inside North Korea 2009 by Chinese media 3/7 Eng Sub

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The JSA didn't have demacations
And soilders from both sides often interacts
In the morning of 8.18.1976
14 American and S. Korean soilders started to chop off a tree that blocked vision
N. Korean Lt. Bak Choe tried to stop them, but he is ignored
So he gathered 20 colleague, and a braw insued
This incident resulted in the death of American Capt. Bonifas and Lt. Barrett
With additional injuries on both sides
This murder cause Americans to mobilize all of their forces in the western pacific
While the N. Korean went into highest level of alert
3 days later, the American sent in engineer and finally killed the innocent tree
While N. Korean took no action
And advised the demacation line apply to JSA as well
So is to avoid further incidents
The American took the advice, and peace was restored
Hence now it exist this concrete barrier built by the Americans
But Untill another incident in 1984, this place is not as guarded as it is today
In 11.23.1984, a soviet student came to visit here
He suddent push our soilders aside and went to S. Korea
We were very confused, if now we don't know why he went there
In order to save him, we followed to the other side
Then we get into a firefight with the Americans and lost 3 men
The Soviet student mentioned by Col. Choe is a translator from the USSR
called "Masguov" (translated from Chinese)
It was rumored that he defected for a better material life. Later he settled in the US
From that point on, if anyone come to visit
We have to stand guard, for your safety
Col. Choe noted to us that this Blue house is the command center for US spy activies here
The S. Korean soilders, though looks a independent unit
But actually the command is in American hands
So it is a colonial army
I think they shouldn't point their guns at their borthers guided by Americans
We both should point it at the Americans as a united country
At this time, the S. Korean "freedom house" are buselling with activity
As their soilder carefully holding an UN flag march in the meeting room
It their tourist's turn
The blue cabin, long lost their original function
Now handles tourists from both sides
And listens how the two tell the same story from completely different POV
In the busy season, hundres of tourist visits from the Northern side
But the N. Korean officials are very careful about it slight commerial tint
would affect N. Korea's socialist image
Even though it is a military area, but it also opens to tourist
And we just saw the tourist entering from the south side
And this is the ticket from DPRK side
Any foreigner could spent 20 Euros, and you could take a picture of historic moment here
Don't, don't
Just like you see here, here seems to peaceful place
People could assume this is a quiet post, but that sentry
Has witnessed many memorable and bloody firefights
"Guohuali" sentry is localed 28 km east of Panmumjom
It is next to a S. Korean sentry
Every hill around the DMZ, both side build bunkers like these
Trying to observe every move from the other side
Immediate behind these sentries are milions of troops and heavy artillery
It is the most militarize area
Here is different from Panmumjom
Even though it seems sparse here But in fact there are lots of troops here
It's a invisible standoff
Look in the Binoculars
He's tuning it right now
This is a sentry point with commo on it
And we can see a S. Korean flag here as well as a UN flag
You see two flags there
South Korean and UN
The UN flag
The UN is really just a disguise for Americans to stay in S. Korea
From the conversation, it isn't hard to detect that N. Korean Soldier look down on their S. Korean Counter Parts
Col. Choe refer them as colonial army
But Col. Kim refer to them simply as pupet army
After tens of years in the Front, Col. Kim seems to "understood" the psychology of S. Koreans
They are very nervous about your visit today
So they monitoring your activities
But your life is safe, just relax
Even thoughstand off between sentries isn't as imtimidation as the one in the Panmumjom
But because both sides are armed with long range weapons
So it is even easier to start fire fights
In the past 10 years, the fire fights have broke out
almost all happened in the sentry points
Everytime gun fire broke the silence here
the world watches nervously
March of this year (2009)
after DPRK announce their plan to launch a satillite
US and ROK armies conducted a series military exercise called "decisive action"
Besides the 12,000 US troop stations in S. Korea, and additional 14,000 US troop also transported to S. Korea to join the exercise
Carrie strike groups with home port in US joined as well
The location of the exercise is only 8km from "Gouhuali" Sentry
Right next to the DMZ suddenly a cloud of (simulated) war decends
What did you see during the exercise?
Tank, SP Artillery, and Helocopter training mission
As well as live fire of various artillery as well as other training mission
Everyone can see this is dark clouds before the storm
This is not just regular training, it is a practice run invation on our country
Besides the sentry station on N. Korea side, there two layers of barbed wires
With closer attention, you can see it is connect with electricy
In the binoculars, you see the same thing on the S. Korean side. except they have even more barbed wires
Besides there barriers, a more deadly weapon lie just below the surface
Is it mined down there?
Of course, there lots of those down there
S. Korea publicly acknowleged they have placed 1.05 million mines along the border
The UN estimate the N. Koreans also have place around 1 million mines on their side
In 2002, because of the sun shine policy
The sides had a rare cooperation in order clear a transportation path in the mine fields
Even now, the DMZ is still the most mined area in the world
Some mines are drifted over the years, and every year there are casualties from them
Looking south from here,we could see amongst the tree. a mystious long structure stood in the south side
I saw it now
It stood there is little activitie, it's very tall and wide.
There actually lots of Rhododendron flower around it
But the wall still looks very strong
There is a vehcles runing on it now
According to 30th UN meeting
No one can deploy offensive forces in the DMZ