120228 (ENG & SPA SUB) Donghae is Eunhyuk's admirer, stalker & abuser - EunHae

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What I want to praise about Eunhyuk is that he's very hardworking in everything he does.
(He's) the first member I've ever praised being the most handsome one.
That's why--
You're very handsome too~
Lt :Then if you are given a chance to switch face with Eunhyuk, would you do it?
Of course not. This is the face given by my parents so I have to ''wear'' it.
Lt: A thank is enough.
Eh: Thank you, Donghae-ssi.
Boom The K-Pop's camera caught all the 'abusing scenes' Donghae did towards Eunhyuk.
Sungmin: Ah, Donghae-ssi... What to do when he keeps touching (Hyuk)?
Ryeowook:It's always like this..even in the dorms--
Sungmin: This is the way to reveal love.
This is not a midnight program show..
This will be sued!
Sungmin: From what I see, these two people likes each other to death.
Ryeowook: Seeing it like this. This is totally not 'abusing'.