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SHEENA DIMATTEO: The Glee Project gets dancing.
Rihanna literally sets the stage on fire.
And Kevin James pasodobles on the big screen.
This is Just Dance for July 14, 2011.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: What's up guys?
It's me, Sheena.
We have so much to talk about today, so I'm going to get
right down to it.
Have you guys been watching the Glee Project,
the new show on Oxygen?
I know we've got a lot of gleeks out there.
So maybe this show is holding you over until the
next season of Glee.
Competitors have been battling it out on this show for a very
coveted guest slot on the next season of Glee.
This past week was one of my favorite episodes because it
was entitled "Danceability."
Zach Woodlee, who's the resident choreographer on the
show Glee, is one of the judges on this show, and
definitely one of the most important people to win over.
He gave the dancers all of their choreography challenges
and had a few choice words for one of the contestants.
ZACH WOODLEE: You need to now completely forget the
movement, and just think about your performance.
And not what your feet are doing.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Does that go for all of us, to forget about
our feet more?
ZACH WOODLEE: No, it goes for Cameron.
ZACH WOODLEE: You, would be don't look down.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Don't look down.
CAMERON: I see the moves happening, I see him as he
does it, and I'm like, oh, I can get that.
But then when it comes to actually making my feet move,
and my arms move, it just seems impossible.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: The internet is ablaze with news of a fire
breaking out at Rihanna's Loud tour.
Which is absolutely crazy.
And I just had to go back to my girl, Miss P, to get her
thoughts on this fiery matter.
MISS P: Come here.
Did y'all hear about Rihanna's Dallas concert date set
ablaze, like on fire.
Rihanna, you're not fooling nobody.
I know you told the production team, set it on fire.
She abruptly left the stage.
You've got to be like Michael Jackson.
You've got to come out of nowhere.
Keep 'em moving.
Unless you were burnt, you still give the
people what they want.
We don't know how long the show was.
Was she, like, two songs in, and she left abruptly?
She said Dallas, we set the show on fire, literally.
Couple weeks ago, I said I wasn't going to see the tour.
Recently, I've really, really been digging Rihanna's album.
I'm definitely going to go, and probably check it out.
If I do, I'll definitely let y'all know how I liked it.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Last week our top 14 danced it out on So You
Think You Can Dance for guest judges Carmen Electra and
Travis Wall.
I definitely wanted to hit on Jordan and Tad.
They did a beautiful Viennese waltz, but I just feel that
Jordan and Tad are a powerhouse couple that just
haven't reached their peak yet.
I can't wait for them to be given that shining routine
that catapults them to the top.
So you guys know Melanie and Marko are definitely one of my
favorite couples on the show.
I absolutely love their performances.
But there have been some online controversies going
around saying that they haven't been challenged enough
outside of their styles.
I'll be excited to see how Marko and Melanie handle it
when they're thrown a complete curve ball, and get African
dance or belly dancing or something crazy.
As always, it was sad to see Ashley and Chris be voted off
the island.
But last night the top 12 danced it out for guest judge
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, from Modern Family.
We just can't get enough of this season's cast of So You
Think You Can Dance.
Click here for our interviews of the top 12 dancers.
And also tune in next week when the top 10 start pairing
up with So You Think You Can Dance all-stars.
This past season on America's Best Dance Crew, you remember
the world fell in love with a little
hip-hoppers ICONic Boyz.
Well, House of Crews just recently caught up with them,
and you can check out the interview here.
Last night on Lifetime premiered a
new show, Dance Moms.
But it hit a little too close to home when I finally watched
it and realized that the studio
owner is Abby Lee Miller.
Her studio, the Abby Lee Miller Dance Studio, was one
of my rival studios.
I was always competing against her and her girls.
And it was always a little bit like battle.
But I've got to say she turns out some great dancers.
You definitely want to check out this show.
Kevin James just hit the big screen again in his new movie,
this summer's Zookeeper.
Giant talking animals and Kevin James, definitely a
combination that equals hilarious.
Check out one of the coolest scenes from the movie, their
pasodoble routine.
And here's the choreographer's take on how
that all came about.
MARGUERITE DERRICKS: There's a big scene in the movie where
Leslie Bibb and Joe Rogan are at a wedding.
And for a wedding gift, they are
going to do this pasodoble.
I'm really good with male comedians.
So with Kevin James in the movie, it wasn't about making
him pasodoble correct.
It was about finding those really oddball moves that I
knew that he would go, yeah, that's where I want her to
jump on my back and I want to drag her across the floor.
So with him it didn't have to be there.
With Leslie, Jenn made sure that she was
doing everything proper.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Last week, media outlets everywhere were
reporting that Suri Cruise is going to have a cameo
appearance in the upcoming movie musical Rock of Ages,
starring her father, Tom Cruise.
But Adam Shankman, the director, took to Twitter and
put all of those rumors to rest, saying that you
shouldn't believe everything you hear, and that she is
definitely not having an appearance in the movie.
Our friends at Madison Square Garden invited Just Dance to
come and sit-in on Dream Week, where 40 kids got some of
their dreams realized.
Some being, taking dance class from the Rockettes, and others
taking juggling classes from a cast number of Zarkana, the
new Cirque du Soleil show.
It was a really cute event, and it was so fun being there
getting coverage of it all.
You can click here to check it out.
This just in.
Step Up 4 is on the horizon, and it's going to be starring
So You Think You Can Dance veteran Kathryn McCormick.
Just goes to show you that being on So You Think You Can
Dance can really catapult your career.
All right guys, that's it.
That's all I got for you today.
That was a lot of information, so you'd better go back and
watch it again and again.
There's going to be a test on this.
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I'm Sheena DiMatteo, signing off.
Keep dancing.