Ben Baller Episode 5: Sean Kingston Cops His 3rd Jesus Piece to Match Rick Ross

Uploaded by LOUD on 24.10.2012


BEN BALLER: My name is Ben Baller and you probably
recognize me pushing fancy whips, stunting in the
nightclubs, or sitting courtside at the Laker games.
But the rest of the world knows me as the
jeweler to the stars--
Ben Baller.
So we're going to international superstar Sean
Kingston's house, and we're going to
talk about some jewelry.
He's been on tour with Justin Bieber, over ten million
records sold.
Two and a half million followers on Twitter-- he's
got a big following.
I've known Sean since he was 16-years-old.
Sometimes I want to really break his neck.
He's always running late.
I bet you right now when we get to his house, he's not
even ready.

What's up, mama?
BEN BALLER: Where's Sean?

This fool's asleep, dude.
Come on.
I told you 11:00, dog, it's 12:00 right now.
BEN BALLER: You called me over here, dog, get up now.
BEN BALLER: What's up, baby?
Fell asleep in your clothes?
So what you want to do?
Why you call me?
What's up?
SEAN KINGSTON: I was trying to get in contact with you
because I wanted another Jesus piece.

BEN BALLER: You already got two or three Jesus pieces.
Why you want so many Jesus pieces?
SEAN KINGSTON: Well, I have two.
Rick Ross, my mentor, he has three so I got to out-do him.
I got to get another one, man, and I want it flooded.
I want to do this style, like the Biggie.
BEN BALLER: Want to do a Biggie joint?
But we got five days.
BEN BALLER: Let's do it.
SEAN KINGSTON: Five days, babe.
BEN BALLER: I got to make Bieber another Jesus piece,
too, dog, so you're killing me right now.
Normally I charge $27,000 for something like this, but I
need you to do me at favor.
And in two weeks to go on Twitter, I need you to put a
blast out for me.
If you do that, I'll knock it down to $22,000.
SEAN KINGSTON: Got stacks in your pocket.
BEN BALLER: So let's have the next contest, man.
I'm going to try to get your weight, you try
to get to my weight.
I'm playing with you.
SEAN KINGSTON: All you got to do is go to Ono's.
Ono's Hawaiian.
BEN BALLER: You're crazy, dog.
SEAN KINGSTON: All right, man.
BEN BALLER: All right, friend.
Tell your mom I said I love--
SEAN KINGSTON: She's going to cook some jerk chicken
for you next time.
For sure, no doubt.
With the price and the project, I'm glad
it's a Jesus piece.
It's not like [INAUDIBLE] piece of chicken.
It if was anybody else I'd charge him more, but he really
made that bond-- the relationship between me and
Justin Bieber, Solider Boy and other cats.
I'm hyped.

Left Sean Kingston's house.
I'm going to go in here now and tell my cousin we got to
finish this in five days.
Guaranteed, he's going to say why?
And I'm going to say shut the [BLEEP]
Because you know what?
It's how we drive Porches and Ferraris.
We're just going to make it happen.

What's up, junior?
JEFF: What's up?
BEN BALLER: Sean Kingston.
JEFF: For what?
A Jesus?
Oh my God, doesn't he have a couple of them?
BEN BALLER: Said he wants to be like Rick
Ross, so he wants three.
JEFF: And big like him, huh?
BEN BALLER: I don't really care though.
It's money, you know, right?
JEFF: You got to do it, that's it.
BEN BALLER: Hey, Jimmy, full-size Jismo prong set.
JEFF: He don't understand you, man.
BEN BALLER: I'm going to take his stupid ESL class.
JEFF: Hey, man?
See, I told you.
BEN BALLER: See, you're going to break that shit, man.
When you make the wax, just plain.
We're going to pave the veil so it's tighter.
Only problem, tell Chucky he has five days to make it.
It's possible, right?
JEFF: You got to stop doing that though.
BEN BALLER: I know, man, but what are you going to do?
JEFF: Two weeks, minimum.
BEN BALLER: Five days.
JEFF: Thank you, brother.
JEFF: How much he owe you.
BEN BALLER: I told him $27,000.
I'm taking $5,000 off because of--
JEFF: Why?
BEN BALLER: I'm going to have this thing on Twitter.
JEFF: Twitter?
Who cares about Twitter?
BEN BALLER: He's got two and a half million fans.
JEFF: That $5,000 could be going into the store.
BEN BALLER: That's $5,000 to marketing-- pay for itself.
JEFF: I hope so.
BEN BALLER: I need it five days, otherwise I
got to go in there--
JEFF: You always do this--
BEN BALLER: I know, too bad.
JEFF: --every time.
BEN BALLER: Thank you very much, I love you.

BEN BALLER: So the process of making Sean
Kingston's Jesus piece.
I get started by pulling the file, I give it to Jimmy.
Then Jimmy cuts the wax.
Jimmy cuts a wax so fast, it's literally ridiculous.
Jimmy could cut using three to seven wax molds before someone
could cut one.
And after he finishes carving it up and making it perfect,
we send it to casting.
Then I give it to Chucky and he sets the diamonds in it.
Once Chucky's finished setting diamonds, it gets dipped about
two or three times to give it that real, real good, in
between a gunmetal to a high-polished black gold.
Then we polish, then its ready for delivery.
That's the process of making this Jesus piece.
Then after that, I sock Jimmy in the mouth, I punched Chucky
in the [BLEEP], and I put Sean in a head
lock, and we're done.

Chucky, what are you doing?
Why are you working on this right now?
BEN BALLER: This is important?
This is important.
I need you to work on Sean Kingston's Jesus, I have to
deliver it tomorrow.
BEN BALLER: Wrap it up.
I'm sorry you don't speak Spanish.

See, the problem with being Chucky is that I told Chucky
that these glasses were really important, and they are.
So they can be really important and when the
president calls, that trumps that.
Different things trump each other and then some people
double, triple trump.
No, that's the Korean style.
The only reason why I can't sock him in the mouth on
camera is because I'll get arrested .
But off-camera, I beat him.

You're still working on this right now?
Where is it?
Is it here?
Is it done?
It was an expense set-up,.
Very understated and classy, muted.
This is some fat boy shit, this ain't no skinny boy shit.
Good job, Chucky.
Thanks, man.
I'm going to the diamond store on Fairfax on the block.
I'm going to meet him, his Jesus piece, and a happy meal.

Man, super hyped, finished Sean Kingston's piece, it's
the weekend.
We're here to meet Sean now, so I know
he's going to be hyped.
My work is done and we're good.
What's up, man?
BEN BALLER: You're killing me, Sean.
I want to sock you in the mouth.
SEAN KINGSTON: How am I killing you?
BEN BALLER: Because, doc, you always want to be
rushing me like that.
SEAN KINGSTON: I got look fly, you know what I'm saying?
I adore your work.
BEN BALLER: I understand that.
But listen, bro, I got other customers, you know what I'm
saying as well?
Nobody is going to make a Jesus piece and a chain in
less than a week.
SEAN KINGSTON: Well, let's see what you guys [INAUDIBLE].
BEN BALLER: Feel how heavy that is, man.
That's heavy, dog.

Wow, you did this?
[INAUDIBLE] la to parvasan, I see.
BEN BALLER: You know what you got to do now because I did
this, you know what I'm saying?
You got to shout me out.
I got to get to 100,000 followers, you
know what I'm saying?
BEN BALLER: And tell Rhianna, get your little island
connection going.
You got to tell everybody.
SEAN KINGSTON: Tell everybody follow the hottest jeweler
ever, Ben Baller.
I've got you.
That was my word, I'm going to look out for you.
BEN BALLER: Me and you versus Meek and Ross,
we can do it, dog.
SEAN KINGSTON: Let's do it.
BEN BALLER: They want to play games right now.
We can do whatever they want to do, man.
This ain't even fifties in here, you
know what I'm saying?
It's hundreds, it's Benjies.
SEAN KINGSTON: Thank you, man.
BEN BALLER: All right..
SEAN KINGSTON: I appreciate you [INAUDIBLE].
BEN BALLER: I catch you later, all right?
BEN BALLER: Don't forget, dog.
I've known him since I was 16-- before "Beautiful Girls,"
before my first album.
He did this thing in less than a week and he made the
deadline-- that was a beautiful thing.
I'm really excited, just overall, but the length--
everything about it, the weight, everything.
It's a dope chain.

BEN BALLER: Three on the block, it's beautiful, it's 80
degrees outside.
He has the piece in his hand, I got the money, I got my
twitter coming, shout outs.
I feel a lot better.
And I got to bless him, shalom, shalom, this life to
the diamond life.