appetite.
Your neck should be closer.
You're going to do this one stroke at a time?
Get on with it.
Kyung-ah, what are you doing over there?
Come over here.
How come he's so skinny?
When will he be discharged?
I don't know, maybe one more year?
Shit, you should have told me it was hot. Shit
You made me burn my mouth.
Gather everyone in the swimming pool.
But it's not time yet.
Just do what she says.
Hurry up!
Why are you still here?
Come with me.
Can I help you?
It's our afternoon training session.
There's still time left until the main training session.
- Coach PARK. - Yes.
Come on you bitches, get ready for training.
Why are you still here?
I'll go.
You guys...
Don't slack off!
Watch out, I might hit you in the head.
Stretch your legs further out.
Will it be red paper or blue paper?
I can't, I can't. I'm really busy right now.
Third floor, students' hall, second from the right.
I just told you I'm busy. Hey, hey.
Shit, shit, shit.
What are you doing here?
This is the ladies room.
You crazy piece of shit.
- What are you doing? - Get out.
You'll pay for this!
What about the toilet paper?
I love you.
We'll start preparing for the upcoming national K-1 championship.
Today, let's strengthen our mentality.
For that, there is no better training than this.
Jump off, now.
What kind of training is this? Shit.
Shit? What did you just say?
What are you doing? Jump.
I really can't do it.
What do you mean you can't?
You fool, jump off.
Let go of this.
Look at this fool hanging on. What are you? Conan?
I said we need to strengthen our mentality.
Help me, help me!
Hold on to this.
Which sport are you into?
I teach Mixed Martial Arts called K-1 to a few students.
Wow, K-1!
You know what it is?
Mirko Fillipovic is famous for his high kick!
Jerome Le Banner is famous for his punch.
But the greatest technique ever is
Remy Bonjasky's flying knee-kick.
I have to study. Ah, I want to do it Be patient! Shit.
What is this?
Trust me, I was just standing
there to meet a friend.
Why else would I be standing there?
And honestly,
We're probably the only couple that's gone out for three years and not done it.
It just that...
Guys get really stressed out if they don't do it.
You really want to have some fun?
I would like that. I would.
What are you doing?
Look ahead.
Do you really think that's funny?
Yes, it's hilarious.
Hey, let me ride on your shoulders.
On my shoulders? Oh, no, no, no.
I'm weak, I'll break my back.
Catch me if you can.
Catch me if you can.
Catch me if you can.
Stop right there!
It serves you right.
That's why you shouldn't wear high heels.
Hey, you've never even bought me a pair.
I'm not supposed to buy you shoes.
They say it's bad luck for couples.
Stop, stop, stop.
Wow, those are beautiful.
They really are pretty.
But they're too expensive.
What does the price tag say?
850,000 won.
850,000 won.
That is absolutely crazy.
Only the brainless waste money on useless things like that and brag
Only the penniless complain about them.
Hey, I can afford those.
You think I can't even buy a pair of shoes for you?
- Go faster. - Stop it.
- Hurry up. - Stop it.
Go straight!
Brainless bitch!
I don't see why we have to do physical training in the swimming pool.
It's so hot outside I think it's better.
You wouldn't mind.
You fill up quite nicely.
Let's go.
This is Dae-hak's scent.
Dae-hak? Your boyfriend who went to the army?
Is it Dae-hak's sister?
But he doesn't have a sister.
Who the hell is she?
Crazy bitch.
She's the same every year.
I think it's good to be consistent.
Me too.
Shut up unless you want to get punched.
She doesn't have a clue.
She doesn't have hair?
Hair? You want all yours taken out you idiot?
Look at her breasts, they're really big.
They're just normal. Besides, they're not real.
Why did she do that? Did she have something up her ass?
I'm sorry about before.
I'll buy you a drink, so don't stay mad at me.
It's okay.
Gi-joo, is that you?
Long time no see. What are you doing here?
I'm here with some people from work.
That's right. I heard you became a prosecutor.
Yoo-mi, this is the guy who became a prosecutor.
When was the last time we saw each other?
It was when I was a senior in high school.
That's right!
I cried so much when I heard you were moving away.
- Really? - Yes.
Let me introduce you. This is my boyfriend.
He's a senior in law school.
Friend or lover?
My future husband.
- Really? - Yes.
- Nice to meet you. - Yes, yes.
You must be really busy preparing for the law exam.
Did you pass the first round?
Yes, this is our first round of drinks.
He is not made out for the law exam.
He's lucky if he doesn't mess up.
I'm just kidding.
I think I had too much beer.
My bladder is about to burst. Please excuse me.
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry.
- Water, water... - Water?
Drink this.
It's okay, get some sleep.
Did I say something wrong? I was only telling the truth.
Could you hand me some tissue?
You have a really nice figure.
Excuse me!
Dae-hak, Dae-hak, LEE Dae-hak. You're Dae-hak, right?
You can fool everyone else, but you can't fool me.
Stop right there, you bitch.
Who the hell are you? Stop, you son of a bitch.
No, you bitch.
Shit, this is confusing.
- Love is tell me tell me. - Come here.
- Song number 329, please. - All right, come here.
- Bye. - Bye.
- Sing for me. - I'm not singing, just go home.
You have to sing me a song.
Please go to Seonjeong University intersection.
If you can't sing, you'll never get married.
I don't want to get married. Please just go.
Dae-hak, Dae-hak.
I'm so sorry.
I thought you went to the military. What happened to you?
I'm so sorry.
How did this happen?
After I slept with you...
What did I ever do to you?
I'm so sorry.
Yours are twice the size of mine.
You and I... Let's just die.
What is it?
I'll show you when we go inside.
This place is really expensive. Do you have enough money?
Don't you?
It's in the front.
Huh? Okay.
What is it?
Turn the lights off.
The lights? Why?
I'm embarrassed.
It's okay. There's no need to be embarrassed.
What are you doing?
Just wait a little longer.
I hope you had a pleasant stay.
Please come again.
What is it?
Do you have a condom?
What, now?
- It's my first time. - So?
Let's pray.
Today, I am giving my virginity to my one and only love.
Please let our love last forever.
What is this?
It's a present.
You really shouldn't have.
That hurts.
Ready or not, here I come.
What the hell is the problem?
I really can't do this, I'm scared.
Would you mind if we didn't do it?
Are you kidding?
Remember how I told you there was
an outfit that I wanted to buy for you?
- Is this it? - Yes.
Don't you think this is too much?
Just try it on for me.
LEE Bo-ra, why were you late to school?
Why were you late to school?
What are you talking about?
Just answer me!
I wasn't late today.
Just answer me, why were you late to school?
I had to eat something, okay?
You naughty girl need to get punished.
Bo-ra, I'm coming on your face.
I got some in my eyes.
Excuse me, Mr. KIM.
You've really outdone yourself.
Did you like it?
- Yes. - How much?
I don't know.
I just want to know how it was for you.
Men are so strange.
Why do all men ask the same question after sex?
- I guess we get curious... - I don't understand.
Every single guy I've slept with asked the same thing,
it's so strange.
So you didn't go to the army?
I did, but I came out.
You still have it.
Dae-hak, don't you feel anything?
How about this?
So you really can't do it with women?
What about men?
Oh my god.
Hit me.
Hit me.
That's it.
Swear at me.
Swear at me.
Say something stronger.
Say something stronger.
You damn prick!
Shit, let me try.
Like this, you wimp.
What the hell are you staring at?
Can't you understand me?
Like this, like this, like this, like this.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
That's good.
I'm sorry.
I can't help it when I'm excited.
I had a good time, though.
You have nothing to apologize for.
I'm glad you had a great time
I enjoyed it, too.
I knew it. I shouldn't have let you drink.
Can't you stay with me tonight?
And do what?
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
Do you want another drink?
No, I had enough.
Can't you just come in and stay with me for a while?
- Eun-sik? - Yes
Don't you know why I can't do it?
I know, and I understand.
And I understand you.
But I just can't.
Please try to understand.
Who's calling so late?
Hi. I've just come home.
I'll see you soon. Take care. Sure.
Is it the prosecutor guy?
That's it for today. I'm leaving.
Do you want me to take you home?
Aw, my cute hubby.
Take care of yourself.
What? It's been three years and you haven't done it?
No, I haven't.
You are really killing that guy, you murderer.
I don't understand.
Listen up.
Let's say you go on a picnic with Eun-sik,
and when he goes to take a piss.
A viper comes along and bites Eun-sik's penis.
And Eun-sik says, "Kyung-ah, the poison is spreading"
"Please suck my penis, suck it hard"
Would you refuse to suck it?
You're embarrassing me.
Have you ever had an orgasm?
Is it really that important?
Have you guys felt one?
You're really missing out, you poor thing.
I'll tell you what an orgasm is
Your legs go limp.
And your body loses control. Your breath gets heavier.
And you feel steam coming out of your ass.
- You are not yourself. - You bitch.
What the hell are you talking about?
Did anybody see where Sung-kook went yesterday?
Just tell me!
Say something, bitch.
I think I saw him leave with the new coach.
Don't you trust him?
You bitch.
He was quite a disappointment.
You bitch.
I don't want him. You can keep him.
- You bitch. - You get the bill.
You bitch!
What the hell are you looking at?
What a bitch.
What a bastard.
Don't you trust me?
Do you remember the first time we met?
Of course I do.
I know you better than anyone else
You are so innocent
I know you better than anyone else
You are so innocent
That is who I am.
Let's go.
The civil service exam is coming up soon.
Don't underestimate the exam.
Study hard. Bite down on this when you study.
And be careful when you exercise. Your wife, Kyung-ah.
You shouldn't let your guard down.
Have you guys done it?
We did sleep together a few times.
I touched her breasts,
and she even let me suck on them.
And last time, we were sleeping...
Are you a limp dick?
Sung-kook, Sung-kook.
What are we doing here?
I really shouldn't be here.
Let's go
Let's go home.
How old are you?
This is it.
Let's go.
Aren't you going to get undressed?
Let's sit.
Come here.
What's wrong?
Just a minute.
Let me do it for you.
What the hell?
Where are you?
Me? I'm eating at a restaurant.
What are you eating? Why are you panting?
The food is so hot
Aren't you going to take your clothes off?
I heard a woman's voice. Who are you with?
What? Oh, a lady who works here.
I'm with a friend right now.
And he's sort of giving me a look.
Can I call you back later?
Hurry up and go study.
Okay, I will.
What the hell? Why did you do that?
This is kind of weird.
I don't usually visit these places.
There's actually something that I've been practicing.
Could you be a dear and let me do my thing?
Sure, no problem.
Do whatever you like.
What are you staring at, you idiot?
I'll carve your eyes out!
You're crazy! You crazy bastard!
We're doing just fine, just little more.
Uncle, uncle
We're doing just fine on our own.
- Why are you doing this to me? - It's okay, we're doing just fine
Uncle! Uncle!
Hurry up, take them in.
please! i have to go
Stop what you're doing!
I am arresting you for violating the special sex trade law.
You have the right to remain silent,
and you have the right to an attorney.
Take him in!
Who are you? Why are you doing this?
You should have been more careful What did you do to hurt your knee?
It's nothing, don't worry about it
But it looks quite serious. How can I not worry?
Mom, I ran into Gi-joo a few days ago.
- Gi-joo? - Yes.
The one who used to live next door?
Did he say what his job is?
He's a prosecutor.
Really? Is he married?
Married? I don't think so.
Are you going to see him again?
Does he still like you?
What is he like?
Stop it.
My god, they are so pathetic.
They should have their penises cut off.
Isn't that Eun-sik?
I didn't do anything!
Innocent until proven guilty! Innocent until proven guilty!
I would tell you if I had done something wrong.
I was just going to have a conversation.
Why did you take your pants off
if you were just going to talk?
I didn't take them off myself.
She forced them off of me.
Hey, say something.
Did I ask you for anything?
I told you I just wanted to talk.
Did I take my pants off myself?
No I didn't.
Hey, come here and sit down Hurry up!
Why don't you believe me?
I know it's hard to believe.
But I am really in love with her.
Then why did you pay the woman you love for sex?
It's not what it looks like.
I was just giving her some money so she could buy something nice.
It was sort of like pocket money.
And you just happened to give it to her in that place?
Does it matter where I was when.
I gave the woman I love some pocket money?
If that's a crime, I'll pay the price.
So you admit your crime.
See, there's no need to be so difficult.
- Hold on, hold on. - Sit down,
I have everything I need.
You brainless fool.
Please believe me.
- Did you do it? Did you? - I didn't.
Why don't you believe him?
He just said that he didn't do anything.
I didn't even hold her hand.
I was just going to talk to her for a little while.
I didn't know where I was going.
Sung-kook just dragged me there.
Get away from me.
Detective KIM.
Gi-joo? Over here, Gi-joo.
- Gi-joo has come, he's here. - Gi-joo, I'm so glad to see you.
It's the special guidance period, so it won't be much of an issue.
It's your first offense, so they let you off with a warning.
Be careful in the future.
I don't think we can thank you enough.
If you feel that way, you can buy me a meal sometime.
Would that be enough?
Just tell me when you're available.
Kyung-ah, what's wrong with your knee?
It's nothing.
You shouldn't be walking.
I'll give you a lift.
I'm going with Eun-sik.
Come on, let's go.
I told my mother that I met you.
She was really pleased.
She says you should visit us. She wants to treat you to a meal.
Sure, I'll call you.
My leg hurts, carry me on your back.
- Thank you. - Bye.
- Sung-kook, I'm leaving. - Sure.
So, you brought your car.
You really don't have to be so kind.
You are so kind. Which one is it?
Is it that big one?
I'm really sorry. I didn't know he was taking me there.
If your leg hurts, you should have let Gi-joo take you home.
- Put me down. - What?
Put me down.
Kyung-ah, I...
You trust me, right? I really didn't do anything!
I wouldn't lie to you! I'll be good. I'm sorry.
I hope your meal at the whorehouse was worth it.
One, two, three, four.
Ji-hyeon, you're supposed to move your arms like this.
Carry on. One, two, three.
What's up with her? Did something happen to her?
I think she missed her medication time.
We can't thank you enough, Gi-joo.
Don't mention it.
If it wasn't for you,
my Sung-kook could have gone to jail.
How are you preparing for the championships?
We're trying to do our best.
It's not so easy without a training room,
but we're doing what we can.
Well, it's not even a proper team.
Our swimming team was supposed to go on a training trip to Wando.
But we ran out of money.
I think I can help.
My uncle runs a resort in Jeju Island.
He's been asking me to come, so I could ask him a favor.
And you guys could come with me to do your training.
You've already done enough. You don't have to do that.
I still have to ask my uncle. So I can't be sure.
You bastard.
- Yes? - Are you kidding?
Whenever I start to forget you,
you just keep popping up and stabbing my heart.
I'm just going to whoop you.
Who are you?
- What, what? - Both of you, stop it.
This is the girl I used to date.
Remember? I told you about her.
And this is my boyfriend.
I think I know her. Who is she?
She's quite pretty.
Eun-sik, you should propose to her and make her yours.
If you don't make her yours for sure.
That Gi-joo guy might take her away from you.
Are you gonna let him have her?
What the hell are you talking about?
I think he really likes her.
And Kyung-ah didn't seem to mind him, either.
Do you have a death wish?
Everybody, look at me.
We will be going on a training trip to Jeju Island.
And the swimming team will be going too.
Enjoy yourselves.
Come on!
I think the guys prepared quite a show for you.
I hope you succeed.
My present is in the drawer.
But don't use too much.
Watch out! Come on.
Look out.
You guys are making a big mistake.
#When I first saw you, I felt a glitter in your eyes.
#Was I wrong to feel that way.
#Your radiant smile made me a fool.
#I know you will come back to me.
#I will give everything to you.
#We will be together forever.
#And never be apart.
#Because I love you and only you.
#Because I love you.
Say yes! Say yes!
Kiss her! Kiss her!
Do you have a death wish?
You are so embarrassing.
You guys are the best.
#I don't want to think of you on every single lonely night.
#I don't want to, I don't want to.
#I don't like my shabby self standing under a dim lamp.
#I wonder if the singing birds know how I feel.
#My love, who has gone so far.
#Maybe he's forgotten me.
#He told me not to forget him.
They have no class, do they?
- Number 2 and number 5. - Sexy dance, sexy!
Shall do a sexy dance.
Who's the king?
It's me, it's me.
A lap dance for the king. And a kiss, too.
- Kiss, kiss. - What number shall I pick?
What number shall I pick...
What number shall I pick?
Number 8.
Number 8.
Number 8.
I'm so nervous. Number 8.
It's Young-chae, Young-chae.
You bitch.
A game is just a game, let's not get upset!
What the hell?
Numbers 3 and 8 shall kiss.
Lap dance.
Guess who's the king?
Numbers 3 and 8 shall kiss.
You just did that.
Deep kiss, deep kiss.
With tongue and everything.
Number 4, 4, 4. Number 8,
number 3...
Do something else.
It's my turn at last!