Basketball Dribbling Tips & Tricks : Dribbling Off the Wall Basketball Drill

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

Now let's talk about wall dribbling. If you're inside playing, pick a wall in your gymnasium.
Simple as it sounds. You're using the wall to dribble off of the ball. The reason that
you're doing that is reflexes and getting loose. You can use it as a warm up exercise.
You're going to want to do it with both hands. We don't have the wall outside here, so I'm
going to use the pole. Again, just use it for maybe 1-3 minutes when you're warming
up in your 15-20 minute warm up and throw it in there. It's just another thing that
you can get comfortable with, get your hands warmed up, give you some coordination. Instead
of dribbling real close to the floor and bending over, you can use the wall or a pole like
Just practice your dribble. You can go a little bit faster or you can slow it down a little
You get the idea. This is wall dribbling.