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JH: It's the game's rule! PD-nim, he's hitting me again! SH: Kangin, feed him.
[Kangin is getting revenge on Junho] KI: Say "ahhh"
[Roasted Quail]
[Kangin decided that it'll be better for him to eat while blindfolded]
[Junho, 34 yrs old naughty boy, put in roasted quail in the soup.]
SH: Oh he eats well.
[Worrying that KI might have hard time finding the side dishes, Junho and Eunhyuk mixes them well.] KI: Ah what are you doing?
[Dog-Food] (Note: Koreans back in the days before "dog food" came out, usually fed left over stuff from their dinner to dogs. Only recently, those "dog foods" are being fed. The leftovers are still fed in rural regions.)
[Without knowing what it is, KI is eating well.]
SH: Take off the blindfold please!
[Finally taking off the blindfold...]
[Table has become a mess]
[Junho, stand.]
KI: Get down. I'll hit when you get down.
JH: Stop hitting! I'm 34, brat. KI: Get down. Get down.
[Even with Eldest's pleas, Kangin isnt moved]
[After getting hit once, JH tries to make up with handshake...]
KI: Whoa what is this? Who put this in here?
[KI freaks out after finding roasted quail late.]
[If it wasnt for hyung...]
[Round 4: Kangin dropout!]
[U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E. O.U.T.I.N.G. is Leaving competition stop]
[Horrific survival express]
Narrator: Just a moment! Something is weird! Is it okay to leave, when 2 people hadn't dropped out yet?
[S.O. we prepared another game...]
[Mr. Barrel Game!] (Note: It's a game where you stick in plastic toy knives into the barrel and try to not to make the man jump out)
Narrator: Ultimately, who will the god of destiny throw away? (note: meaning: who will lose?)
Narrator: DH, drop out!
[Round 4: DH dropout]
[Round 4 Results: Dropout... dropout... dropout...]
Narrator: Now, 4th round punishment will begin. Move paper from mouth to mouth! For the two dropouts, will be the hidden punishment!!!
YS: High, Cue! (Note: this is what a main PD would usually say to signalize the start of recording)
[We told him to do MC but he's going after PD's spot]
JH: There has to be paper left in both of your mouths.
[Disregarding what was said, game start!]
JH: Oh there's paper left. Now for yesung.
[The game is being played in serious mood; a very rare mood for them.]
JH: Ew. Dirty...
JH: Oh there's paper left. There has to be paper left.
[Dongmin purposely keeps twisting his body.]
EH: Ah wait. Don't move.
SH: You MUST never use hands. Must.
[The paper shrunk rapidly]
[Carefully, bit down a little] DH: Hey Kangin.
[THe paper became too small]
JH: You cant eat it! Stay still.
[Carefully approaches]
KI: Please don't talk.
[What's wrong with my breath?]
[Kangin is rejecting JH] DH: You are disqualified as soon as the paper falls out of your mouth.
SY: One of you can just give up. DH: One of you give up.
JH: I cant give up.
[Somehow, something is very erotic...]
[Junho approaching more and more...]
(Translator: poor kangin... i wish JH was leeteuk XDD Kangteuk! XD)
Translation by Nayaonewluv. Do not distribute without permission. Credit back to me.
All: Give up~ [Kangin gave up the game]
[Disregarding, Junho is happy because he won the game]
KI: For all my life I lived so far; this, was the most dirty and humiliating.
SH: It's like you put poop on his mouth. DM: He's good at enduring stuff like that but for him to give up.
[KI chose hygiene over victory.]
[I think i still smell it...]
[Kangin disqualified!]
[Another round to decide on another dropout]
DM: He's done this many times before! (Note: This as in Kiss or the game) [Their skills have grown without knowing]
[Where are you pretending to be innocent at?]
(Translator: god i wanna play this game with YS, DH, KI, and EH...)
[Why are you guys closing your eyes...]
[Natrually hugging his shoulders]
[And putting a hand on the face...] (Translator: i wanna play so bad )
[What is this kind of situation?] DH: what are you guys doing..
SH: oh he has none!
[There's no paper inside YS's mouth?]
[Yesung passes bearly]
EH: it's wet with spit right here.
[Expression is...] EH: Aish stay still.
(Translator: Omo jealous Donghae? Donghae should have sat next to Eunhyuk... i want eunhae XD)
[After calming down his mind, he tries again]
[The dropout is Dongmin?!]
[Monster is happy that he passed]
YS: Hurry up [Twisting here and there to try to get the pose...]
[As SH approaches, EH closes his eyes tightly]
[Eunhyuk willingly gets the pose]
[He eats the small portion of paper] JH: don't do that!
[It looked as if he hesitated for a bit...]
[Even for JH who's good at enduring disgusting stuff; this challenge is not easy]
[SH collapsed after reacting with seizers]
JH: Stay still! Do it right. [Yelling]
[Try if you dare~]
[The paper is already attached to the tounge]
[He approaches again...]
(translator: .... ew... only if this was eunhae~ *sighs*)
[slightly slid down]
[SH is shaking from the approaching fear]
[With his front teeth, he cleanly scraped it off]
[People watching dies from laughing, and people that did it are dieing from disgustingness]
[Crazy and wild] (Note: I used this before as translaton to 난리법석, which is very hard to translate since it's an old phrase and also it's one of traditional 4 lettered korean phrases)
[SH has no more paper left?]
[After watching all the disgusting looks, SH is disqualified!] (Note: It means: He's done all the disgusting stuff and yet disqualified)
[No matter how much you wipe your tounge, his scent still remains]
[SH and KI is confirmed for the hidden punishment!]
[Punishment revealed in Part 2] (note: Part 2 as in before and after the show breaktime. In this case, it's part 6)
Narrator: Soon, the winner will be revealed. SJ's friendship breaks down easily over 1million Won. Ultimately, who will rise to the King's spot?
Narrator: and after that, the king's purging will begin. Ultimately, what will happen inside the train?
Narrtor: A match between the two married men before sleeping! What kind of competition did they do? Find out for yourself soon. Stay tuned!
Translation by Nayaonewluv. Please do not take without permission�