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Tell me a story, father.
lt's late night dear, go to sleep.
Please dad, just one story! - l'll tell you tomorrow.
Dad, you promised the same thing last night too.
Please tell. Father...father...
Father, please tell me!
Allow dad to sleep! You too sleep silently.
Father...father...please father...
Watch cartoon channel, dear. - No TV now!
Tell a story and put to sleep.
Tell me father...tell me.
Once upon a time in a place, there lived a King...
The King had seven sons
and they went to hunt and brought seven fishes,
it's very old story, father!
Got bored hearing it many a times, father.
Tell me some new story. Father, tell me a new story.
Don't buzz like a bee in my ear...wait...
You want a new story, right?
Once upon a time in place, there lived a Fly...
Fly!? Carry on...
ln the same place along with the Fly there lived a bad boy...
Bad boy? What's his name? - Sudeep!
Board meeting is going and you are here...
Bore meeting!
l tried a lot!
Officer is not coming our way, shall l bump him off?
Why are you so violent always? - And you're an epitome of peace.
Do you come here every day? - Want me to come?
What time? - Your time!
Doing anything new?
Take a look!
Good! What's that?
What good? l'm trying to unite to hearts in it!
But l'm not satisfied.
Better try to unite me with your brother, you'll get satisfaction.
l'm here and he's in Dubai!
Go to bed, its 10 pm!
Sister-in-law, power is shut only in few homes.
Please dial electricity office.
They cut the power of those who pay bills on time.
Why are you pouring it out?
l'm asking you, Nani!
What man?
Have you gone mad?
l'm Nani...l'm Nani...
l'm your never leaving shadow... - What's this?
Lighting the wicks of my eyes...
Giving wings to my dreams...
l'm floating in air...
Bindu, go to bed, its late night! - Okay, sister-in-law!
When seen, it's okay, even fading away is okay...
How can you still smile?
You've been after her madly for 2 years now!
Did she care to look back at you?
You took trouble to light her room, did she atleast thank you?
She drew the curtains down for the love she has for me.
What? - Yes!
lf she doesn't, she knows l'll keep awake all night here.
Darkness, fog, chill, she can't bear to see me falling sick.
That's why, though she doesn't like it, she closed it against her will.
Our guest list...
He refuses to sign our files but attends our party!
A small gift from me!
You've added life to this party!
By the way my wife Kala too is here!
Believe it or not, the world is mad after my love...
Greetings! - Greetings!
My wife too loves shooting!
He's a busy man, hubby!
My name is Sheela... Sheela's sensuous youth...
Come with me!
We were breaking heads how to bring him to our line...
Did you charm his wife?
ls there any woman who will not fall for you?
There is one!
My wife!
l fell for her at first sight and wanted to leave after having her.
But later on my eyes fell on her wealth!
l married her.
l asked her to give the property. She said on my dead body!
There are still schools where we've to supply study materials, Bindu.
Delivered 50 Hindi books to Old City Slum Govt. School
Black boards to Balanagar Govt., school,
English text books to four and five classes,
we've to deliver it by this week.
Their exams too are approaching.
What's the bank balance? - Rs.15600!
Agarwal Sweets people promised to pay cheque, right?
We're spending more to collect it than what they donate!
That's why l'm here!
Like every month, to solve your problem with my hard earned money,
Please keep my donation a secret. l hate publicity!
What? Secret donation?
That's why l didn't even sign my cheque!
Cheque without signature will be dishonoured!
As a donor l want to know how you spent the funds l donated last month,
will you please tell me?
Do you want bank balance sheet for your paltry Rs.15 donation?
Must cut her to size immediately!
You'd look better if you tie your hair instead of letting it down.
l love loose!
lndeed you're loose, at least keep your hair tight!
You continue please!
We spent Rs.90000 on books, slates and fees last month.
lf you want more details...
Your words are pearls...
You're very beautiful!
Spill few smiles...
You're beautiful even when you don't smile!
Bunty is coming today evening!
Though angry, l wish you...
How come you're here, sister-in-law?
l'm here to talk about an important matter.
Sudeep Constructions are intending to make huge donation.
Meet their MD!
How to meet him? - Here's his visiting card.
l stole it from my boss' table.
Had you stolen his credit card, we could've donated big money!
How come the fireworks are cracking here?
There's nothing like that, you can leave.
Auditor says it's not safe to keep large amount of liquid cash.
This is Sudeep's Kingdom! No man would dare touch it!
Sir, someone is here for you from Project 511 office...
Arrange a meeting with investors.
Sir is in an important meeting...
Send the girl in.
Lava...lava... heart is flowing with lava...
l'm Bindu, coordinator of project 511...
Are you an erupting volcano in moonlight?
Like a typhoon in breath.. like a tornado in my arms...
Will you come and kill me? - Sir, if you donate generously...
l've made a donation, can l become a member?
l like your intention.
l want to observe you closely! - l can't believe it, sir.
Please take it, sir.
Micro Art! l made it.
l'll take leave sir.
Rs.15 lakhs? Do you like her so much?
You seem to be very happy, Bindu?
Priest, we got a huge donation for our project.
Offer special prayers. - Okay dear.
See, she's offering prayers to my cheque.
Prayers for your paltry Rs.15. Cost of offering prayer is Rs.20.
lsn't it? Great!
Rs.15 lakhs?!
Who donated it? - Sudeep Constructions MD!
He gave 15 only once, but l'm giving 15 every month.
God's blessings are always there for good causes.
This is God's offering, distribute to all devotees.
Stop that lousy expression!
She gave the offering to everyone including me!
She offered it to all except me! lt means how special l'm to her!
Think over it.
What is he saying? - He's thanking you.
Bye sir!
You're doing so much for children, l must do something for you.
lt's been many days since l enjoyed life like this.
Where to place the second, Nani?
There! - Come and show!
lf you ask me everything, what for you're here then?
You come. - lt's near the pole, see!
Don't l've any personal work?
l'm not comfortable here, sir, can we sit there?
The dish l ordered now is Folio Desate.
ln Greek it means dish of romance!
There's a colourful flashback behind this dish,
Julius Caesar shared this dish with Cleopatra.
Which ever couple shares this dish together...
l mean if you and l share it...
You feed a spoon of it to me.
l'll feed you a spoon of it to you.
You'll get a good name because of my fireworks.
l wanted to tell you something for quite some time.
Your dress is very nice!
You've added beauty to the dress you wear.
Bye sir! - Okay, come.
You're growing thin nowadays! Eat well!
Dish is excellent!
You take care of them.
Enough? Let's meet later.
Please stop the car, sir.
What happened? - l'll get down here.
Here? Why?
That is... l want to buy vegetables.
Let's go, l'll join you.
Your place is in share market, not is this vegetable market.
You carry on sir.
You've license, RC... Do you've helmet?
Are you on duty till evening? - Yes l do.
Till then guard it.
How much?
lsn't she asking you? Tell her! - Rs.10 a kilo.
No way sir.
No need, we'll buy it from another shop.
Hello sister-in-law!
Why are you so late? What are you doing in office so late?
ls it 10 pm? - No, 7 pm!
l didn't observe time in busy work. l'm leaving office right now.
Does it have to go empty now?
Please tell me how much all this would cost.
We'll not take money from you, Father, just bless us.
Your blessing is very powerful, Father!
What happened? - Bindu has sent a message.
First time a positive response from her.
lt's a blank message!
Blank message is as powerful as blank cheque,
You can fill any amount there and imagine anything here.
What could be in the blank message?
lt means come immediately without wasting time with wastrels.
You sent a blank message!
lnstead of deleting the message, l sent a reply by mistake.
lts late night! l'm scared!
Why don't you come out openly and sent a message to accompany me?
Don't imagine too much.
lts late night! Scared...l mean l'm scared!
Can l walk with you?
l can understand little and a little l can't...
At times you're proud...
At times you're little open...
At times you may chide me...
At times you may smile faintly at me...
lnto your deep heart... May l with magnifying glass...
See myself in some corner of it...
Can't you have a glance at me?
Can't you have a word with me?
At least show annoyance on me...
Can't you ask me if you want to get praised?
l'm going mad slowly for you, but you've no sympathy for me...
You're a miserly girl... why don't you talk to me?
Bring down the fence surrounding you...
Just send me a message through wind...
l'll be with you in ajiffy...
Though l don't have wings, Won't l take you to the stars?
Let it be any life...
Won't l be your life partner?
Don't you know my heart is residing happily in your heart?
Don't you know my heart is residing happily in your heart?
Why are you beating me? l don't know who you are!
Please leave me...please...
Any woman would follow me madly like a dog,
but l didn't get her because of you.
Who are you talking about, sir? - Bindu!
Stay away from Bindu!
l'll kill you!
Will you kill me?
Will you kill me?
My Bindu is asking where you are!
Tell her that you're dying at my feet!
Remove the shoes and socks.
l want to feel your life slip away!
lt must look like an accident.
Nani, its Bindu here!
Why don't you talk to me?
Are you taking revenge on me for making you chase me 2 years?
Please come soon!
ls Nani in home? - No.
Ask him to call me if he comes. - Okay.
ls it you who called me? - Yes sir.
When did you see it? - Morning 5 am!
Does anyone know him?
Tell me without any fear if you know him.
lf you give any information about him...
You're the love overflowing from my heart...
Why don't you look at me for once?
Bindu...Bindu...look at me...
Don't go away from me...
Why did you get ready so early? - To office.
Your office starts at 10 am, why are you leaving at 7 am?
Why are you washing utensils? We're paying maid servant to do that.
Go, sit there.
What happened to you, Bindu?
You always avoided household work,
but now you're working all through the day without rest.
Why don't you talk to me?
What happened?
l'm trying to forget by keeping myself busy.
Nani! - Nani?
l teased him by acting as if l don't care about him.
But he has gone far beyond my reach!
He's teasing me now!
They say crying will ease your heart.
But the more l cry the more l remember him, sister-in-law.
That's why l don't want to cry.
ln your happiest moment, to give it to you...
Nani made these special crackers for you.
Are you missing Nani?
How do you know it?
My wife's death!
On her death bed, holding my hand, she took a promise from me,
if she dies, l must forget me,
she said she'll be happy only if l forget her.
lf you really love Nani, you must forget him.
What happened, sir?
Any problem?
There l was...
What happened, sir?
l did this to gain your trust.
l feared you were in trouble.
Did l scare you? - Nothing like that.
Hey, Sudeep sir is here!
When did you come, sir?
Would you like to have biscuit?
He says he wants go to office, right?
Do these idiots have to come now?
l'll remember what you said, sir.
l'll try to forget Nani.
No disturbance for 30 minutes, okay? - Okay sir.
Put the wedge.
ls anyone there?
Why did you come here, sir?
Get me out!
Be careful!
Do it fast!
Didn't you hear me? - You ordered not to disturb, sir.
What are you doing sir?
No sir!
No sir, don't beat me sir. - Stay put there!
MD is fully exposed in the Ganapathi Chemical scam.
He'll be stripped!
Sir, please leave me.
You asked me to meet you urgently, sir.
l met Education Minister in Delhi last week.
lf you meet him and explain the details,
we'll get national recognition. - National level?
l'm going to Delhi tomorrow, if anyone of you join me,
l'll introduce you to him.
l'll come, sir.
Presentation isn't as easy as eating a pizza.
You go with him, Bindu. - Me?
Collector too appreciated your presentation.
Yes, right!
What are you thinking? You go with him.
Sir, Bindu will come with you.
What are you thinking? You must go with him.
Go! - Go!
You go!
l'll come with you.
Let's meet at airport tomorrow.
What the hell are you doing without cleaning the house?
Room is full of flies!
Full of flies!
Boy, only pigs come in groups!
Lion attacks alone!
Attacks alone!
Sir, Bindu here!
Sir, its Bindu here!
Yes Bindu!
l'm at the airport!
Just 30 minutes to board the flight.
l'm stuck in a traffic jam! - Oh no!
You take the boarding pass. l'll be there on time.
Go back!
Why did you shove into this place?
What man?
Make it fast! - Okay sir.
Greetings sir. How come you're here, sir?
My car is stuck in traffic jam, need to rush to airport immediately.
Take my car, sir. Give him the keys.
Bindu, l'm on the way..
No problem sir, flight is delayed by 30 minutes.
You can reach in time. - l'll reach. knell to you...
Though met with a serious accident, you escaped with minor injuries.
Give me your hand, l'll check your BP.
What's this? - Fly repellant.
You take it. - Give.
Not that, take my BP!
l'll give sedation to sleep, give him Diazepam 2 ml.
l'll take leave now.
Do animals take revenge?
Didn't you hear me?
They do sir... in Vittalacharya's films!
Not in films, but in real life!
lt happens in real life too sir.
My grandma said!
lt seems a King Cobra took revenge on my grandpa.
Not that smaller ones! - Smaller ones too take revenge.
Others... - Smaller snakes too take revenge.
Not snakes! Smaller sparrow!
Fly! - Fly?
lt will, sir! lf snakes can, why not flies?
With whom should l share this problem? How am l to tell?
l don't get it.
Sir, Bindu madam is here.
What's in your hand?
A fly is irritating me.
Bindu...Bindu...look at me...
Don't go away from me...
Tell me.
A small doubt.
Do flies target humans specifically?
l mean remember humans and attack with a plan.
Planning to write science fiction, sir?
This is a fact not science fiction.
A fly is not letting me to eat, sleep or live peacefully.
This accident too is its handiwork!
lt wrote 'l will kill you' on the windshield.
ls it science fiction?
You said you didn't sleep all the night.
Already you're highly stressed, accident happened then,
and a fly too disturbed you at the same time.
You'd have imagined fly was responsible for it in that stress.
You need a psychiatrist's help.
You're not yet done with!
Go away!
Why would you come to me now?
Safe locker and match box!
When your face gets smeared by soot, you'll come to me.
Who the hell is he?
ls it imagination?
Bindu, come for dinner.
What happened?
Nani's locket is broken, sister-in-law.
You know Nani will not come back, how long will you live in his memories?
Snap your relationship with him like this broken locket.
My love is all yours...
lt's just a dream...
Leave all your sorrows...
l'm Nani.
l'm Nani, reborn.
Are you Nani?
Are you really Nani?
l can't believe it.
Nani born again?
You died in an accident, right?
Wasn't it an accident?
What about Sudeep?
Sudeep...did he kill you?
Why would he kill you?
For me?
But why you?
What should l do now?
How to kill him?
Look, the night is looming large over...
Death is knocking at your door...
My name is Nani, l may be just a fly...
l'm a nuclear missile about to explode in your heart...
Your range may be large and my size may be small...
lf l don't bring down your empire, l'm not a man... death knell to you...
l'll take your life easily...
Though it's just a spark...
Doesn't it have the power to burn down a forest?
Though it may be just a drop...
Doesn't it have the power to drown the earth?
What can an ordinary house f1ly do to me?
Before you relax with that confidence...
Won't l enter your breath like bio virus?
lt's burning, put it off!
Many a things to be done before the deadline...
Just ten things!
One, to kill you... two, to kill you...
Three, to kill you... four, to kill you...
Five, to kill you... six, to kill you...
Seven, to kill you... eight, to kill you...
Nine, to kill you...
Ten, to hound and pound you to death...
l'll shuffle my wings...
l'll ring the death knell in your ears...
l'll attack you like a suicide bomber...
By hook or crook l'll kill you and become a martyr...
Death is nothing for a man who died once...
What can an ordinary house fly do to me?
Won't l fly away like a rocket after taking your life?
ls this your hideout?
Got it! l got it!
Die...die... Die...die...
A cappuccino for me, and for you?
You too like cappuccino?
Sorry, madam! A fly in your coffee.
Fly is having coffee.
What's the next program?
Did you order for bullet proof glasses? - l have sir.
Not just flies, even air mustn't enter without our knowledge.
You want me to make it airtight, sir?
Let me how will it dare enter now!
Go in sir.
Sir, l found it!
Look, it's in his hair!
What are you searching? Beat it.
Why are you beating me?
Check his collar. lt's in his collar.
lt's escaping, watch out!
Please sit here.
Dropped in just to inquire about your health, sir.
Antique statues are very beautiful.
You like it?
My personal collection.
The place you're standing was my wife's favourite spot.
What happened, sir?
l love your wife's favourite spot.
Shall we sit there, sir?
l forgot something... need to be in urgently.
l wanted to spend some time with you.
Can't you go little late?
This time...
l'll not take much time, sir.
Open the door. death knell to you...
l'll take your life easily...
What's this signature?
Do you know how big project we're dealing with?
Get out!
Get another copy!
Hey thief! Are you here?
l know where you are hiding! Come out!
Don't try too much!
Did you accomplish the task successfully?
Who are you talking to Bindu?
l'm talking over phone, sister-in-law.
You're smart, you can hide anywhere you want to.
l'm getting into trouble because of you.
Can l tell my sister-in-law that you're my lover?
There's only one way out!
You must become human!
You don't worry, you'll change. l've full faith in our love.
l beg you, buddy! Ensure this meeting goes well!
They're here to invest Rs.2000 crores.
lf you mess up, we'll lose Rs.2000 crores,
and have to return their advance of Rs.500 crores with interest.
Don't l know this?
l think you'll invest more after seeing our presentation.
Don't get surprized! We know his passion of racing!
He's symbolically telling you we'll finish the project like that.
He has come wearing a helmet.
2000 crores! We'll go to the streets!
lt'll be the country's largest township.
With the investment you've made,
bought 5000 tons of steel, 10000 tons of cement,
and 15000 tons of fly repellant.
Fly repellant?
Bricks! Who said fly repellant?
Am l scared of flies?
Any prospective buyer must kill at least 1000 flies to get our flat.
When all the flies are wiped out, Sudeep township will be at peace...
...happy...silent... will be peaceful!
What's this nonsense?
ls it board meeting or TV program to kill flies and mosquitoes?
Repellent is not effective!
l know that repellents are not effective on flies.
Hey you...
You don't feel bad sir.
l'll clean it myself.
Get me the Commissioner on line.
l'll give you a tip, can you raid immediately?
Sir, we're in a soup, Mukesh has called lncome Tax Commissioner.
He gave him a tip of raiding us. - What?
Entire cash is in office.
Safe locker and match box!
When your face gets smeared by soot, you'll come to me.
l lost everything, your words have come true.
Seed for your death was sown here!
l killed Nani here!
Nani is reborn as fly!
Stay away from Bindu! l'll kill you!
You're right, Nani is the fly...
What should l do now?
Conduct a sacrifice immediately!
Look there! lt's stuck!
Do something man!
Chant some hymns!
Put motifs! Open the door!
There are no hymns to open the shut door.
Stay away from Bindu! l'll kill you!
lf l was a minute late, you'd be dead by now.
What's this nonsense with witchcraft?
What's going on here?
Okay, who is that dead man?
Why did he come here?
To kill the fly!'s this madness about flies?
Are you scared of a silly fly?
What silly fly? Do you know its capacity?
You kill it! lf you're a man, kill it, l'll watch it.
Kill it!
You've lost your mind!
l'm telling you the truth.
That fly is Nani, the man l killed.
lt's him! He's reborn as fly!
That fly created that accident and burnt our cash.
l made foolproof arrangements to keep it out of home.
l didn't let even a pinhole open for air also to enter,
but that fly comes in from somewhere...
What happened?
A mask and weapons for the fly...
Bindu is unscrewing it.
You were right!
Nani is the fly!
Sorry buddy! l didn't believe you.
We know Bindu is an accomplice of the fly!
lt's not big deal to finish them off.
l'll take care of it.
Before that we must stop the investors who are hell bent on ruining us.
lf we don't pay by tomorrow, they'll go to the court.
Think about that first.
What if one of our partners dies?
Contract will get cancelled.
Moreover we'll get Rs.700 crores from insurance.
What are you saying? Will you commit suicide?
Where are you?
Playing games with me?
Why are you so shocked?
Did l surprize you by coming up?
Door was open downstairs and nobody was there, so l came up.
No problem sir.
l want to discuss important matter with you.
Please come with me.
l've work...
You won't think l'm mad after hearing what l say, right?
A fly is trying to kill me!
Don't believe it?
l know you'll believe it.
More shocking than that is...
Someone is helping that fly to kill me.
Do you believe it?
l do if you say so...
When l told this to others, they said l'm mad.
Look at this!
lt was caught on CCTV camera.
When l zoom it...
lt has a mask, goggles... did you see?
But a fly can't make it, right?
Somebody must've made it for the fly.
Don't cry, mad girl.
l'll be fine.
Only micro artists can create such minute articles.
But who would want me dead, Bindu?
You too are a micro artist.
Do you know who wants me dead?
l used to get any woman l desire at the snap of a finger,
you made a mad man stamping flies!
Hey Nani boy! Where are you hiding? Come out!
l know you're here!
Like every time you sneak in stealthily...
Come straight and fall at my feet!
lf not l'll cut her throat!
Come out Nani!
You don't know how l killed him in his previous birth, right?
Take off my shoes.
l want to feel your life slip away!
Catch Bindu!
You're finished today!
Not here, search behind the curtains.
Where are the bullets? - Used everything sir.
Drag her to me! - Madam is missing.
Did Bindu manage to escape?
No sir, door is locked, security men are inside.
Back door is also locked, sir.
There's no way she can escape.
She would be hiding somewhere here only.
Find her!
l got him! l got him!
After torturing me for 20 long days and suddenly getting caught,
that too here!
Do you want me to believe it?
Nani, you're finished!
See, how nicely it is flying!
lt's not over yet!
Hold it!
Pierce it!
Please leave it sir. - Pierce there!
l beg you sir, please leave him.
Started it just now and you want me to stop it?
You both had played with my life for so many days.
Did l ask you to stop it?
Where did l stop it?
You're missing him, concentrate Bindu.
Aim and pierce it right through his heart!
Did you think l'll pierce it?
Do you both communicate too?
What is he saying?
What is he saying?
Don't worry about this rogue!
l'll kill him before l die!
l'll burn him down to ashes!
Will you burn me down?
Still proud even at the face of death!
l'll show you what burning is!
Get me a match box!
Life or death is for you only...
l'm saving my love...
lt'll burn you!
Stay away from Bindu! l'll kill you! death knell to you...
My name is Nani, l may be just a fly...
l'm a nuclear missile about to explode in your heart...
Your range may be large and my size may be small...
lf l don't bring down your empire, l'm not a man... death knell to you...
l'll take your life easily...
Story is very father but what happened to the thief?
That thief? Bindu said you must change, right?
He changed!
He changed and know what's he doing now?
l don't see you in bar now a days, why?
Would you like to have a peg?
Get lost!
You're a good worker, would you like to go to Dubai?
You can make money.
l got an opportunity to test my luck...
Promising to take me to the top...
Two prayer tickets please.
Take it.
What do you want please?
l don't see you here quite often now, are you fine?
l'm fine, sir.
Why did you buy two tickets?
That is... - Any good news?
Who is he?
lt may be unpalatable to you.
Beat him...beat the crook!
How dare you try to steal a temple, you drunkard!
You're getting me beaten mercilessly, can you bet me a bottle of whisky?
Though beaten up, no remorse, beat him black and blue.
Didn't you find a human to fall in love?
l told you it'll be unpalatable to you.
lt's a new lease of life to him!
lt's all your goodness!
Give it with your hands, everything will be fine!
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