14 февраля [Valentine's Day]

Uploaded by ViktorBeetle23 on 14.02.2012

February 14
And you?
Here you are now watching this video, not in search of his second floor mats
You're just sitting at the computer and read the status of silly love
And you would not want to leave this beautiful day on the street and smile at the world
A walk in the park, even for just a little bit away from home, from lack of air
And walk down the street, walk to the park and just enjoy the fact that you have
But no ... It will be unlikely to!
Well this world is not so bad if he smile and sometimes even go into it
Guys, oglinetes around, because love Council in the air, it's so nice
But imagine you are sitting at the computer screen is not as close in the second half, cuddling, and every day
It's so warms the soul, the understanding that you are not alone
At least on this day to donate a couple of valentines who you care about and who lay down in your heart