Aap Ki Kasam

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God only knows, who will get this beauty queen in jackpot
I am talking to you. - Me?
Yes, are you not ashamed teasing girls like this? - Meaning?
Don't act. These flowers are proof of your mischief.
- What do you want to say? - I've tolerated 2 flowers you threw.
But next time you will get stones from me!
Look I have no time nor inclination to offer flowers.
If you want have fun, there are lots of Toms & Dicks around.
I will report to the Principal.
Do that. I'm Kamal Bhatnagar of M. Sc Final.
- Also tell that I had also slapped you. - You will slap me?
Of course, you are disturbing me in my studies.
Go away or else I will give you one!
Oh you!
You need to be showered with flowers.
The latest bird of our college had come, and you drove it away.
So you were the one behind all this mischief.
I was only worshipping her by throwing flowers!
If you wanted to, you should have done it in front of her...
...why did you do it, hiding behind me?
We have no chance, compared to you.
Studies, football hockey you are on top.
You have one shortcoming. - What?
You don't know how to entice or be enticed.
I don't like all this.
For you college is time pass..
but for me it is an opportunity for development.
Kamal, you have unnecessarily become serious.
That son of an owl.
Where did you find the owl in these works?
I'm talking about that Kamal. - Just forget him.
I cannot forget him for life. - That is great!
Such state in the first meeting! - What did you say?
You are very lucky.
It isn't easy to talk to Kamal Bhatnagar. He avoids girls.
He will look at my shoes.
He is your hero,
but I'll one day make him a zero.
Otherwise I'll change my name.
Yes, change it to Mrs Sunita Bhatnagar. - You!
What are you doing. - Now I show you.
Leave me!
Fine, I grab my ears.
OK, I withdraw. Only Miss, not Mrs...
What you said. - No!
What has happened? Lights have gone again.
We must complain about it. - Fatso has come.
See the lights have gone again. Why don't you do something?
I have complained so many times. But nobody listens.
We cannot stay in the dark. We feel scared.
One can't read or write. It is nonsense. We must do...
OK, girls.
Put a candle in each room.
Girls, manage with a candle tonight.
Tomorrow we will talk to the Principal.
Manage with a candle tonight!
Suppose I say this flower is proof of your mischief, then?
You have reached here!
How dare you come to the girls hostel.
The same stupidity!
I'm not chasing you for you are not worth anything.
Listen one thing.
I'm here with the permission of the Principal...
...and approval of your superintendent.
I'll clarify about yesterday.
The boy who threw flowers on...
...you is not me but one Suresh.
Who is Suresh?
He is our college Romeo.
He keeps teasing girls.
- It means I made a mistake. - Yes.
Found anything? - Yes, the joints have loose wires.
Yes, by high load it sparking.
Did you find out anything? - Yes, we have to change your line
What? - Yes, new line.
Wiring upto the rooms will need to be changed.
Kalua, you get the wiring. Give me pliers.
Hold it.
I'm destroyed.
What is your enmity with me.
What happened?
Your car is on my Lalu. Lalu is under your car.
See my dear Lalu. My poor Lalu.
You are crying for a rooster? - All my hens are now widows!
You think he is cheap rooster.
All my family members are aggrieved.
What do you want?
Put life back in my rooster. - I can't put life back.
You can take out atleast.
Take it out of your pocket & I’ll put it in mine.
Else I'll fie a case under section 302 for murder. - What?
Look, it cannot be Sec.302.
OK, make it Rs 202. It cannot be lowered further.
You go. - Yes, I'll deal with him.
Have you no shame! - Look, you warm up my pocket.
May I start.
Like this..
Your face looks familiar. Aren’t you our cricket captain? - Yes.
Then the problem is over. Why don't you take some eggs.
Your good.
Come Kamal, have you come for light suit. - Yes.
You have already come three times!
But this time I have brought the full money.
It that.
Pack it. Here is your Rs 125.
But now the price is Rs 175.
Only 15 days back...
Here the tax increases overnight, you are talking of 15 days.
Listen you keep this and balance money give me later.
I will come some other time.
Come to my arms.
Don't waste time.
You know,
how jealous master is when he sees us together.
Where has the mosquito come from.
Don't delay or another mosquito may come.
Who is that? - Yes, your master. What were you doing?
Sir, I'm. - What?
I was doing a rehearsal of a movie I had seen.
You are obsessed. Have the clothes come from Laundry?
And I washed the clothes. - Yes.
Did you check the pockets? - Yes, I found Rs1.
- And- One 8 annas. - And - That’s it.
Ok, keep the 8 annas.
I will keep the Rs1 also & see a movie.
Now get me one hot cup of tea. - I am going to get tea!
One Policeman had come, he left this for you.
A small gift from one under whose car a rooster came.
You! - Why did you send this?
Because you needed them. - How did you know?
I was in the shop when you went in. You didn't see me.
May I ask by doing this act, why do you mock at my poverty?
I've heard you are the daughter of a very rich man.
I do hope buying for the poor is not your hobby.
You have misunderstood me.
I wanted to apologise for my bad behaviour,
but didn't have the nerve.
So I thought I will make amends.
I never thought I will be misunderstood.
Sunita, I'm sorry.
You're saying from the heart
If you really don't want to hart me
Then keep this for me.
In life there are some things which one never forgets.
I am indebted.
I had to go to buy tickets.
Which movie?
Not for movies, but a train ticket. - Train ticket?
A letter had come from the village, There is a land dispute.
Which village are you from?
May be you didn't heard name.
It is about 3 hours by train, and one & half by road.
That means it must be 150 - 200 miles from here.
Yes, round about that much.
But if the train is late, you miss the bus,
which comes after 2 & half hours. Then...
But why waste so much time.
Suppose I take you there in 3 hours, then?
- How? - By car.
Look, I've seen all big cities of India,
but I am yet to see a village.
And I would love to.
One more excuse to do one more favor.
I have great love to see villages. Please believe me.
You are believed.
It is not starting.
Petrol is finished. Tank was full.
That means there is a defect.
Defect has been located. - What?
That stone which bounced has made a hole in the tank.
- What will we do no? - Lock up the car, we will go walking.
How far have we to go. - Say about 8-9 miles.
8-9 miles! - It can be more also.
This is technical matter.
Go & sit in the car, I will arrange for a mechanic & petrol.
Kamal, don't leave me alone.
You are quite a scared one!
Here wipe yourself.
Why is this G here, you should have an S.
I didn't notice, but your observation is good.
Considering G for god, I'll wipe my head.
The rain is increasing! - This time you are not scared.
This time I am not alone.
That time one wonderful thing occurred.
You called me informally rather than formally.
I was scared, I said inadvertently.
But now I realise, formal talk separates...
whereas informal addressal brings one close.
Coming close is better, so address informally.
What do you desire?
What I want, you cannot give me now.
- Should I tell you the truth. - Yes.
One hot cup of tea!
Why are you not drinking!
Get the date for the dispute from the lawyer.
Okay, sir.
God bless you. You were to arrive yesterday.
The car went off road, & we had to get a new one.
Who is this? - This is Sunita.
She is with me in college.
She is fond of villages, and she was keen to come.
That's well done.
He shouts as if Dhandu has gone to Kathmandu. Coming.
Where is he? - Yes, master.
Kamal, sir you!
- How are you, Dhandu. - Same as before.
But from one you have become two!
Dhandu, she is our guest. Quick, take out the baggage.
Don't scream! I can hear loud & clear. Don't shout.
This man will not change.
Kamal. - Yes.
Just tell me, is Sunita in your class?
She is in first year she is quite junior.
Then how did you come to know each other
See, we study in the same college.
I was thinking something else. - What?
That you like her, and brought her here to show me.
There is no such thing! - But the girl is very good.
I would like a daughter in law like her.
Forget her, she is the daughter of a millionaire.
In marriage, family & not money carries merit.
Now whether her father is a millionaire or a billionaire,
he only wants that his daughter gets a good husband.
Whose marriage are you talking of.
I was telling Kamal, the earlier a man settles down, the better.
That is true. - Yes,
your father too would be similarly worried...
...once your studies are completed. - That is true!
She is blushing! - That is true.
That is true.
What do you thinking?
I have come to the village for the first time...
I feel like staying here forever.
You haven't seen anything yet, daughter.
Our village is a small heaven.
When the sun rises...
Listen! - Say! - Spoken. - Heard!
Did it happen?
Not as yet.
Listen! - Say! - Spoken. - Heard!
Did it happen?
Not as yet.
What moves. - Wind. Pours. - Rain.
Did it happen? - Not as yet.
This wonderful ambience, gives us clear indications.
My eyes too speak silently, but does somebody listen!
Not understood! Please explain.
Listen! - Say! - Spoken. - Heard!
Did anything happen? - Not as yet.
If I have my way, from morning to evening I will be with you.
If it is possible, I'll write your name on my heart in many house
Do not get entwined in words.
Listen! - Say! - Spoken. - Heard!
Did anything happen? - Not as yet.
Ok, we'll talk later as you wish. - Yes, I am still too young.
What I should do, tell me.
Listen! - Say! - Spoken. - Heard!
Did anything happen? - Not as yet.
What moves. - Wind. Pours. - Rain.
Did anything happen? - Not as yet.
Yes, some thing has happened. Something has happened.
Something has happened.
What is this? You are going! - Dhanduram is going.
You could have stayed for a few days more.
We have to pick up our car, And we have to reach college in time.
But one day please come over. - I'll definitely come.
Why is there anything important? - This's between us, you keep quite.
I will take leave. - God bless. - Bye.
With the going of the car,
it appeared morning has turned into evening.
Wonder what is there in this girl,
she appeared like our own in a day.
Have you finished your letter? - Yes.
But it will not reach. - Why?
Do you have a Bangladesh 5 paise ticket.
Please give, if you have one. - I don't have.
Under all circumstances I have to post this letter.
At this time where will I get the stamp.
Idea. Gita Banerjee.
Her desk is a virtual post office.
She doesn't return till 1 at night!
I will just fetch it.
Now this letter, you go there. And you go here.
That is Sunita's letter?
Yes, it is hers, but written to her dad.
Whose address is that? - It is mine.
That means the letters have got exchanged...
Your letter would have reached her dad. Just read it!
She has written some nonsense, nothing worth knowing.
Come on let me have a look.
No use.
My dear dad, there is a boy in my college.
We met & I like him.
I met Kamal's dad also & he is an excellent gentleman.
You will also like Kamal also.
You were saying it is all nonsense! God has heard me.
He has sent me a wonderful daughter in law.
Dhandu, go get the painter. - Yes.
We will get the house painted, & the curtains too.
The chairs... - Master, is some minister coming?
Man, our daughter in law is coming.
Is the match confirmed? - Yes.
Should I say a thing, father. - Yes, go ahead.
You are flying kites. This letter has not reached her father yet!
The letter which has reached her father, would do the magic!
You sent me a telegram and I have come.
What has happened Dad? - Sunita!
Don't talk to him. - What has happened mom?
We had to call you,
so that on seeing you, he will have some shame.
I have come to know,
even though after 25 years of marriage, your dad's true nature.
What has happened mom?
Even at this age your dad gets love letters.
Love letter. - Yes.
It was fortunate the letter came to my hands.
Else he'll fool me all my life.
This can never happen!
You don't believe it?
Read it yourself.
What is this joke?
Hey, come here.
And you come here.
The boy's name is Kamal, isn't it? - Yes.
The boy's name is Kamal, isn't it?
Name is very sweet. What do you feel?
Such a big thing, and you dismiss it so lightly.
What are you saying? We have only one daughter.
And I also wish..
that wherever she stays she remains happy.
And in the letter... - Dad, how did my letter reach here?
In the letter to you...
- You must have written, there's a boy in the college,
whom you have started liking and want to marry!
You like Kamal very much?
Come on speak, you like him?
But you said you will make her understand.
What is there to make her understand.
She is grown up and educated,
she knows what is good for her...
And even if I say something... - What do you want to say?
You have liked a boy. He must be good.
Your mother & I have only one worry.
You have been brought up with a lot of love.
You have never been short of anything.
Rs1-2000 is your pocket money.
Would you... - Dad,
what if you had got me married to a rich man, & later he became poor?
The matter is over.
When I married you I was never a millionaire.
Our love kept us together.
Where do Kamal's parents stay?
Mother's dead. Father is there.
He has his own house in village called Chandanpur.
He has his farms. I've met him.
Then we too must meet him.
I've been twisting & turning the whole night.
I've been twisting & turning the whole night. I swear by you.
I swear by you.
I've been twisting & turning the whole night.
I swear by you.
Don't be sad, the days of separation are very few...
...I swear by you.
I always missed you which was intolerable at times.
Sleep played hide and seek with me.
Even the moonlight couldn't soothe my heart.
The fire kept burning, and the dew kept falling,
I swear by you.
In your eyes the lover'll get lost. In your mane, will he sleep.
You better go, or else something will happen.
Our steps may totter like this, my dear
I swear by you.
If I get annoyed, come to pacify me, my dear
If you get annoyed, just call me to you.
If I get unhappy, just embrace me.
Let not this vow ever break, I swear by you.
I swear by you.
When did you come? - Just now.
You were lost in your music, so I quietly sat down.
Man must be lost somewhere.
Anyway, how did you come here so suddenly?
You had mentioned about a job for me in your company...
...yes that is confirmed.
But one gets a house only after one year.
Yes. But you are alone. Stay with me.
I have a small problem. I'm getting married! - What!
Marriage? Really? - That's why I want a house.
Housing allotment is in my hands. I will arrange something for you.
The house in front is vacant.
- Friend, this favor... - On me.
I'll get a good neighbour, & my friend will stay close to me.
How is your wife? - She is fine. Come I'll show you the house...
...The key is with Kanhaiya Lal. - Who is he?
He is the foreman, I will introduce him to you also.
He is quite a character! - Really.
You think you are clever, but in this I am your dad, I'll show you.
Who is it?
Who is it?
It is you, Mohan, salutations!
Meet Kamal, our company's new officer. He'll stay in this house
Kamal, sir Greetings.
You'll stay here.
Kanhayia, here the sun hasn't set and you are at it?
I don't even know when it arose! - So U started in the morning!
It is evening or morning! Life just goes on!
OK, enjoy yourself, where is the key? - It has run away.
I'm talking of the house keys.
I thought you were asking for my keys.
Meet me again.
You should have sent me a telegram,
I would have come to the station to pick you up.
I thought why trouble you.
Sonu, he is mohan.
Greetings. - Greetings.
This house & this job have been entirely due to him.
Look, if you want anything... - Please listen Telephone for you!
May be something urgent.
Okay, Kamal see you.
Here are the keys.
They say, the lock of a new house should be opened by the wife.
Our new sir has come with the bride. - One more goat!
The new pair looks very nice.
Aren't we a good match?
You keep it up.
I told you time and again don't drink so much,
but you don't listen.
Your heart is beating so wildly.
- Yours or mine. - Ours.
Gauri. - What?
You remember the day, when we were newly married?
That day I am cursing and living!
That a drunk came into my life.
So many years have passed... - You couldn't become a mother...
...nor I a father.
Come get up! - But why? - Just get up.
OK, now tell!
You know when I was coming I saw the new sir...
...with his wife... - Yes, tell. - No, I'll not.
Tell me.
He just caught her like this! - Then what happened.
Wait, I'll just ask & come. - Where are you going?
Is it a thing to ask. Ask your heart.
My heart says a small one is coming to our house.
You will not drink anymore! - No, I feel like drinking you!
I feel like drinking you!
Look, somebody has come. Get up.
Who has come so early in the morning.
I think it's Mohan.
Tell him I am not well. Just tell him anything.
How can I go like this. Wait!
Has Kamal got up? - Yes, he has, but he is still lying down.
He is up but still lying down! - He has a headache.
No fever I hope? - No... - Wait let me see.
What Kamal, are you seek.
My head is bursting! I am in pain. Throbbing pain.
Should I call a doctor? - No, I'll become alright soon.
Then what's wrong in consulting a doctor?
You have to come to the office from Monday.
The doctor stays nearby. I will call him.
What are you giving thanks for. What will the doctor say?
You gave an excuse of illness. Now pay for it.
Doctor will give you a big injection...
Wait for the doctor & I'll make a cup of tea.
He will give a big injection? - No, he will make love to you!
Doctor Ghadghadsinghwala, where is the patient. - Patient?
Yes the patient, where is he? - Come.
Where is he. - Here.
Hello sick man.
Lie down. Lie down!
Lie down!
Pull in- What - of course your breath. Hold it!
Did you have a drink at night? - No, I don't drink.
There is nothing to worry about, I just have a headache. That’s all
How can you say that?
Your blood pressure is low but your pulse is erratic.
Doctor, are you a vet? - Not at all, tragedy is your case is TL.
Whom is this for?
This is for me? - Yes. sure.
Don't touch.
Turn over!
It is done!
Doctor, can you tell me my sickness.
Even if you hadn't asked, I would have told you.
I want to advise you, anything in excess is bad.
When did you marry?
4 days back. - And this is your condition!
What do you mean? - Eat for three days and fast for 3.
Meaning! - Be a bachelor for three days.
How is this possible? - Simple. There are six days in a week.
Thursday, Friday & Saturday have r. They are your days.
The other 3 days no-no for you.
Doctor, You forgot Sunday.
That is a day for complete rest. Have you understood?
I'm leaving.
Remember what I said, and don't forget me.
Your name please? - I'm Dr Ghadghadsinghwala.
Is he a doctor?
How's health.
That son of gun, he shoved such a big injection in my butt.
You know what the doctor said? Did you hear. - Yes.
What? - He said Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Today is Saturday. My life is made.
Leave me. - But the doctor said, not me. - Leave me.
Has my wife left the keys with you? - No!
Are you going out somewhere? - Yes, and we will eat out.
What will you do alone at home. Come along with us.
Yes, Mohan come. - I would have, but I have a club meeting.
You go.
Why are you quiet? The evening programme was for ourselves.
So what happened! - Don't you feel disturbed.
He didn't have his house keys, so I called him.
I didn't like it.
Next time I'll not make a similar mistake...
...Pardon me.
If you don't mind, get some ice cream. We are sitting here.
What will we do sitting here?
You remember what the doctor said. Today is Sunday.
I cream cancel? - Yes.
Just listen.
Eat the ice cream and remember the doctor.
Don't come near. Don't forget that...
Don't come near. Don't forget that...
Today you are under oath, and love is banned!
Don't come near. Don't forget that...
Today you are under oath, and love is banned!
Life is so much fun like this and the heart also doesn't flutter.
Life is so much fun like this and the heart also doesn't flutter.
What peace is there today when love is banned.
Don't trouble your lover, and leave out this excuse.
Don't trouble your lover, and leave out this excuse.
There is NO on the lips, but the heart says YES!
It says yes, but love is banned today.
Don't come near, don't go far, today love is banned.
Don't come near, don't go far, today love is banned.
Great. Sometimes Delhi is banned, sometimes it is Bombay...
...and today love is banned.
Is the house open?
Do you have to go to the office or not?
There is plenty of time. - But why are you spoiling my sleep?
I just went to sleep and you started playing guitar!
I will throw that musical instrument out!
Now only a sitar is left to please me. Let it be with me.
If you loved it, why did you marry me?
You are getting annoyed in the morning. Go and sleep.
I'm going to office.
I'm just your wife in name. Why don't you take divorce from me?
To save myself from infamy.
And what is it, that is not here?
Despite being my wife, you have all the independence.
As you stay away from me, I have the right to amuse myself.
You had gained a reputation before marriage on this.
That is why your dad didn't find anyone but me to marry you.
What nonsense are you talking. Your dad was facing bankruptcy.
...lf my dad hadn't helped... - Not helped, but a deal.
I to marry you.
To save my dad, I had to agree for the marriage.
You are like a disease in my life, I can neither live or die.
How is it? - Just like you, very sweet.
Early in morning wife makes a good breakfast.
What else you want?
How is Mohan's wife? - Very strict.
I also thought so. I was in the garden, Mohan was playing sitar.
She came and stopped his music, and started firing him up.
This is each individual's fate.
Mohan is a nice man,
and he is also artistic, since he plays sitar.
Such people's wives should be pleasant & happy.
In this honeymoon, how has this Mohan come in.
You will not get tea, but milk from now. - Milk is for kids.
Are you less naughtier than a kid.
What did I do?
I'll tell later. Drink your milk! - I'll not have.
Are you drinking or not? - I'll but I'll not drink like this.
Then how?
Like the young ones do, from the bottle. - Leave me.
You are thinking of one only one thing!
Look, there was a sound of car horn.
Some car has come! - I have asked for it. - Why?
A complete day's outing! But Sunita. Only once.
I'll hit you. Naughty!
I am talking of love, and she is talking of fighting.
Shall I say?
You are sweet!
I feel I should lock you up in my eyes & keep you there, so that...
...nobody else should see you.
I bend at you.
And suppose somebody takes takes you away, then?
No, this cannot happen.
Where has this cigarette come from? - You have left it.
Surprising, somebody came and left quietly.
In future, keep all doors closed, the front & the back one.
What have you asked for? - A small cute daughter.
Why didn't you ask for a son? - Sons are crooks!
You mean you too are one! - You know better.
Sons actually forget their parents when they grow up
Daughters are different. They love their parents always.
I have even named her. - What? Tell me. - Ekta.
You liked the name? - It is very sweet.
Hail Lord Shiv!
May your wishes be fulfilled. Today is Shiva's birthday.
Drink in his name.
Priest, you are great!
My. - Yes.
Hail to the mighty Lord Shiv
Hail to the mighty Lord Shiv
Let not a thorn or stone pierce me. I had a glass in your name.
Hail to the mighty Lord Shiv
Let not a thorn or stone pierce me. I had a glass in your name.
I will fall or falter and die if you don't hold me, Lord.
Hail to the mighty Lord Shiv
Let not a thorn or stone pierce me. I had a glass in your name.
I will fall or falter and die if you don't hold me, Lord.
I see 2 in 1 and 4 in 2. - it happens like that in love.
I see 2 in 1 and 4 in 2. - it happens like that in love.
The earth is above me and the sky is above me.
I swear by God!
Hail to the lord Shiv Shankar
Let not a thorn or stone pierce me. I had a glass in your name.
I will fall or falter and die if you don't hold me, Lord.
Brother Bansi!
Let me sleep keeping my head on your shoulders.
Then let anything happen in that state.
Let me sleep keeping my head on your shoulders.
Then let anything happen in that state.
But in this, you have become a big cheat.
I swear by God!
Hail to the Lord! I had a glass in your name.
I'll falter & fall, if you don't hold me. I swear by God!
How will we go home now? - Our people will come to take us.
How will we go home now? - Our people will come to take us.
Whatever it is we had good fun, my love.
I swear by god.
Hail to the lord. Let not a thorn or a stone touch me.
I'll falter & fall, if you don't hold me. I swear by God!
Come play loudly. Play the drums!
Here's your handkerchief.
t has a nice fragrance. Is it yours or the hanky's.
Today is your first day in office. Fold your hands.
Not to me, but to god.
Here is your bag. It is now office time.
You mean slavery starts from today.
Sweeten your mouth.
Now go.
Now what?
One important work is left. - What is that?
Mouth purification! - Should I get a betel leaf? - No, no.
Mouth freshener.
Go from here. - No!
You have become very naughty!
Listen! - Yes?
Mouth purification was left here.
Mr D'souza, is Mr Dharia's set ready? - It'll take 10 minutes.
What are you doing here?
I'm doing service here for the last 6 months.
And you?
First let us meet.
You are a very bad man. - Why?
I'm very angry with both of you.
Can we know the reason?
You & Sunita got married. And you forgot your friend!
Look, we got married in a hurry, and I didn't have your address.
Now I know everything, & you can't save yourself...
When is the party. This Sunday? - Come over to the house.
What do you mean, come over to the house.
You'll have to call the entire staff
and there will be a grand party.
Staff, keep your Sunday free.
Mr Kamal is giving a party on the...
...occasion of his marriage and his new job! - Claps!
And Kamal, tea and cold drinks will not do. Whisky party.
Whisky party! Where, when, at what time. - Today at 12 in hell!
Where will we arrange whiskey from?
- Don't worry. I'll get it you pay for it!
Done? - Done.
This look 100% country!
This is whiskey, that too Black & White.
Put the white here, & leave the black... - Shut up.
Don't even mention drinks till all guests have taken.
Got it.
So bring it along. Not the bottle but the tray.
You want black or white?
I want neither.
I am getting drunk, looking at your moustache.
You are looking sweet.
You like my moustache. - Yes very much.
Really, then take it!
What are you looking at. Keep it safely!
You drink! You know I don't drink.
What do you mean?
You are scared of your wife? Understood.
Sister, give your husband permission to drink one peg,
otherwise the party will become a big bore.
He is requesting. So have one.
Leave them, what do you say? - Have one.
Where is Sister in law? - Heartiest felicitations.
Why did you bother? - It is just a small present Such occasions!
...do not come often.
So take this Sitar and make this evening more colorful.
Take this, I will make arrangements for that also.
May I request you? - No, no, I don’t know any song.
I have given up singing.
Seriously, I've stopped singing.
Sonu, since everybody is requesting...
No, no. - Sing for me, please. - Honestly, I am in no mood.
Sing for me. - No!
Singing is a gift of god, that...
...too, to give to others.
I'll not request you,
if the notes of my instruments are true, and magic in my music,
you'll certainly sing.
Secretly and silently...
Secretly and silently...
...hiding behind the eyelashes, the eyes have said everything!
Those eyes, those eyes.
Secretly and silently...
...hiding behind the eyelashes, the eyes have said everything!
Those eyes, those eyes.
On the lips was the lock of shyness...
...and the heart could not remain in control,
On the lips was the lock of shyness...
...and the heart could not remain in control,
And the eyes became the medium of expression of love.
These eyes, these eyes, these two eyes!
Though Mira tried her best to hide her love for Mohan...
Though Mira tried her best to hide her love for Mohan...
...she could not hide it from her friends.
Those eyes, those eyes, those two eyes!
Silently and secretly...
...hiding behind the eyelashes...
...they told all those things...
Those eyes, those eyes, those two eyes.
Enough, people will laugh.
They are praising Sunita! - But what is this?
What is this, you are sleeping here?
Take off your clothes & what have you made of yourself.
Making a mockery of the poor, Ghalib, we watch the spectacle.
You have drunk too much! - It is quite possible.
What was the necessity of drinking so much.
Shall I tell you clearly?
I was feeling a bit lonely in the party.
You got lost singing, & the people got lost hearing you
And I was watching these people who were watching you.
Henceforth, don't touch whisky at all.
Come change your clothes. Please come.
How is the mood today? - First class.
Aren’t you going early? - It is time now.
Your watch is fast, see there is still time.
Who knows who is right, and who is wrong.
Today I'm going to come late.
They have called me for tennis.
If I don't go they will say..
I have become a slave of his wife Is it Ok?
What are you saying! Your friends also have a right on you.
I would say, go every evening after office to the club.
we will see it happens like that.
Haven't you forgotten?
Your mouth purification?
I am getting late for office.
Not today. - Why? You look worried.
No, there is nothing.
But you did not play well today.
No practice, that is why.
What happened we haven't seen Mohan today.
He went from the office early also.
First time he didn't come to play tennis.
He also left early from the office.
The girl forgot to say, he is my husband.
Look he has also come.
He has told such a funny joke,
my belly is aching with laughter.
Please tell it for a second time.
The fun goes the second time
Mohan, you didn't come to play tennis.
Everyone was waiting.
Since I have to go to a party, I came early from office.
As usual, my wife has gone out locking me out.
This too is your house. - That is why I came.
Good you were at home,
otherwise it would have been difficult for me to pass time.
I'll bring coffee.
Mohan, one more cup? - No thank you.
You will spoil my habits, I already had 2 cups.
Have one more. - OK.
Sunita, Coffee for Mohan, & tea for me.
Right away.
Mohan, I hope, there is some time for your party.
I'll just change.
Mohan has left. His wife has come.
What a beautiful piece, it must be Sonu's choice.
No, it is Mohan's choice.
He gave it on the party day.
What a nice present! When it cuckoos it will remind him.
You liked it? - Have you liked it?
Very much.
Others also gave presents, but I liked this one.
That is why I kept it near the queen of your dreams.
I've kept the milk to boil, it shouldn't spill off. I'll just come.
You have come so soon from office.
Didn't you go to the club.
What have you done of your dress?
I'm just cleaning up.
Why is this door open? - I had just thrown the garbage.
I forgot to close.
Close it once it is dark.
You look worried, your health...
Kamal, what is the matter? Why are you acting suspiciously.
Did anyone come to meet me.
Why, no one. Yes, Mohan had come.
He had to go out. He wanted a bag.
I gave him your airbag.
You did a good thing.
If you can help a neighbor there cannot be anything better.
A glass of water, please.
Till when will you read. It is now 12 'O' clock.
You haven't slept as yet. - No, not feeling sleepy.
I don't know,
but why didn't you sleep?
I am reading, the story is quite romantic.
The beginning was good, but in between it has slowed down
Wonder how I will finish.
Sunita, let me read.
You know what day it is?
It is Sunday.
No, it is Sunday. Let us sleep.
What madness, till I finish this book I will not be able to sleep.
Go to sleep.
Kamal, you have changed a lot since the last few days.
I feel now, that you don't like me.
Not me, but you have changed.
I hope you are not regretting that you married me.
Come on, go to sleep.
What are you doing? The machine will get burnt.
Who has broken this glass?
May I come in?
Where is Kamal, just call him.
He is not at home.
His friend is not well & he has gone to him.
He'll be back by tomorrow.
That is how, even in the office.. - What? - Nothing.
he was looking worried.
I hope i have not disturbed you.
I was getting bored and passing time. Do sit down.
What will you have, tea or coffee.
Thank you, I am in a bit of a hurry.
day is Ravi Shankar Programme.
And I have two tickets. - How is your wife?
As usual, partying. She is happy in her life.
You are alone today, You can come with me.
We will be back by 10.
Ravishanker's programme. Just give me five minutes.
Who is behind the curtain?
Who are you?
Your friend... How are you here?
What is the idea of keeping a watch on me..
in the middle of the night?
Why don't you speak. Answer!
What is your relationship with Mohan?
My relationship with Mohan? - Yes, with Mohan.
For whom you have lots of sympathy.
And I also know you meet him in my absence.
Everybody knows Mohan's wife does not love him,
and that love you are providing.
Enough, Kamal.
Today also you had gone with him.
Where did you go?
Today I have understood your unusual behavior.
I could never imagine you will ever suspect me.
That you will make such a dirty allegation.
Today, I am ashamed of myself.
What did I see in you, that I loved you & married you.
That is not the answer to my question.
What is your relationship with Mohan? - Relationship?
You want to know my relation with him?
I will not tell.
But from today there is no relationship between us.
Before leaving the house, think of this.
By going away you will...
...convert my suspicion to a fact.
I am not bothered.
I am not only going from this house,
but from your life, that too forever.
Sunita is not there to invite you in my absence Mohan.
One whom you wanted to meet.
I came to meet you both.
To meet both. Even after knowing I am not at home.
Yes, Sunita had said you had gone out somewhere.
It would have been better, if I had gone.
You would have some independence.
I have not understood.
I mean, where will I find a friend like you.
I am indebted to you.
You got me this job, and you got me this house.
What are you saying?
The duty of a friend is to help friends.
To play with friend's respect and set his house on fire?
What nonsense are you talking!
Be happy friend. Today you have slapped me, I pardon you.
I am your friend and will remain so.
You are not in your senses...
Your mind is filled with suspicion But remember one thing...
When you come to your senses, you will regret, and weep.
What happened?
Daughter, how have you come so suddenly.
I do not want to go back.
It appears you had a fight.
That means your daughter has reached your house.
You should be ashamed of the way you've behaved with Sunita
Me or your daughter,
who has taken undue advantage of my faith and love.
It isn't possible.
The allegations you have made against her are false.
If they are, then why did she go away from the house.
Why didn’t she answer my question?
What answer can she give.
You are a victim of your own suspicions.
That's why I personally came to you.
To make you understand and clear your misunderstandings.
Listen, I have no time.
Father is not well. I have to go.
What would you have done in my place?
I would have faced my husband and answered his allegations.
Cleared his doubts, but I would have never left my house.
Listen, you are innocent. Listen to me. Go back to Kamal.
Sunita will not go back there.
What are you saying?
I'm right.
The day when husband was god is over.
Today both man and woman have equal rights.
Whether it is husband or wife they must face punishment.
World may have changed, but society has not.
In a dispute nobody sees the husbands faults.
The woman is faulted...
...and she has to face the consequences.
The basis of a sound marriage is total faith in each other...
Sunita has lost that faith of her husband.
Now she can never be happy with him.
Don't say that.
Fights occur in each marriage.
But they reunite.
Your anger against Kamal is justified...
But it is a question of our daughter's future.
Because our child..
Look I am her father.
No father can see his daughters house being destroyed.
Why don't you meet Kamal once.
I'm sure problems will be...
I have already met him.
He insulted & went to his village.
He has neither respect nor worry for his wife.
I have decided...
...till he apologises for his behaviour Sunita will never return
Sir, there is somebody to meet you.
I am Kamal's friend and his neighbour also.
Your name please? - I am Mohan.
Sunita must have told you,
I am also a victim of Kamal's misunderstanding.
Why did you not try and clear this misunderstanding?
I didn't get a chance.
After Sunita's going, when I met Kamal, he slapped me.
Kamal slapped you?
Yes, he was not in his senses.
But he is a good friend, so I didn't feel bad.
What have you come here for?
I came to request Sunita,
to come and in front of Kamal tie Rakhi on my hand
& his suspicion goes away forever.
No, the person who can distrust his wife and his friend can also...
...insult the sacredness of the Rakhi.
Whatever it is, an understanding should be arrived at quickly.
I don't see a possibility of an understanding.
Kamal is convinced of his suspicions.
And you too cannot prove your innocence.
Therefore after seeing all angles,
I'm convinced these two must...
...come once face to face with each other.
But how will that be possible. Will Kamal agree?
That is why I'm sending Kamal a legal notice.
That is the only way.
So that he is compelled to come here.
This notice proves your father in law who is also a barrister &...
...a very big man, wants to take you to court and get a divorce.
What should I do then?
I'm of the opinion that before the legal work starts,
we should ask legally a few questions.
In the court.
Otherwise there is one more way. Apologize to your wife.
I haven't done anything for which I should apologize.
Do what you want. I am fed up with these headaches.
Don't worry, I will proceed today itself.
What happened? Why did you leave your tea?
I have got a notice in response to my notice from Kamal.
What has he written? - That which I shouldn't have.
I had threatened only to get them together.
Now this issue is actually going to the court.
Despite the summons, Sunita is not present in the court...
nor has she admitted an affidavit. T
That means she has no reply to...
...the charges made against her by my client.
I can give such a reply Kamal and his lawyer will go for a six.
Then do something. - What should I do?
If we go to the court, it will embarrass all.
If he has gone to the court, let his dreams be fulfilled.
I curse the day, when Sunita chose Kamal.
Your honor, I request the court,
keeping in view the situation...
...my client's application may please be accepted
& he be granted a divorce.
NO It can't be. This is a lie!
What crime did I do, that he gave me such a punishment.
What is there in this world for me.
Don't be stupid.
If I hadn't come, what would have happened.
I would have been released! - Forget what has happened.
Forget what?
My love? My destruction? Or myself?
How can I forget.
Tell me how do I forget?
I have examined Sunita, Her condition is precarious.
What are you saying, Doctor?
The mental shock she has sustained can result in anything!
What do you mean? She may lose her mental balance.
We have placed our daughter in your trust.
You know we have only one issue.
Make her alright under any circumstances.
There will be no problems in her treatment.
I am also consulting other doctors.
Rest is in god's hands.
That's okay, son.
Please save Sunita.
May I see her?
How are you now?
Won't talk to your mother?
Do you know mother, - What?
love & death are similar.
Take. You have started taking. Have one.
Why is your hand shaking?
No, It is not.
Kamal, ups & downs keep coming in life.
But man must keep working.
This is your work report.
Last month you did nothing.
If your work continues like this...
I am very sorry, sir.
In future I'll not give you an opportunity.
Good, take control of your life, and work with full devotion.
You? - Kamal, I thought I was caught today.
How did you come to my compound from Mohan's house.
Since I can't come from the front I have to use your compound.
And you saw me once also.
That was you?
Why do you go like a thief at night?
I don't want to hide from you. I go to meet Mohan's wife.
One who set flame to my house, his own house is not left.
You can take it in any sense.
You have set fire to your own house.
I know Sunita & Mohan.
Their relationship is like that of a brother and sister.
Yes, Kamal, I'm right.
You have set fire to your own house.
I know Sunita & Mohan.
Their relationship is like that of a brother and sister.
I could never imagine you will suspect me
and make such a dirty allegation against me.
Today you have slapped me.
But I ignore it for I am your friend...
...and will always remain so.
You're not in your senses Kamal
Your mind is filled with the poison of suspicion.
what is it?
Forgive me Mohan,
I mistook you.
I insulted our friendship!
And you are insulting it again. Friendship overlooks mistakes.
I understand you, Mohan. You have a big heart.
With that faith I came here.
I know what I have lost due to lack of faith.
How was suspicion resolved?
Because of Suresh.
No further..
You do not have to say anything more. I know everything.
Unhappiness is in everybody's life.
Somebody gets it without asking like me.
And some get it by asking for it, like you.
How have you come here?
I have come to apologize. I made a terrible mistake.
I want to, in particular, seek forgiveness from Sunita.
I've been very rude with her.
You have come very late. Sunita is not here now.
Where is she now? - In her house.
With her husband,
and she is very happy.
But how?
You lost the right to ask
when you were divorced.
My daughter broke her heart,
and she tried to commit suicide.
The impact was so severe...
that she would have gone mad.
Well, we saved her, but she needed a husband's love & faith.
Our luck was good, that we came across a good man...
...who after knowing everything, still gave her respect.
You know what Sunita said on the occasion of her second marriage!
Death is better than this.
Her mother too objected.
But I did not listen to them or society,
...for in front of me was the question of my daughter's future.
I did not want my daughter should spend her life alone...
...suffering for your mistakes.
Yes, I made a mistake but such a big punishment for it!
If in her place, your daughter or sister were there...
...what would you have done?
That what you did. You did a good thing.
You have no right on Sunita.
You shouldn't even mention her name.
I'll not.
It will remain in my heart.
But when you meet her, please tell her,
the yearning to apologize will remain with me...
...till my last breath.
Those people must be coming! - I'll just be finishing.
Where is Kanhaya Lal? - He is lighting the lamps.
1,2,3,4,5. What is happening to the 6th one.
I'll not leave you.
Come light up! - Wait.
Who are you? - Should I tell?
No, you are Mohan.
How will it light? - Why? - There is arrack in it!
Hold it.
It is not a fault.
Both bottles are similar.
Which bottle contains the oil. - Wait.
In this one.
Take him home. - He is not in his senses.
Instead of oil, he is putting arrack!
Gauri, take him home.
Nothing can reform you. Let’s go home.
Kamal, you have come!
Where is Sunita?
What has happened? Why are you so quiet?
She is gone.
She has left me forever.
She went far off.
The events of the past do not return, in the journey of life.
The events of the past do not return, in the journey of life.
The flowers bloom, people meet.
The flowers bloom, people meet.
But the flowers which wither during autumn...
...do not bloom again with the coming of spring.
And some people who depart,
do not meet you again even amongst 1000's who come.
Even if for a life time you take their name,
they do not return. They do not return.
Eyes mislead, how much can you depend on them?
Eyes mislead, how much can you depend on them?
Friends, suspicion is an enemy of faith. Don't let it reside in you.
Lest whom you love, have to go away.
Stop them. Let them not go away.
Otherwise even if you send a thousand salutations of love...
...they do not return. They do not return.
The morning comes, night goes. Time passes, it doesn't stop.
In a fraction of a second it goes ahead, & man can't see properly.
The destination changes. Once you have taken a turn...
Once you have taken a turn those moments
do not come again.
They do not return.
The events of the past do not return, in the journey of life!
They do not return.
Take the offerings. Take.
Kamal, if you see this Ad come & meet me immediately.
One of your own has called you, Mohan.
Thief, thief.
What's matter? - Thief.
You crook! Thief!
I am not a thief.
I'll show you. You have come to rob me?
I Kill you.
I'll teach you such a lesson, you will remember for life.
This thief entered my house.
Nirmala saw him otherwise...
...he would have swiped clean my house.
Look at him, he looks a Fakir and is a thief.
Look at him.
Hold him, and I will call the police.
Hold him, I say!
Where had you gone!
Mohan, do you know him?
I know.
Yes. He is my lost wealth.
He is my friend, who I was searching for.
Many years back he used to work in our company.
He used to stay in this house.
I had forgotten everything. Now I remember everything.
To locate you, I put in Ads in all papers of India.
You have come at the correct time.
If you had come tomorrow it would have been late.
Kamal, do you believe in fate?
Now I don't believe myself.
I have no aim in life. I don't have anyone of my own.
Nobody needs me.
Mohan, why have U called me?
To give you such a good news which you cannot imagine.
Take this.
Dear Mohan, Ekta's marriage is fixed on 7 Feb.
This letter I am writing on the suggestion of my husband.
You will be surprised & astounded
why I didn't write to you earlier...
When I left Kamal's house I was pregnant.
Even if I had told him,
he would have looked at his issue with doubt.
Till today, besides my parents & my husband, no one...
...else knew of this secret.
But my husband desires that...
...on the sacred occasion of marriage...,
Ekta must receive her father's blessings.
The responsibility of locating Kamal and inviting him for the...
...marriage is with you.
On meeting him, read out this letter to him.
I have full faith, he will come to bless Ekta.
Your sister-in-law, Sunita.
Today is 7 Feb.
If ypu had come later, you would've been too late
If I hadn't come, it would have been better.
Fate wouldn't have...
...had the opportunity to poke fun at me.
There is very little time. Get dressed up & come with me.
No, I've given word to her father
I'll not ever come into her life.
Kamal, you will have to come with me, just to bless.
No, Mohan, no.
My blessing may become a curse The man who!
...overlooked all and gave the child his name,
I cannot go in front of him...
Kamal, you have already suffered enough.
There won't be a better moment than this for remorse.
Don't let it go out of hand.
When did you come? Sunita & Harish have been asking about you.
Sorry, I was a bit late.
Greetings Harish,
Please welcome.
sorry I couldn't come for marriage procession.
Doesn't matter, you can meet him now.
Brother, he is Ekta's Uncle. - Greetings.
Congratulations! - Mohan, you are alone?
I met Kamal. He should be coming anytime now.
Good you met him. Very good.
Where is Ekta?
I was waiting since such a long time.
At least be serious today
For you are a bride today. All brides blush and are coy!
That is old fashion! Tell me what have you brought for me?
All your presents will pale,
in front of the present I have brought for you.
So You have brought some sun, moon for me.
Even they will pale in front of what I have brought for you.
What is that?
Now you have no right on Sunita.
You will not even let her name come to your lips.
What do you want to show?
That she's your daughter?
So that people laugh at a person who brought her up?
'It's Ekta's marriage today.'
'Do you want her to get shocked?'
'Or that her head will bend with shame?'
You have destroyed Sunita's life.
Now don't destroy her daughter's life Kamal.
Go away from here. Go! Go away from here.
Now father should give away his daughter and bless her.
God bless you.
Is there a phone nearby. - Yes, in the room there!
This man saved me.
I thought he is somebody else.
But he saved my life.
Touch his feet and seek his blessings.
He is your father.
Don't touch my feet.
I am not fit to be called your father.
I am nobody, I don't belong to anyone.
God bless you. May you remain ever happy.
Embracing you, all my sorrow has dissolved.
My soul has found peace.
Now only my desire to seek her forgiveness...
You had come to bless your daughter and undergo penance.
Is this your penance?
My friend, your suspicion devoured you.
A spark became a fire, & a man was destroyed.
The eyes are misled, where is the faith?
The eyes are misled, where is the faith?
Friends, suspicion is the enemy of faith.
Let it not make house in your heart.
Lest those who love you, may leave you.
Don't let them go.