DAB+ launches in Australia

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Today we unite
to celebrate
the power of radio
the voices
the music
and the unforgettable moments
Today, radio made the switch to digital with rivals from across the dial...
...banding together, to celebrate.
Today, radio launched a new digital era.
As the crowds swell for this once-in-a-lifetime launch...
...your dial is going digital.
Breakfast radio can be a cutthroat business but this morning...
... Melbourne's best-known voices joined forces for a digital revolution.
- the stars of Melbourne's airwaves relishing their chance to be part of history
Ever other medium's going digital...
..so radio could not afford to sit in the analog spectrum and do the same old thing for the next 20 years.
The digital signal is now on the air in many cities...
...and to mark the occasion many radio stations around the country have united this morning.
The aim? To send a message to a potential audience of 8.5 million...
...about the benefits of digital radio
- A magnificent crowd this morning, good morning to you - Thank you, and fantastic crowd
So for AM listeners who've always had that problem of tram-tracks...
...that doesn't exist anymore
One of the great things about digital radio is that you can rewind...
...you know when you hear something on the radio and you think "oh, what was that?" You can actually go back.
It will be clearer. You can pause, rewind and go back and listen what Julia has said...
...so that'll be a bit difficult for politicians you won't be able to get away with anything any more
No, that's right, new era!
And this event is being replicated in five capital cities around the country.
- 40 radio egos, packed into Federation Square. That place is just not big enough! - It's going to erupt!
They're getting on amazingly well, they're running around doing live crosses to each other's station...
...and there's no blood being spilt yet, so I think it's going very well.
The new kid on the broadcast block: digital radio.
We're in fact way ahead with the system we've chosen...
... the rest of the world is certainly watching us
This could be the forerunner, I think, for a national radio day or a national radio week
where they really get out and meet the public which this is something radio doesn't really do a lot of
and I think there was like 3,000 people or more in Melbourne
- and the beauty of this is every radio station is here, FM... AM...
Ah, we're like one happy family!
It was really difficult to walk around there were just so many people
It was a very successful day, I think.
By 9 o'clock, the shows had signed off... and digital radio had emerged as a new star.
On that score, all the stations were on the same wavelength.
- In every city where we've launched we have this going on...
...all radio stations broadcasting together...
...so if people don't get it today, they'll never get it.
Digital Radio is here.
A new era for the voice of the nation.
Make a noise.
And make it clear.
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