CDC: Tips from Former Smokers -- Brandon's Story

Uploaded by CDCStreamingHealth on 06.06.2012

After losing my big left toe,
and the plastic tubing was stuck in my left leg,
you know, obviously, I was able to
stop smoking.
Um, but sometime over the next few months
I ended up smoking four or five cigarettes.
The plastic tubing plugged up in my left kneecap,
resulting in lost circulation
in my left foot.
In a matter of three and a half weeks,
my left foot went from a normal looking foot
to a foot that had to be amputated.
A third of my foot was missing its skin,
so you could see the red, fleshy meat.
Where my big toe used to be I had a huge ulcer,
so big as to when I cleaned it out,
besides gagging on myself from the smell,
I could see the bones inside of my foot.
Both of my index fingers are shorter.
The tips turned black, the black tissue fell off,
I had bones sticking out of one of my index fingers,
and then the other finger, the tip turned black
and then the doctor actually pulled that off.
The addiction is so overwhelming
that after losing
my body parts,
I am still outside smoking.
Buerger's disease and my addiction to cigarettes
has left a lasting impact.
My life will always be affected from cigarettes.