Pleung see rong Ep.01 [1/9] [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by Chtite0Aya on 24.12.2009

Tin, where are you going?
I... came to ask permission for going to Hua Hin with...
Your girlfriend?
You're not going to school today?
I came to ask you if I can go to the sea.
Teens' love won't last..
Don't look down on my love.
We've been in love for 3 years.
And that won't change
In the end, I'll marry her.
Mom, where did Mai get all these stuff?
Khun Thep, the owner of the company you're working for, bought it for Mai,
bought medecine for me,
and he also bought you a lot of things, here!
I'll introduce her to you when we come back from Hua Hin.
If you don't despise that she's not rich like us.
But she's a very good woman
Even you would be jealous of me
I also have something to tell you.
What is it?
I'll let you meet her when you come back. I really love her.
Mom, if it were 3 years ago, I may have agreed
because I haven't met him yet
That man doesn't fit you
Even though he's rich, he's still a student.
How can he be as good as your boss?
But he has children, I'm sure that they hate me.
I'm glad for you. Seeing you being happy, I'm also happy.
I love you.
Thank you
for not being mean with me. And remember
I will never love someone more than I love you, Tinrat.
Have fun.
Thank you. I'm leaving.
I'm sorry Kwan...that mom didn't accept you as her daught-in-law
Because we had a daughter, right?
Mom still believes in old customs, she likes grandsons.
But no matter what, I won't abandon you and our child.
I've always wanted a daughter.
I love you the most!
Let go, let go of my husband!
Stop it!
Don't touch my husband!
Go play with the water, hurry!
So Mai, do you like the sea?
I love the most!
I love so much that I don't want to go home.
Thinit! Go home right now!
Mom! Help!
Are you okay?
Is she your daughter?
Are you okay?
Mom, are you okay? still worry about me.
Here, I give you.
Thank you. Sit down.
I think you should thank khun P for helping you.
Thank you...
My name is Tinrat.
Thank you..khun Tinrat.
Your daughter is very intelligent.
Thank you.
Mom, I want to take a photo with khun P'Tinrat.
1, 2, 3
Will I see him again?
Of course, when you see me, don't forget to greet me.
Is she heavy?
Thank you very much
It's okay.
You have to be a good child
Not stubborn, not naughty and not a burden to your sister
Kat, come here.
Yes, mom
Khun Thep is a good man
You have to do it for me
for your brother
promise me..