Life Express (2010) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 1

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Today is the first day of your Professional life.
First day.. that is a memorable day.
New office, new situations and a new life all together. lsn't it?
But Soni, you must fall in love with your work.
By the way, which institution are you from?
Jamunalal Bajaj.
But tell me something..
Why Financial Sector? There are other sectors as well..
Actually l think .. finance regulates every thing.
But you know, working in the banking sector is not very easy.
You always have to chase your target.
There is cut throat competition.
And group politics will hinder your performance.
You know what l suggest..
..keep your emotions aside and work ruthlessly.
Then only you can succeed.
Yes sir.. l will be there in a minute.
Ok Soni, don't worry, l am there with you. -Sure Mam!
But, don't ever mix your personal life and professional life.
Thank You!
As you all know that despite economic slowdown..
The lnvestment in Microfinance sector is still robust.
But banks are facing liquidity crisis..
l think, this is not the right time.
But.. Sir, lf investment is stopped..
l think the situation will bring people back to poverty again.
Specially those hundred of thousands of women..
..who largely depend on it.
Which means we have to stop giving loans to NGO..
..or increase the rate of interest.
But smaller outfit NGO can't pay higher rate of interest.
And if we stop giving loan to them..
..we might lose them to our competitors.
Sir, if our bank could overcome this doubt..
..and continue to give small margin loans to NGOs..
..there'll be less default in loan.
And as per our partnership model this can be controlled.
Last month, SK Microfinance lnstitution..
..added 4,00,000 new customers.
And their Loan recovery status is 99.5 % ..
..much higher than any conventional banking system.
So l think..
..actually this is a good time to raise lending to MFl'S.
That's lmpressive..
..we should move it.
Meet our clients and thoroughly check the papers.
Don't forget our target as per our calculations on the partnership model.
And Tanvi, we must deliver..
..the bank has very high expectations from us.
Sure Sir, Don't worry !
l'm not worried, l know that you are there.
One more thing.. know that l'm going abroad tonight.
l want you to attend RBl governor's seminar.
lt's very important. -Surely, sir.
Bye. -Bye.
Tanvi! My flight had been cancelled due to fog.
Anurag is arranging tickets..
We may get confirmed tickets in night flight.
Tell me, your plans for tomorrow?
lt is difficult to tell Nikhil. You know how we work..
Leave is impossible!
Ok, lets hope for the best, bye !
Nikhil, lets leave.
Got the tickets?
Missing your wife! lt's a matter of two days only.
Unlike you..
..we are not married for a very long time.
l don't think you remember that.. is our wedding anniversary tomorrow.
How long have you been married? -Three years!
How three years slipped by!!
l tell you one thing?
l think you should go for a baby.
You know, kids are such bliss..
After coming from office in the evening.
When l spend time with Shreya..
l don't feel tried & stressed anymore.
And l Think lt's high time for you guys..
Complications may arise, if you delay.
We are planning.. can expect good news soon.
ls it?
Start buying lot s of toys, buddy!
Go for it.
Yes, ..why not?
Happy anniversary!
Hi mom..
Thank you so much.
Any special program for today?
lt's week day mom.. nothing special.
Received our bouquet?
Not yet. lt will.
Have a talk with dad.
Hi Dad!
Many happy returns of the day!
Where is Nikhil?
He must be up and about by now.
He came late night from Delhi.
Wait let me see..
Nikhil.. -No no, let him Sleep. Leave it.
Ok Dad, l'll tell him to talk to you at night.
l am in a hurry now, bye take care.
Happy anniversary!
Same to you, Love.
l am leaving for office.
Shall l set the alarm or you will get up in time!
Don't worry, l'll wake up. -Are you sure?
Yes. -Ok.
l'll See you at dinner.
Why lndian Banking System survived..
..the Global Banking Crisis is because..
We had a very limited Exposure.. sub-prime mortgage assets..
But the same cannot be said..
..about lndian Economy..
..because we are much more integrated..
..into the world economy today than ten years ago..
You can call it a bitter fruit of Globalization ..
Now the banking community has to ensure..
..a healthy flow of credit.. the productive sectors of the economy.
So, on that note..
l wish you all the best ladies & gentlemen.
Motto of Every Company, in every sector is to grow.
l mean same with your Banking sector.
Today, is the consumer expectation are really grown high.
They grown really high.
ln a competitive climate like that..
lt's very important to return the consumer.
As a fear of loosing the consumers is always there.
And the costs must be kept down.
But what's the solution?
Our BPO Company has helped financial service clients like Banks..
Credit Card lssuers, to meet these challenges.
Have look at the consumer profile.
Excuse me!
This seems interesting.
Sir, how much do you think can we save?
About 30%-40% of your costs. -Good Evening Maam !
No, l'm waiting for someone.
So, l guess, you are right!
So, then lets go ahead with it, Ok.
l'm so sorry sweetheart!
lt's ok.
What's happening to our life?
lt's our third wedding anniversary..
..and we are not celebrating.
As if happiness is gradually..
..slipping out of our hands.
Why! We still have the evening..
..let's make the most of it.
You are Right, Let's go.
Life is insipid, without the salt of your love.
Life is insipid, without the salt of your love.
lt is difficult to..
lt is difficult to live without you..
Lanes are deserted..
Lanes are deserted, without glimpses of your face.
lt is difficult to..
'lt is difficult to live without you.
Dreams in eyes, longing at heart..
..meeting you brings world of happiness.
You are in my eyes, in my heart, in my world.
Without you nights are dark.. You are my moonlight.
Moonlight fades..
Moonlight fades if your shining eyes are not there.'
lt is difficult to live without you..
Wake up Nikhil! lt's time to go to office.
What a romantic dream! Why did you wake me up?
Dream later. Get ready for office now, Wake up !
Wake up !
Received all papers from 'Jharkhand'?
But agreement papers of a few.. of 'Bandhan' is yet to reach.
So send them back to Bandhan and talk to Mr. Soren..
Give me the list of others.
Yes. -One Minute.
Yes Sir.
Thank you Sir, but why!
What! Sir!
l am the Asst. vice president of the bank?
l can't believe it sir..
Thank you so much, thank you.
Congratulations Mam!!
Really Tanvi, you're so lucky!
ln no time you have almost reached the top.
This calls for a celebration!
We are going for celebration.
Since when have you become a miser?
Today is our girl's night out.
Don't be impatient.
Everything will happen in due time.
Actually, l could not speak to Nikhil today..
..and when l..
When l.. went to.. call Nikhil in office..
Are you Ok?
He didn't lift the phone.
What's wrong Tanvi?
Are you okay? -Nothing..
..just a little dizzy.
Want something? Some water? -No.
Let's go.
l don't know what kind of games you play !!!
Look at Mrs. Kapoor so energetic!
Really, so graceful, that too at this age!
Take it easy.. lt may start kicking.
Relax Nikki, l get kicks from some other cocktail.
ls it? Tell me!
Power, position and wealth.
That is the best cocktail for me.
Hi! Welcome home.
You are early today. How come?
Finished work early.
The meeting got cancelled, have to go again.
Where have you been?
Girl's night out.
Same usual place.
Look at me.
l'm so tired Nikhil. Completely drained out.
Take it easy Dear, you exert too much.
What happened?
Have some water.
You know..
..since last two three days, l am feeling dizzy..
..and sometimes puky.
How many pegs did you have?
Ate something or just gossip?
lt's not that.
l think Nikki is right.
l should see my gynecologist.
l'll have to go for a Test. lt hardly matters.
Test? Why? You are not sick?
Oh, Gynecologist.
Ok, you mean pregnancy?
Nikhil! You are impossible.
Anyways there is a news.
But you haven't gone for the test?
You men! You've one track mind. Guess what.
What's this?
l've got a promotion.
lncentives, Rewards, what not?
Really? Congratulations!
l am proud of you.
You deserve it.
Nikhil! Guess what!
l have an envelope. lt says..
Don't tell me that you've got another promotion.
Oh No, you always think about office?
Think something else.
Let me try.
Please Fast.
The report says that both of us will get promotion.
Promotion! Both of us? What do you mean?
My dear wife, if you become a mother..
..automatically l too get promoted.
l'll be a proud father.
Am l right madam?
My God, what a guess?
Absolutely right, 100% .
Nikhil, what happened?
l am in a hurry man, my wife is pregnant..
..can you believe it?
Congrats, l'll call you later.
lt's so nice.
lt's so beautiful.
Dad, there's one good news. -Good news.
l'm going to be a father.
Congrats. l'll become grandfather.
Your projection report of Madhya Pradesh.. you know how much we have achieved.
No Sir.
We have achieved 40% more than our projection.
l have an appraisal note from our group vice president.
Thank You.
He is all praise for you.
lf you keep up the same pace of work.. can expect another very big jump soon,
..may be in just another year..
..just one year!
Come on girl! Where are you?
Nothing sir..
Tanvi, any problem?
Doctor, l want to ask something.
During pregnancy, for how long do. l need to take a leave?
Max to max.
lt all depends on your health.
You are one the 12th week now.
Worst come worst it should be.. ..six to seven months.
l'll talk to you later. Bye.
Six to seven months!
Some more coffee? -No.
Lots of work.
Must submit this project report tomorrow. lt's Urgent.
l too have a problem, lt's urgent.
l want to discuss.
Problems? You don't have problems.
Ok. Some other time.
Hey sweetheart, come on tell me.
My career..
Your career is fine.
Last week you got promotion!
What else do you want now?
lf l want to have a baby now..
Then my career graph may go down..
l am very confused..
l need your help.
l am talking to you Nikhil.
Yes, what were you talking about, tell again.
Leave it.
Listen, Tanvi.
For a few days. Set your problems aside.
l don't have time.
l am going to Singapore tomorrow..
..we'll sort things out when l return, l promise.
But Nikhil!
Tanvi you know. l've a deadline.
Please try to understand. Please.
Tanvi! Frankly speaking.
You made some plans for our bank.
ln your absence bank will employ another..
Asst. Vice President, for executing your plans.
And who knows..
..that executive might be more efficient than you are
Look, You get promotions as long as you are performing.
You've every right to raise a family.
l'm afraid; your desire..
..may ruin your promising career.
l mean the decision is yours..
l just want you to understand the implications..
..of having a baby and being the vice president of the bank.
You deserve both..
..but both cannot be achieved at the same time, right!
My dear girl..
do you know at times, days together..
..l don't see my children.
You know how business travel is.
l know that..
l can either give them time or money.
That's the way it is.
Anyway.. for you, sky is the limit.
Whether you want to fly high or creep along.
lt's up to you to determine.
Actually, we are all over-burdened with our ambition.
That's why your boss said..
..either you become a mother or make a brilliant career.
Had you been in my place-what would you've done?
l would prefer to become a mother. Any time.
Don't you think that if our career is good..
..we can give our children better opportunities?
This so-called rat race for better opportunities is never-ending.
But my boss is not wrong.
Till now, my career graph has gone up..
..and pregnancy can be postponed.
This is 21st century my friend.
lf you are not willing no body can impose anything on you..
..not even motherhood.
But remember..
..this baby is as much Nikhil's as it is yours.
So don't do anything without telling him.
One second, Hello.
Doctor Nilima, Tanvi here..
lt's good that you called.
Your reports are here.
You could suffer from threatened Abortion.
Your B.P. is very high too.
l'm really sorry girl.. need to take complete bed-rest.
Hello, Hello, Tanvi?
Are you listening..
..can you hear me, Tanvi?
lndia has a huge pool of companies.
Why do you think, we should choose you?
Two reasons. Number One:
Our long experience of service to lndian banks.
Our experts will help you to understand the mentality of lndian consumers.
Number Two: High quality services, at competitive prices.
The deal is done. -Thank You.
You know that Project. Excuse me.
Hi! l am in a meeting right now. l'll talk to you later.
Listen! -Don't wait for me. l won't be back tonight.
Please Listen.
Mam !
lt's Ok.
For a few days. Set your problems aside.
You are on the 12th week now.
Worst come worst, it should be six to seven months..
lf you keep up the same pace of work.. can expect another very big jump soon.
May be just another year.
This baby is as much Nikhil's as it is yours.
So don't do anything without telling him.
Hey Tanvi! You know what.. presentation has been accepted.
Let's go out for dinner. Lets enjoy.
No. Go ahead,
..but l am not in the mood.
Not in the mood! Why?
What happened? Are you sick?
What happened?
Come on, speak up. Tanvi!
l am asking you. Come on speak up.
So you think one needs to reply when somebody asks something.
lt's very simple.
l look sick because..
l got the baby aborted.
What have you done?
But why? Why?
You don't even need to ask me?!
That night, l tried my best to talk to you..
..but you had no time.
Could not you wait for me? -No!
l could not. l too had no time.
Why Tanvi? How could you!
How could l what!
How could you do this to me?
lt was not only your baby.
You are my wife. God damn it!
You still remember that l am your wife!
l was undone..
l don't know what your compulsion was.
But your heart..
Let's not talk about heart.
My compulsion---is my career.
Such a compromise for career? Oh damn it.
What have you done, Tanvi?
One moment you make me dream and in another shatter them.
You woman!
l feel something is lacking..
l feel something is lacking..
l feel something is lacking..
l feel something is lacking..
Faces brighten, eyes smile..
Faces brighten, eyes smile..
..yet tears remain..
l feel something is lacking..
l feel something is lacking..
A man should never dream!
Dreams are as fragile as glass.
Break very easily.
Brace yourself. Life is full of ups and downs.
She is crazy about her career you know.
She aborted the baby..
She did not even bother to ask me.
l have already told my dad.
What do l do now?
What do l say to him now?
..that for my wife.. is more important than a baby.
Just think, if it goes like this, we can never become parents!
Don't lose heart!
There must be a way out.
Of course there is ! The way to my doom, lead by my wife!
No way, no exit!
What happened?
After such a long time, God had given you happiness.. and you..
l knew it, you will blame me.
Tell me what would you do..
..if you have to give up something that you cherish?
With my long hard work..
..l could bring my career to this position..
..and now if have a baby.
Career, Career, Career!
You are a woman..
..and a woman's first priority should always be family.
You mean.. a woman will have to compromise always.
You don't call it a compromise.
There are so many women who cannot have a baby..
And look at you.. Shame on you..
l could not even think of it.
You can tell me anything ma....
Could you hear what your dear daughter said?
Shanti please..
Now. lt's useless to talk now. Nothing will change..
Means.. you are supporting her.
You pretty well know that she is wrong yet.
What else do l do?
Nowadays children want to live their life in their own way.
Their thinking, planning is different from ours.
At least you can understand this.
Tanvi! You'll see that your career will..
..never allow you to become a mother.
Moments of happiness Pass by..
Eyes shed tears emotionally.
Dreams melt with them..
Like dust on a mirror..
Like dust on a mirror sorrows remain in the heart..
l feel something is lacking..
l feel something is lacking..
Nights pass morning's dawn with new hope..
Waves of hope dwell in the heart.
Mind reaches out and touches the sky
Mind reaches out and touches the sky
But the earth remains.
l feel something is lacking..
l feel something is lacking..
Dear Nikhil.. l tried to call you several times today, sort out my dilemma.
Between my career and & the baby, What do l choose Nikhil.
l think, at this stage if l go for the baby.
..there will be a break in my career.
Tell me Nikhil, what do l do?
lf we decide to go for abortion..
Doctor says, it must be tomorrow.
She did write to me.
l did not reply her mail..
But couldn't she wait..
..go for an abortion without my knowledge.
What will you do now? Leave her!
And you think that you love her!!
Don't try to justify her wrong doings, please!
l am not trying to justify..
But you see, just because she is a woman.. can't impose your wishes on her.
Cool down. At this juncture.. very patient to keep the relationship..
..or else you can't think of having a family.
But.. -Look..
Take your time. Step into her shoes Nikhil..
..then only you can understand.
l'm Sorry!
You know guys! lt's great to be ambitious.
But to compromise even the smallest of happiness for it..
l don't think it's right.
lf this goes on, you two can never become parents.
Why do you say so?
Let me be the vice president, then you will see..
Nikhil say something.
Don't you ever think that..
..there will be no end to this?
And mind you, time waits for none.
ln that case, we'll have to accept..
..that we can never have a baby of our own.
Tanvi, can we do without a baby?
l mean, if you think that you can, then its ok by me.
Hey Nikhil, don't get so emotional.
This is not the end of the world.
There are ways.
lf you wish you can adopt a baby.
By doing so, you will do a favour to the country.
Nikhil's parents will never accept.
They are so old fashioned and we too..
There has to be a way out.
l've an idea.
l mean if you so wish..
Why don't you go for a surrogate mother?
This is a current and burning issue.
Those who are incapable, go for it
And guys like you, who want to have the cake and eat it too;
This is the only way out for you.
ln the past one year..
..our clinic has very successfully carried out our commitment..
..towards providing surrogate mothers.. women who cannot bear their own children..
..and in this regard, l would like to thank my staff..
..and these surrogate mothers..
Without whom we could have never achieved our goal.
My secretary Mr. Srivastav has details of successful cases..
..which can be collected from him.
Now may l request Mr. Smith.. share his experience with all of you present her
Mr. Smith..
Thanks doctor.
Actually we lost all hopes of having our own child.
These doctors have made our dream come true.
lf anything you have to..
Yes, we would like to thank Dr.Patel and his clinic for all this.
Thank you. -Thank you.
Now Ladies & Gentlemen, if you would like to ask questions.
Dr. Patel, what is the success rate?
You see, lf the lady is 30 and below 30, then its about 40-60% .
Dr.Patel, lt's said that to avoid problems of pregnancy..
People have started hiring surrogate mothers.
What do you say about it?
l've not heard anything like this.
Do you agree that in the name of serving incapable mothers.. have started making a profitable business?
See we don't really have time to think what people think about us.
So, Ladies & gentleman, thank you very much.
This is enough for the day. Thank you so much.
So after lnformation Technology, Business Process Outsourcing..
..lndia is not only making its dent in Medical Tourism..
..but also becoming a hot destination for..
Cheaply and efficiently providing the services of Surrogate Mothers.
There are a lot of women abroad..
..who would like to use services of surrogate mothers.. be able to pursue their own career goals.
Daily ad's come with requests like..
..needed womb on hire, adequate compensation will be given
But it would be wrong to say that.. is purely done on the basis of Social service..
..rather it is a pure business deal..
What are you thinking?
What do you suggest?
Seems to be a good option!
Sheela, giving a baby for Mr. smith.. not only helped him you helped yourself.
According to me, you will get one lakh rupees.
But sir, you said.. 2 lakhs rupees.
Oh yes, l have said. But you see,
l had to pay for medicine, food and accommodation..
l'll not spend it from my pocket.
You can see the bills.
But sir, you have not said all these before..
Send them in.
..and Dr. Patel was telling that.. do this as Social Service.
Social Service.. oh yes.
There is an old proverb..
No service can be done in empty stomach.. got me?
Ok next time l'll give you more, happy?
Tanvi, for the first time, in the office, l was thinking about us.
l think we should accept Nikki's suggestion.
What solution?
You don't have time, will the baby fall on your lap from heaven?
lt's very simple.
Our baby will grow in some one else's womb.
l mean, she'll just bear our baby.
You can understand ma.. it happens.
Enough Tanvi! You have lost your mind.
You are not talking sense.
Your child will grow in another woman's womb!
Mom! You are not listening..
We are just hiring a womb for our baby, that's it.
But Nikhil, it's not as easy as you think..
..there will be lot of medical, legal, social aspects.
And Tanvi, what will people say?
Your neighbors, colleagues?
You will have a baby.. without any physical change?
l will tell them that..
l am incapable. -Tanvi!
Yes, we have decided.
Please mom, please dad..
..if you don't help us, where do we go?
Sir, they are here.. Please come...
Come in. Come Mr.Singh!
Good morning doctor! -Good morning !
Please be seated. -Thank you.
Dr.Goenka had told me about your daughter.
We will definitely help..
..but l don't understand..
..why do you want the surrogate mother to stay with you?
Doctor, we don't want the whole world to know it.
You know doctor, Social stigma..
l hope you understand that!
Yes, l do understand.
But you also have to understand, this is not common practice.
Just because you are insisting.
l will try my best.
Mr. Srivastav! -Yes.
Mr. Srivastav will get in touch with you.
..l will take care.
We'll take your leave doctor. -Ok, thank you!
Thank you so much, doctor.
Thank you.
Srivastav. -Yes.
Do we have a candidate for Mr. Singh?
No, Not now..
But you don't worry.
l'll call our agent in the village..
Call him right now and let me know what he says.
..he will do something.
Call him right now and let me know what he says.
Ok sir.
Hello.. sorry, sorry,
Actually we are enjoying music after a day's work, yes tell me.
Shukhlaji, how are you?
l'm at your mercy. -That's true.
But there is an urgent task for you.
Please tell Sir. -l need a woman immediately.
lmmediately! lt's difficult..
..but it will cost extra.. you know.
Why extra charge?
As government takes extra charges on 'lnstant ticket' reservation.
Ok, done, then quickly arrange for a woman and get your commission.
lf l get my commission then rest assured.
OK.. Good afternoon.
Sarala, Kamala, Vimala, Leela all are in town now.
How can l find one immediately!
Can't produce immediately,
..but l have find one, it makes me rich.
Don't stare, hold this.
Good Morning Pareshji!
Oh! Back to square one.
Who will be of some use?
Have to select one.
Cant see her face.
Sheela lives with them and understands them.
Who's it?
Namaskar! -Namaskar!
What's going on? -Thinking.
The villager's will face problems if there is less rainfall..
..we have to save well water..
Any solution?
From Where?
From brain! -Whose?
Obviously not mine!
Not yet.
But water level in the well is going down and down.
While going deep down in search of water..
..a man's intention too become lowly.
Ok, l am leaving. A lot of work to do.
ls Mohan at home?
Mohan! Where are you hiding?
Ram Ram (greetings) Pareshj.
Don't flatter me. Tell me, Am l your enemy?
What are you telling?
Then, tell me when, you are giving my money back?
Please, give me some time Pareshji.
As soon as my materials sold out..
l will definitely pay you back.
Well, when is that D' day?
Please sit down.
Look, my daughter's in laws have already reached half way.
Raghu, water.
Hang your water! l'm totally confused.
Only a month is left for my daughter's marriage.
Please repay me.
l'm sick and tired of asking. Please repay me.
Rest, be assured Pareshji.
l promise to give your money back..
..well before your daughter's marriage.
l mean it.
Gouri, you are the witness..
..if not, l will set your belongings for auction.
Children are weeping in hunger.
There's not even a single grain in the house..
..and this man is smoking a beedi.
lf you just sit here, children will have to starve.
You think that l am not concerned?
Then.. feed them..
..or kill them.
Have you gone mad!
l don't even have money to buy raw material. Shall l steal?
l don't know. After all, you are head of the family.
lt is your responsibility to feed us.
Leave this ancestral business and setup a new one.
What! You ask me to kick my ancestral business?
l won't spare you! -Don't touch me!
You dare to abuse my forefather's business!!
Leave me alone!!
You abuse my forefathers.
l won't spare you. l kill you.
Leave her!! Have you gone mad?
You leave me.. l shall kill her.
Kill me, its better to die!!
Are you not ashamed to fight like animals?
What will the children think?
She doesn't understand.
'no work, no money',
She doesn't understand.
..abuses children..
What are you thinking?
l think our ancestral business is no more sufficient to feed us.
You know, all the villagers are suffering.
Gagan's family is starving...
..fighting like animals.
Hunger, greed forces people to do anything and everything.
Who knows what will happen to us tomorrow?
Think positive!
God is gracious.
You have finished making the idol for Thakur.
Give it to him and get some money.
Yes, that's the only way out.
Anything else? Sweet dish?
No, l'm so full.
How about an lce Cream?
Just don't pamper me, Ok..
l am not pregnant.
l forgot to tell you, Papa rang me up
What did he say?
He said that he had a talk with doctor..
Surrogate mother will be available, but will take some time.
Nikhil, think again.
Have we taken the right decision?
Why do you think so?
We have already decided!!
Press hard!!
How is the idol?
Will it decorate my bedroom?
Check it for yourself, my lord!
lf l like it, l will reward you.
Show me.
Just a minute. Raghu.. just a minute...
You scoundrel, what's this?
Covering a female figure, you call it art ?
Naked figure makes you ashamed?
Scoundrel, you consider yourself an artist?
Look, this is art.
lf you can make something like this, bring it to me..
..or else get lost.
Don't look down. Look here. Hold it.
Lord, Let flowers bloom. Let the trees have fruits.
Lord, Let flowers bloom. Let the trees have fruits.
Let the earth get as much rain as she needs.
lt is a very difficult time , World is full of sinners.
lt is a very difficult time , World is full of sinners.
Let the poor have some wealth. Let the weak have strength.
Let cattle have a bundle of grass.
Let people have their daily bread.
Let cattle have a bundle of grass.
Let people have their daily bread.
Let the fields have bumper crops.
Let people plough their own fields
All hands are stained. All eyes are greedy.
All hands are stained. All eyes are greedy.
Cover the female body with a cloth. Let her face have a veil.
l don't want to impose my views..
..but you think again.
Are you sure of getting the happiness you are longing for?
Whose bangles? Gauri's?
You say that l sell these and get my daughter married..
What do you think of me? Am l so cheap?
..that l sell these and get my daughter married..
Had it not been my daughter's marriage, l wouldn't have asked.
l feel for you.
Take these back, you idiot.
So we are back to square one.
Please don't get me wrong.
No one cares for art any more.
l can't make cheap vulgar commodities that are easily sold out.
l feel helpless.
Mohan! Don't worry.
Have patience.
Everything will be right.
We had always been patient and see where we stand today.
l have learnt that money is everything in this world.
You don't worry.
We will find a way out.
l have decided..
..not to do the same work that my forefathers did.
While working with mud, l have thrown myself into mud.
l promise not to make earthenware after today.
l will find out something else or..
..leave this world with my family.
Mohan, talk to Shukla once.
He is an influential man and.. well connected with important men in town.
He'd sent Sheela to town and she earned a lot.
He may be of some help and you could get rid of this Pareshlal.
When l was sweet sixteen.
All city boys were eyeing me.
Then came a miracle.
Then came a miracle, l became a damsel!
God! l became betel of Benaras.
My beloved, l became betel of Benaras.
God! l became betel of Benaras.
My beloved, l became betel of Benaras.
My look became arrow of cupid.
Friends become crazy on my beauty.'
My look became arrow of cupid.
They fell in love instantly my youth drowned them in desire.
l became a damsel.
God! l became betel of Benaras.
God! l became betel of Benaras.
Ok! The work will be done.
Yes Mohan, what do you want?
l'm in big trouble. Please, do something.
Work? -Yes.
There's lot of work..
But for woman only. -What?
You must be joking! You help everyone.
l need money ..badly.
Don't worry, there's a lot of money..
..only your wife has to work.
What? My wife?
What kind of job is this?
Satua, Satua..
Satua.. -Yes master..
Come quickly.
Tell Mohan about the job..
..he is very good at explaining..
Thank you.
Don't worry..
Shukla! What did you say?
You'd do if urgently? l'm waiting.
Srivastavji, rest assured, your work is done.
Done! Send her then, why waste time?
Hey Shuklaji! What's up?
You tell me to do this?
Why what's the matter?
You think my wife will bear someone else's child?
Hey Satua! What did you tell him? -Stop!
l came to seek your help not to beg.
l didn't come here for my wife.
What of two lakhs, l won't sell my wife even for fifty lakhs.
l showed him the path to live.. return he shows his muscles .
Play some good music.
lf it goes on like this..
..everything will be finished with in a week.
Children too will have to go hungry.
Why don't you meet Shukla.
Sheela says that he is well connected in the city.
Don't mention him, he is a scoundrel..
..says that only women can do the work...
To bear someone else's child and deliver it.
What do you mean!
The way cows, buffaloes, animals have babies.
Human beings too can have a child like that..
How much will they pay? -Two lakhs..
What are you thinking?
Helping an incapable woman is not wrong after all!
Congratulation! -Thank you!
The Artificial insemination has been done.
Thank you so much.
So, there is no need to worry.
Tanvi! You just have to be extra careful.
l will take care of her. Don't worry.
All the best! -Thank you!
Come in.
Why aren't you drinking milk?
After this, you have to take medication.
l have two children, this is my third time..
..and the are very healthy & cuddly.
lt will be the same this time.
Come on, have the milk.
You won't listen..
What happened?
Nothing just a bit..
Tell me.
Feeling sick.
Oh God, so much water.
Come here.
Go ahead, l am alright here.
lt's tickling me,
You know, the river in our village seems so small now.
Didi, look there!
What is that?
Look Sippi.
What! Sippi.. you mean shell!
lt has pearl inside.
Just like my baby in my womb, since last three months.
How easily you can compare Gauri!
l could not even think of it.
There's another one.
What did Gauri say?
Gauri! -Yes. -What did you say?
Just like my baby is in my womb, since last three months.
My baby!!
l have something to tell you.
l think you won't mind. -No..
Next time. Please don't bring our son with you.
He is no more a child..
lf he smells something and tells others at home.
Oh my god!
l should have thought of it earlier..
..ok, next time l will come alone..
..and take you back home.
l can't come for sometime now.
Choudhury saab himself had come..
..and requested me to make an idol.
lt was great..
..had l got this before.. need not have taken so much pain!
Forget the past.
Who are you dear!
With whom have you come?
Come on my son, have something.
Whose child is he?
Gauri's.. come on son..
..have some juice.
Gauri's baby!
That's our baby!
You know what!
Everything has changed because of this baby.
We are the same..
..same work pressure yet everyday brings new happiness.
So lovely!
Gauri do you like this Saree!
They are very expensive.
ln our village people don't use such costly clothes.
Tanvi is giving you, please take it.
Nobody ever gave such things to my children.
So sweet of you!
May god bless you!
God has already blessed me by sending you.
You purchased for everybody but forgot my baby.
l didn't get you.
Have sense Tanvi,
She means your baby.
See ! you've heard for yourself.
She always talks like this.
l am getting scared you know..
lf she becomes unwilling to hand me over my child!
Don't be impossible Tanvi.
Try to understand, where she is coming from.
She just casually says all these, she doesn't really mean it.
l don't know, l can't stand this.
l get real scared. l feel angry too..
Cool baby. Cool.. Have patience.
Every thing is going to be fine, ok.
Ok, but l don't know, sometimes..
..something happens. l just..
l want to tell you something? -Go ahead
Gauri is so good..
..but l don't like something about her.
She mentions our baby as her own.
Oh my god! Some one is really getting jealous!
Don't take it like this.
She is bearing so much discomfort for us.
Let her tell what she wants. You don't take it to heart.
Yes, you are right..!
Anyway, let us go to sleep.
We've to go to the office tomorrow. Ok, good night.
Cradle rocks, baby girl rocks in it.
Flying saucer should not fly away, rock softly.
Flying saucer should not fly away, rock softly.
On her small toes, the baby doll walks.
With tiny wings, swallows fly.
Careful, baby doll should not get hurt.
Cradle rocks, baby girl rocks in it.
Flying saucer should not fly away, rock softly.
Want to play?
Oooh! You are kicking hard.
l'll spank you. No dear, we will play..
Hey you naughty.. -Gauri.. who are you talking to?
Come over, give me your hand..
..the baby moved.
What! Since when! Just now.
How does it feel Gauri?
Very good. lt seems, the baby wants to talk to me.
Can l speak?
Sure, lt's your baby.
Hai baby!
Talk to mummy.
Hai baby!
Nothing is heard.
l think, he has gone back to sleep.
Back to sleep..
Never mind, As soon as he wakes up. l'll call you.
lsn't it baby?
Tell me when you get up, l'll call Didi (elder sister).
Whom l have not touched. How can l feel her?
With whom l have not shared my breath.
l don't know why l feel like this.
But thinking this way.
My breathing gets stilled.
l feel something is lacking.
So terribly lacking!
Faces brighten, eyes smile.
But tears remain.
l feel something is lacking.
l feel something is lacking.
Didi! What are you thinking?
Gauri! Will you give me my baby?
What are you talking about?
Will the baby call me Mother!
Sure, it will call you mother.
Look wherever a seed comes from..
..they grow into the lap of mother earth.
Your baby will call you mother.
You are so innocent.
l understand your feelings.
You are incapable, so you are afraid.
This is not true.
We have not told the truth.
l can be a mother, l am not incapable.
Then.. why did you call me?
l am supposed to get a promotion.., fame money everything..
..that is why l could not spare time.
Because of name, fame and money you do not want to bear a child?
You are getting stressed. lt will be harmful for the baby.
You don't have time to take care of the baby.
What kind of Mother are you?
Can't you spare your womb to your child?
ln future if the child comes to know everything and asks you..
That l wanted name fame and money,
So l hired a womb to rear and deliver you.
You were like a goddess to me.
But you.. broke my heart.
Tanvi, till date, l have always supported all you decisions.
Only because, l wanted you to be happy.
What happened!
Shanta bai, come quickly!
And now Ladies and Gentlemen!
We come to the most prestigious award of the year.. award for excellence in the field of Micro finance.
This award goes to none other than Ms. Tanvi sharma.
..her Commitment and invaluable contribution.
Don't worry Gauri. Have you informed the doctor? tackle situational hazards..
..her cooperation with colleagues and juniors.
She has reached this position, in a span of only 7 years.
Sister, just be careful! Please.
Don't worry Gauri! Nothing will happen.
Well done Tanvi!
Thank you friends, for all your cooperation.
Thanks for encouraging me at every step l took..
l'm very happy, l'm very proud of this.
She's has been admitted to lCU.
lCU! Why?
lt seems to be serious.
Oh god!
What to do now? -Ring Tanvi.
HR department is informing, that Ms.Tanvi Sharma has been promoted..
..she is now a Vice-president.
What happened?
She is not responding. -Try again.
Hello! Yes Nikhil tell.
Doctors are doing their level best..
..but the case is very serious.
l don't think, they will be able to save the baby and mother both.
What shall we say to Tanvi?
Oh god! We have never harmed anyone..
..still god is doing this to us, why?
You will not get anything by blaming God.
What we need to think now is..
There is nothing to think about.
How can we take away the mother from her two children, for our baby.
For our own interest..
..our benefit and happiness..
How is the baby?
You know l have brought this toy for him.
One minute.
Look, l made it myself.
What else can l give!
Let's go, see the baby and give this as a gift.
What happened?
We have lost the baby!
l am leaving.
Take care.
You too.
Good bye.
l don't want to go away with a heavy heart.
Can l say something?
Forgive me please.
l couldn't give you the happiness, for which l came here.
May be god wants it this way.
He wants.. to experience all the beautiful feelings of Motherhood.
To feel the baby kicking in the womb, talk to it.. feel its breath within you.. nurture it with your own flesh and blood.. hold it in your arms.
l am just a little nobody.
Bliss of Motherhood is much precious than name, fame and money.
Forgive me for everything..
Good bye.