WHO: World Hepatitis Day 2011

Uploaded by who on 13.07.2011

This year marks the first official World Hepatitis Day,
unveiling the full tragic scope of this global public health threat.
Know the facts.
affects everyone, everywhere.
It comes in multiple forms,
and tears lives, apart.
One out of every three people on earth has been infected by viral hepatitis.
And one out of 12 remains chronically infected, which often results in:
long-term health problems, including cirrhosis and liver cancer
loss of employment
discrimination and stigmatization.
Although viral hepatitis is among one of the most prevalent, serious infectious conditions in the world,
many people remain unaware of its staggering toll on human health.
It is an issue in every country and among every age group.
Every year, over a million people die from this disease.
Since there are often no symptoms, most people are unaware they even have it.
And they unknowingly transmit the virus to others.
It can be passed from person to person in various ways,
as well as through contaminated food and water.
There are many ways to protect yourself.
The key to preventing and controlling this potentially life-threatening disease is awareness.
Talk to your doctor about getting tested.
After all, hepatitis is treatable…and sometimes curable.
Prevention is easy...
Never share needles or syringes…
and always practice safe sex.
Remember, there is no shame in having hepatitis.
People infected with the disease deserve the same basic human rights as anyone else.
This is Hepatitis.
Know it. Confront it.
Don’t let it tear your life apart.