Baked Chicken Recipe : Cut Up Chicken for Baked Chicken

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi, my name is Brandon Sarkis, on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I'm going to show you
how to make a really great, really simple chicken recipe. It's baked chicken with pearl
onions, bacon, and mushrooms. First thing?s first. We're going to cut through the breast.
You can see it's split into two halves here, so we're going to start here in the center
with a good sharp knife. You should be able to cut right through it,
there we are. Unfortunately, my refrigerator got the best of me, and started to freeze
my chicken so the inside of this one is still a wee bit frozen, even though I tried as hard
as I could to thaw it out. That's fine though. That's actually all the nasty bits they stuff
back inside the bird when you're done with it. That being said, I have a little bit of
ice inside. I just need to turn down the temperature of my refrigerator. You'll see the spine in
the center of the chicken. We're going to cut down one side. I'm right-handed, so I'm
going to cut down the right side. You're cutting through bone, so using a sharp knife is of
utmost importance.
There we go. Here we have one half of our chicken. We'll set him aside for a moment.
To finish up this spine you have to go on the other side, and I flipped it over because
I'm right-handed. You can see that I could cut it this way, but it's a bit awkward. But
I'll show you anyway. Once again, let your knife do most of the work. That's why a good
sharp knife is so important. You could use this for chicken stock. You could use this
in soup. You could also use this as trash, which is what I'll be using it for today.
Repeat that for the other side. See how easy that was?, simple, simple. This bird lost
part of its wing at the factory. I'm not sure what happened, but let me find that joint.
It's up here, so take your knife blade, stick it in the joint, and we should just pop right
out; which we did. As you can see, I left the bone in tact that time; I did it the right
way. I'm also going to take a second just to trim a little of this off, clean it up
a little bit. There is our chicken. Now we can finally get started cooking.